Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Brought to You by the Letter "A"

This is one of the memes going around the neighborhood that I couldn't resist, mainly because I wondered what letter Mr. Fab would give me. I told him to please be gentle (considering my age and all :), so he gave me the letter "A." So now I have to write ten words beginning with that letter, including an explanation of why I chose it, and then pass out letters to those who want to play along. Here they are in alphabetical order [click on any image to enlarge]:

AGATE: This is the Gemini gemstone, specifically the moss agate. When I first discovered that, I immediately went to eBay and bought this one-inch moss-agate turtle for my rearview mirror. Donica's Animal Guide is the turtle. A nice mix, I thought!

AIR: The Gemini element is Air, relating to all things mental, like communication, rational thinking, speaking, writing and grasping ideas. For me Air also means what I breathe, circulation and movement, so I LOVE the wind. Lungs are one of Gemini's specified anatomy, so clean air is very important to me.

ALPHABET: Since my educational background was linguistics, the study of language (NOT learning/speaking several languages!), I love getting down to the lowest common denominator of language, usually designated by the alphabet. Finding the mathematical formulae to get at the sound and speech patterns is a challenge and fun. Nicholas has learned the alphabet and is starting to read and write. I love watching the process.

ALZHEIMER'S: My mom died of this terrible disease, so it's supposedly in my genes. I was the one who taught the orientation course to our new employees in assisted living a couple years back, so I feel like I know this disease inside and out. Donica is sure I already have it :)

AMY: My gorgeous, wonderful, charming daughter! One of my best friends. My confidant. More than my equal. The one I communicate with more than anyone else after Donica. I don't know what I'd do without her! Pure Gift.

: I love them! Our house is full of them, most of them inherited from Mom and Dad and from Mom's parents before her. I especially love anything made from oak!

ARCHITECTURE: How many times have I said "Architecture, Architecture, Architecture!" What else is there when you go to a new city, especially in Europe!! And by now you know I especially love the church spires.

ASPARAGUS: I love my vegetables, especially Asparagus. I didn't know of the white variety until Germany last year. And when I am there next week, Spargelzeit (white asparagus season) will be in full bloom. I also love ARTICHOKES!

ASTROLOGY: The natal birth chart, from my perspective, is the most comprehensive personality profile of any test out there. I get my love of this from my maternal g'pa, Wynn (Sidney Bennett), who was quite the astrologer in his day. If you have the date, exact time, and place of your birth, I'll be glad to work up your chart and report :) One of my hobbies. The Sun sign is one thing; where the planets were when you were born is another story altogether.

ATLANTA: My home town, of course. You knew that. HOTlanta, at that. An amazing city and one we do NOT take for granted. So much always going on. We do love our concerts and plays and sports and exhibitions and what-have-you. A great hub for our flights here and there. Add to the list AMSTERDAM, my first international city with Donica. Add AUSTRALIA, where my gay nephew lives with his partner in Sydney and where we may finally go next year?

There you have it. Once I started, it was hard to narrow the list down to just 10! So, if any of you want me to give you a letter, just let me know (if you haven't done it already). You don't even need to have a blog, Amy :)


  1. Hey Ginnie if you ever have time I would love to know more about my natal chart! Feb 20 1959 at 7:20 pm in Toronto.

    I'll take a letter please Vanna!
    (But might not get a round to it til later next week since I'm off to NYC in 10 hours!)

    Ciao! Kim

  2. WooHoo, Kim! So I'll give you the letter "N" for New York ("A" for Atlanta theme, I see). Do it when you have the time, of course.

    And yes, I'll work up your chart/report and e-mail them to you when done.

    Bon Voyage! Have fun!!

  3. Thanks for including me, Mom, and for the very nice things you said. I love you!!

    Seeing as I could use a distraction or two in my world right now, go ahead and give me a letter! :-)

  4. You are more than welcome, Amy, but I would have been totally remiss if I hadn't included you. A no-brainer.

    Okay, so you get the letter "S" (for San Diego, where you were born--still a theme, I can tell).

  5. That was great. I also saw it on Mr. Fab's blog. Since we have nothing (yet) planned for the weekend - thank goodness - I'll take a letter.

