Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Earth Is So Big and Strong

Yes, it's Easter Sunday when we in Christendom remember Resurrection after Death. Jesus carried the sins of the whole world on his shoulders and lived to tell it!

Amy told me that the other day Nicholas (5-1/2) told her "the earth is so big." And "the earth is so strong because it can carry ALL these cars...and the buildings!"

Later this afternoon Donica and I fly to Hannover, Germany, after having been home for a month. We'll eat Easter lunch with Donica's mom and Lee before heading to the airport.

I was thinking how this "so big and strong" earth can suddenly seem so small when I trace my finger from Atlanta to Hannover on a plastic jigsawed globe. Did it seem that small to Jesus, I wonder, when he died on the cross? Or was it really as "big and strong" as Nicholas knows it is! And if Jesus could carry a "so big and strong" earth, does that mean he was bigger and stronger? What would Nicholas say to that?

Happy Easter to you all in whatever way you celebrate it. I'll see you soon from Europe!


  1. hey Ginnie - that is one way cool puzzle. Yeah I'm so amazed at how big the world is and how lucky we are to travel far away. And to think we might be doing it faster one day!

    Happy Easter to you. P woke up early to see if the easter bunny left him eggs and he did! 4 Kinder Suprise! He's such a cute kid at times.

  2. Ginnie.. Have a safe and soul-full journey to Hannover.
    PS. I just read your very forst post and found another connection we have-- I think I own all of Thomas Moore's books and I love his writing sooo much. And of course I own a worn out copy of Women Who Run with the Wolves!

  3. Have a good trip to Germany and read you agan in this part of the hemisphere ;-). Happy Easter!

  4. Oh yeah! I forgot y'all are flying back to Germany today! Hope it's a good, safe trip.

    See you on this side!

  5. Wishing you and Donica a very happy Easter, and safe flights!!

    It is Monday over here already :)

  6. Happy Easter, Ginnie! See you on the other side. ;-)

  7. Hope you had a good trip and a celebratory Easter. Thanks for sharing Nicholas' thoughts and your ponderings. Something to think about.

  8. Hello from the Paris CDG airport during my 6-hr wait for my flight to Hannover! Donica got me into the Delta lounge (hers is a 4-hr wait) where I have free Internet access. And on a French keyboard, which definitely takes some getting used to!

    ET: 4 Kinder Surprises! That would be MY idea of a great Easter basket! I sure hope they have some left over from Easter in the Hannover grocery stores :)

    That globe puzzle, BTW, was quite a challenge to put together. The kind of challenge I feed off of!

    TO: I'm almost there--to Hannover. And what you say about Thomas Moore and WWRWTW doesn't surprise me at all! Maybe one day we'll get to talk in person about the things we love to read!

    CS: Oh yes! Now I'll be in YOUR time zone for awhile :)

    Dixie: Definitely! See you sooooon.

    DW: Thanks for the good wishes. You are always way ahead of the rest of us! Always!

    Christina: YES YES YES!

    Tim: If I wasn't thinking already, Nicholas will always give me something to ponder, that's for sure! Thanks.

  9. Georgia's loss is Germany's gain...sigh.

  10. Welcome back to Hannover, dear sister! I can't wait to see that community through your eyes and soul in the coming days. You are a treasure, and I miss you.

  11. Mr. Fab: Aren't you the sweetest!

    Ruth: We're here at the apt. at 5p Hannover time. Just got in and, of course, hooking up the laptop is always a priority :) As always, thanks for your love and care!!