Saturday, April 22, 2006

Earth Day 2006

View more photos here *

If WE don't take care of her, who will?!

* Since I'm here in Hannover, Germany, right now, I've chosen a view of Europe from Space. I've been trying to give credit where credit is due but still have not found out who is responsible for these photos. If I find out, I'll add it later. Or if you find out first, please let me know. For more on Earth Day, check out Wiki.


  1. Mother Earth, Demeter, ... A lot of different names in myths...

  2. That's neat. Probably the first time I viewed a satellite photo of Europe.

  3. We have to take care of her... Nice Earth Day to both of ya!

  4. The photo links are so cool. I love the pic you chose along with the one of the Swiss Alps. It's incredible because it starts out with the scenary of Lac Leman (Geneva/Montreux) and then you can see Lac Neuchetel and then over further I think is Lake Lucerne. And probably the lake of Zurich also...

    I'm in awe because it's so beautiful like that and of course knowing your geography of the region makes it all the better...

  5. hi ginnie,

    I love your post today and that you honored Earth Day. The pics are awesome. I agree with you, if WE don't care, who will? Thanks for sharing.

    I wish you a great weekend!


  6. From the wiki article..."At this global moment, night and day are equal length anywhere on Earth." I love that.

    I loved that photo link too, the pics are amazing!!

  7. Hey, cool Picture!!! I can see myself! And is that little star right there you??? It must be. Can you seen me too?? ;-)

  8. Mei: Indeed!

    Tim: I loved it when I saw Europe! Too often all we see is North America.

    MP: Thanks.

    ET: I thought of you and CS when I saw the Swiss Alps :)

    Sage: Thanks! We all have to do our part!

    DW: I saw you in NZ!!!! Maybe not the same time zone but the same amount of day and night. I like that, too.

    CS: Absolutely. I see all of you :)

  9. Ahhh! What breathtaking pictures. Isn't it amazing that we have the technology to actually be able to see the incredible earth we live on?

  10. Did you notice how dark Canada is?? It's almost as dark as Africa!

  11. Christina: I totally agree. This is the kind of thing that just blows me away! So seemingly small but so unbelievable.

    TO: Hmm. No symbolism there, I'm sure?

  12. I think I can see my house from here...

  13. Mr. Fab: Ha Ha. Ole' Mr. Eagle-Eyes!

    Tracie: Isn't it!

    Ruth: Yes, indeed.

  14. Give credit to Whom credit is due:

    What an amazing Creator!

    Psalm 148

  15. Wow, great pictures! Thanks for the link :)

    Traveller One - They must have taken that picture of Canada right after they told everyone that our electricity bill was going to go up :P

  16. Mrs. M/Shari: But of course! It looks so great from a distance but I often wonder how Creator feels about it when you get up close and personal.

    BTW, I was once raked over the coals for not giving a photo proper credit when it's not mine. Needless to say, I learned my lesson!

    Patrick: Thanks for stopping by and writing your comment. I'm sad to say that the electricity bill has gone up for all of us, even in Atlanta!