Friday, April 21, 2006

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

It doesn't take much and I'm not the only one! Dixie Peach is to blame for this one so I might as well give her FULL credit. AND SHE COLLECTS THESE EGGS, TOO! She's the one who taught me this trick and, YES, this is my very first time to use it. Be my guinea pigs :)

Mouse over and out of the image to change views.

Okay, after all of that excitement (yaay for new HTML tricks), here's the Kinder egg surprise for this week. JUST ONE? you ask! (Good for you; you're on your toes!) Yup! Believe it or not, I picked up TWO Kinder eggs from separate boxes at the grocery store on Tuesday and ended up getting duplicates. Who ever would have thought! So now I'll have to find someone who will gladly share one of their duplicates. Maybe Dixie or Christina or?! Bartering tools, you see.

So now I have these 4 different "surprises" from 4 different collections and all with their own codes. You see, this gets pretty darn serious:

  • Fortwo coupe (Die smart Fahrzeug-Kollektion)
  • Organ (Funny Festival der Noten)
  • Monster Hotel creature
  • From the Treasure Chest of the Piratelli

TGIF! And you didn't think I had anything worthwhile to do while over here in Germany. WRONG! (HA--This will obviously seem quite tame on a Friday for my daughter, let alone the rest of you! But the day has just begun!)


  1. There is no telling what can happen from here!

  2. We have Kinder eggs too in Canada. See MP's blog. I used to eat some many years ago. Perhaps I should recover the habit :-)!

  3. Hey, everyone needs a hobby! :-)

    I'll certainly check to see what we have but the pirate stuff doesn't look very familiar. We've had so many hundreds of those eggs pass through here that we usually end up *gasp* throwing the surprises away unless they're one of those collector's figures.

  4. Mr. Fab: Isn't that the truth!

    Mei: You used to eat them???

    Christina: Like I don't already have enough hobbies/collections :) Hmm. You'll have to educate me on these Eggs. Some of them aren't part of collections?

  5. your blog is so interesting...I found you via "the ageless project." we are about the same age and I enjoy your perspective on life and things in general.

    I shall return again and visit my blog if you please...

    take care,

  6. Well, jeez, what the heck do you think your daughter is usually up to on a Friday?? I'll have you know that my plan for today includes work, a mani/pedi, grocery shopping and a nice quiet evening with your grandson. How's that for tame?! :-)

  7. Sage: Yes, I remember when you found me and then I found you. Don't you just love being "ageless!"

    Amy: Well, now that you put it that way, yes, that's pretty tame. But we all know it's only because you have Nicholas this weekend :)

  8. There's way to much fun in the air! Glad you're participating! :)

  9. Oh Ginnie - this is funny because my collection grew to four as of Wednesday. BUT I do have 3 more to open!!

    I must take photos although I think your photos are so good and so much better than what mine will turn out!

  10. Ruth: Always a kid at heart :) (Or should I say "at Hart!")

    ET: NO NO--take a picture because I want to see what you got and compare. Can't you just see it--all us grown girls walking around with out Kinder Egg surprises to look at and compare :) It would be a hoot.

  11. Hi again ginnie,

    In view of our recent conversation on aging, check out my post today at my blog regarding aging. I think you will find it interesting. Have a great day.


  12. Do you think kids like these eggs as much as grown-ups?

  13. Sage: Thanks--I'll go check it out!

    TO: Not a chance!

  14. Oh I've gotten that pirate ladder one about seventy-leven times now. I've been forbidden to play with it any longer because the little clack-clack-clack of the see-saw going doing the ladder drives B nuts.

    I'm a lot like Ginnie...I often don't keep the toys unless they're really neat or they're from a figures collection. Yeah, most of the toys are from a themed collection but a figure collection is different. Often figure collections just single figures you don't put together (or very little gets put together).

    Even then I'm bad about keeping up with the figures. I just found the pieces to my Lord of the Rings figure collection the other day. did the photo trick! Good job!

