Sunday, December 25, 2005

TO: Jesus

Happy Birthday, Sweet, Swaddled Baby-Child!
Sleep in heavenly peace.

FROM: Ginnie

[We found this soulful "papoo" in Alaska in 1999.]


  1. What a wonderful and quiet image you've posted here. I don't celebrate Christmas anymore. Mean the religious part. But I consider myself as a real Christian AND a Buddhist. Those are to philosophies that are a lot alike. Compassion, Love, Understanding, and not being so attached to the material things... I think Humanity will be accomplished when those things will happen. What we should be is yet to come...I wish you, dear Ginnie, Peace and Freedom for all the years to come.

  2. I like how you've said this, MP. I often ponder if the Age of Aquarius means all the best and like-minded aspects of the World's Religions will come together into one sense of what Spirituality is all about. How else are we going to become One People who learn to live together without civil/religious unrest!

    I give your kind words back to you and yours: Peace and Freedom for all the years to come!

  3. Your papoo is neat. Thanks for sharing it.