Monday, April 17, 2006

SHOPPING Challenge

And you were thinking clothes!?!

I'm just under the wire for this past week's Tuesdays Photos challenge, due by midnight tonight, I assume (but on whose clock?!). [For those who are new to this, like I am, the new theme starts each Tuesday and lasts for a week before a new theme is picked. This is the only photo challenge I do, coerced as I was by a fellow blogger when this one started a few weeks ago.]

To be honest, I'm not the SHOPPER in this family, especially before Easter, which is why I've waited till the last minute to submit this. However, there IS a shopper in this family who more than makes up for me (I won't name names!) and she would be the one shopping just about any day you'd pick.

Since we're now safely back in Germany (thanks to all your best traveling wishes!), it just made perfect sense to use this photo from exactly a year ago when we were in Bremen for the day, just an hour's train ride north of Hannover. This would be She-Who-Must Not-Be-Named's best idea for SHOPPING (besides her prerequisite clothes-shopping before this trip).

Let's just say I'm along for the ride :)


  1. I hate shopping for cars. In my 17-year old daughter's lifetime, I have purchased 2 due (she would say over-due) for another. What's wrong with 8-9 years, 160,000 miles? :)

    We're actually considering a diesel Jetta sometime in the next year...we could get to Atlanta and back on 1 1/2 tanks!

  2. I love going along for the ride! Well we know you are back safely. And I feel so far away with you across the pond. Silly me..

  3. Mrs. M/Shari: Have you considered one of the hybrids? I have the Honda Civic hybrid and can just get to the cottage in MI on 2 tanks (about 500 miles/tank). But a Jetta would be good, I'm sure. Love those German cars :)

    ET: No, not silly you! It always affects me when Donica is 6 hours ahead of me, which is one of the reasons why I travel with her as much as possible. Next week she'll be in Brussels and Amsterdam while I'm here in Hannover but we'll still be in the same time zone. We've discovered that that really helps, even if we can't be together. So, NO, you're not silly!

  4. I generally regard cars simply as a means of getting from point A to point B, but I do like those :) Cars with a difference (character)...those are beautiful!

  5. Beautiful Jags! I'd join for the ride in a second! Still hoping we can meet sometime. Otherwise, maybe on the big continent??

  6. Oooh, gorgeous cars. My dad is a huge fan of antique cars and has had some wonderful specimens over the years.

  7. These are some fancy looking cars. Neat to look at.

  8. DW: They certainly make you turn your head, don't they! :)

    CS: So they're Jags?! HA. Tells you how much I know :) I'm sure we WILL meet sometime and I actually hope it's in Switzerland (am working on it).

    Christina: Good for your dad! What "specimens," I wonder?

    Tim: Yup!

  9. Right now he's working on a 1939 Rolls Royce!

  10. Donica is definitely a prize-winning shopper! Nice that you're there to chronicle it.

  11. Christina: WOW! And then what does he do when he's done--sell it or drive it?! I'm most impressed.

    Ruth: Yes, indeed. And aren't we all the most grateful recipients of her shopping!

  12. Hi Ginnie,

    You have a lovely blog; found you through the agless project...we are about the same age...I shall return again...please stop by my blog if you please.

    to your good health,

  13. Sage: Thanks for stopping by! It was fun to visit your blog and meet you. I think you're the first to have said you met me through the Ageless Project. Well done!

    KPK: Thanks. I thought you'd like them :) Wait till you see the one I'm getting ready to post later today. I want to see if you know what it is before I tell.