  15. I love that photo!! I just have to know how to do that :) I also have to see if I can find any of those magical eggs over here..I don't recall ever seeing any.

  16. Yep! The chocolate of course, not the gift inside :-D. Schokolade ist gut für Gesundheid!

  17. It sounds like you are having fun playing with technology. Good for you.

  18. Dixie: HA on that pirate ladder--clackity-clack is right! It took awhile to figure out the trick but once I used Picasa's Hello to upload the photos (instead of Blogger), it worked. And you mean to tell me they have LOTR's figures! Man. Who would have thought!

    DW: I'll Gmail you to tell you how to do the trick :) I don't think I've ever seen those eggs in the States, but then I wasn't looking.

    Mei: Ahh. Now I get it :)

    Tim: Yup. Never too old to learn a new trick, I see :)

  19. So...most of you have not met me officially, only via Ginnie talking about me, but...Donica here.

    I have shared this story with Ginnie but thought I would tell it to all of her blogger friends here goes...

    A friend/colleague (Fernando) at work bought about 10 eggs to work with on a trip to Amsterdam in case the first didn't work. He managed to get 9 of them home to Atlanta still in one piece. He and another friend/colleague (Andy) at work sat down together over the weekend and....

    -heated a very sharp knife
    -carefully sliced the egg open along the seam
    -took the prize capsule out and emptied it
    -wrapped an engagement ring in soft tissue
    -placed it in the capsule
    -"re"placed the capsule in the kinder egg
    -heated the knife again
    -gently warmed the edge on one side of the egg
    -placed the other side of the egg back in place

    After all of that precise surgery, he used the egg when he proposed!

    I think that was an amazing amount of creativity. On a future trip from Atlanta to Europe, many of our travel group helped prepare for the wedding by carrying back some eggs to Atlanta so they could be used as gifts on the dinner table at the reception.

    Because of this story, the Kinder Eggs will always have a memory that brings a smile to my face when I see them.

    Of course, who do you think gave Ginner her first Kinder Egg?????

  20. Ginner = Ginnie (sorry-my typo)

  21. Cools story Donica! And nice toys Ginnie! I have a box of them at home! Use to buy them for the girls! Stopped for a few years but when I saw the little Smart....MY GOD! I became an addict again... LOL! Thanks for the sharing! I will find this little SMART! YEP!

  22. I guess I have to start eating Kinder eggs?? I'm so NOT hip!

  23. Love that story Donica! Yeah CS get with the program! ;-)

    And Ginnie - I still can't believe you like my poor excuse for a photograph! (yeah I'm probably just hard on myself)

  24. Aaaaaw, Donica that is an incredibly romantic story!!

  25. Donica: I'm so glad you shared that special story. Kinder Egg people should do a commercial on it :)

    MP: I'll cross my fingers for you to find a Smart. Let me be the first to know, okay :)

    CS: HA! You not hip?? No way, Jose. Maybe a bit out of it, though :)

    ET: I LOVE your photo!! And you are "with the program!"

    DW: Don't you just love it!!

  26. oooh kimmie, I think I have outdone you with the kindersurprise eggs, I once ordered 100 of the eggs, (just the inside toy part, not the chocolate) off of ebay, just to sit with my kids and open one after the other:)

    they were soo cheap, i could not resist, apparently, the whole toys, not the ones you have to put together, are collectors or something, so the story is that people buy the eggs, eat or do whatever with the chocolate and look inside the plastic, and then if its not what they want, set them aside...uggh, too much work for me:) I love the chocolate they come in..mmmm..luckily we can get them easily in canada!

    You are in Germany, I'm sooo jealous, kiss germany for me:)


  27. Yes, Kim, I think that does take the cake! Hmm. But now you've given me an idea: eBay! Uh-oh. Don't tell Donica!
    Thanks for stopping by.