Friday, December 16, 2005

To Meme or Not To Meme

An infection is going around in my blogging world right now and since I've been tagged by someone I respect, I'm beholden to follow suit! So here goes.

Rules: Post 5 random and weird facts about yourself, then at the end, list the names of 5 people whom you in turn infect. Also, leave a post to these people letting them know they have been infected.

  1. I never knew what a meme was until two months ago and didn't even know how to pronounce it. (So I Googled it: Pronounced "meem." An idea, thought or piece of information that is passed from generation to generation through imitation and behavioral replication. Coined by Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book "The Selfish Gene," memes and memetics are the cultural counterpart to the biological study of genes and genetics. Using the evolution analogy, Dawkins observed that human cultures evolve via "contagious" communications in a manner similar to the gene pool of populations over time.)
  2. Being spontaneous was super hard for me in my early adulthood, so much so that I senselessly missed out on a trip to Machu Picchu in 1969 that was at my fingertips. Life had to stick to a schedule without unplanned deviation. Thank God that changed somewhere along the line!
  3. When I had (non-paralytic) polio at age 9, I was strictly forbidden to attend gym class the rest of my pre-college schooling. Ironically, outside of school I whipped 'most everyone's butt athletically, male or female.
  4. I grew up in a Baptist preacher's home and wasn't allowed to dance, drink, smoke or go to movies. My first movie in a theater was my first year at the University of Michigan in 1963: To Kill a Mockingbird. Today, at age 60, I average one movie a week in the theater, making up for lost time, I assume!
  5. Along that same line, I knew I was never to touch Astrology with a 10-foot pole, even though my maternal grandfather (Sidney Bennett) was one of America's prominent astrologers of the early 20th century. I would never read horoscopes in the paper because I thought I'd get sucked into them. In 1990 I had an about-face and claimed my heritage! Astrology is now one of my most fascinating pasttimes.

So who do I now want to infect! Margaret Feinberg, my nephew Nate, and--everyone else has already been taken! BUT, Ruth, Donica and Amy, even though you don't have blogs, you could write down your 5 in my comments, right?! Tag, you're it.


  1. Interesting about the astrology. Fascinating subject. I was going to ask you to guess my sign, but it's already in my profile!

  2. It is a fun exercise (and a little tough, too), eh?

    All your "facts" really illustrate how you've broken free from a narrow and constricting upbringing.

    I realize (only just lately) how hard it is to accomplish that and sincerely congratulate you for getting yourself to such a freer and more open-minded space.

    You've done good, Ginnie, really good.

  3. Am a Gimini, ascendant gemini! So the four of us tell you: Nice to learn a bit more about you! And it's never too late to go to the Machu Picchu!

  4. Christina and MP: no wonder we lady Gemini's have found each other. Blab Blab Blab! Ha. Blogging is just perfect for us, isn't it!

    MP: So you're a Double Gemini, just as Donica is a Double Cancer! When the Sun sign and the Ascendant are the same, who you are and how you appear to others is the same. "What you see is what you get!" Too bad we all aren't like that?!

    True, it's never to late to do anything, so who knows if Machu Picchu will come up again. Honestly, there are now so many other places in Europe (or Canada) that I'd rather go see first than heading back to Peru. And life is so short....

    I have found that Natal Charts, which is my emphasis in Astrology, are better for a personality profile than all the other tests put together!

    PG: Yes, the exercise was very tough, but I'm glad I did it. In my case, it really did make me realize that I've come a long way, and I'm glad! Thanks for stating that so well.