    I'd love to have my chart done! Here are my details: Born on 24 October 1965 in Hawkesbury, ON, Canada at 10 past noon. Hope you won't be spending your time in Hannover doing charts, though. No rush, ok? ;-)

  6. Aha, I see a theme here! So, CS, you get the letter "H" for Hawkesbury :)

    And you'll get the chart/report when you see it in your InBox. It won't take that long :)

  7. How fun!!
    I love meme's. :)
    I'll play!
    Sounds challenging, too...

  8. Alright, Mad. Since you're from the San Francisco Bay area and I've already given out an "S," how 'bout a "B" for you! (Of course, I could have given you an "F" :)

  9. This is a way fun way to get to someone better (even though I knew all that about you).
    LOVE the air photo.

  10. Wow, looks like A was the perfect letter. Just look how much we learned about you with those ten (or so) words!

    Artichokes are the BEST. :-)

  11. Don't need no letter - already did this meme. Don't need no natal chart - you already did mine.

    So that just leaves me to send you lots of good, happy thoughts!

  12. Sounds fascinating, ginnie; but I'm afraid too time consuming. :) Enjoyed reading yours.

  13. Ruth: It IS a fun way to get to know people. I don't usually do the memes but had fun doing this one.

    Christina: "A" was definitely a good letter for me :) Mr. Fab did a good job.

    Dixie: Good, happy thoughts are more than enough. Thanks.

    Tim: It WAS time-consuming (mainly because of adding the photos). Can't imagine how working people keep up with such things! Thanks for reading mine.

  14. LOL. I picked "A" specifically because I knew you would do "Amy" and "Atlanta" so it was kind of like giving you a head start :)

    Very cool list!

  15. Mr. Fab: Well aren't you Mr. SmartyPants! I thought of Atlanta right away, of course, but thought of Amy after I became serious about the whole thing. You're quite perceptive, Mr. Brad! Glad you gave me a head start :)

  16. Hi Ginnie, cool idea for a blog posting. Some nice photos to go with it as well :) How much time do you spend on your blog each day? It must be quite a bit, i think :)

    Best wishes from Switzerland

  17. Well, Neil, I'm retired, so probably spend much more time than most on my blog. Actually, truth be known, I do think of it as my "job." The idea to add the photos to this meme just came to me and I went with it, since I already had most of the pics. I certainly wouldn't expect anyone else to go to the trouble!

    Anyway, thanks to you in Switzerland. Donica was in Basel both yesterday and Monday! Now she's in Amsterdam. Small world!

  18. As you know, I did get the charts ;-)

    Letter H!?? OMG! It might take a bit longer. But I have at least Hawkesbury :)

  19. that's a great meme... I think I'd ask for it too, but I'm not sure I'm up for thinking this week...

  20. CS: Oh, you'll surprise us all with your letter "H." After I thought of several words beginning with "A," I picked up the dictionary and skimmed over that section and got lots of help :) (I decided it wasn't cheating :)

    ET: I wouldn't even THINK of giving you a letter, unless you came begging :) You're one busy lady. Besides, this may be the first one I've done!

  21. And I give one more word for you and the letter A... Amour, in French. Means Love. And you are certainly a very lovely and loving lady! Thanks for all the nice posts! :)

  22. There is wonderful “A” of 10.
    I like especially Amy and the ARCHITECTURE.
    I think your daughter is soooooo happy!! (And soooooo beautiful!!). :)
    And, I too love the architecture of Europe. What are the church spires that you love most in Europe?


  23. MP: Awwww. How very sweet you are!

    Nori: Yes, I agree on Amy and Architecture (of course :). That is such a hard question about what spires I like the most in Europe. Sometimes the simplest are the most special. But you can hardly get better than Gaudi's
    La Sacrada Familia
    in Barcelona!

  24. Hi Ginnie, I'm a lurker here for the most part. I do enjoy your blog.
    Like what you said about considering your blog as your job. I feel the same way.
    Everyone here just thinks I'm a

    Would you find any astrological signifigance to the fact my daughter and I were born at the exact same time of day?
    Not on the same date just the same time.
    My bday 11/25/57 in Worcester MA @ 1:20 p.m.
    My daughter's 4/9/86 in Northampton MA @ 1:20 p.m.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration.
    Keep on bloggin'! Josie

  25. Jozee, thanks for being a lurker and for commenting :)

    That's funny about the time of birth for you and your daughter. Amy and I were born 5 minutes apart as to time of day. There's probably no astrological significance to that--though what do I know! But when I have a chance, I'll be glad to work up your reports.

  26. What a lovely post...great idea :) I don't have time myself, but will enjoy reading all those who do this meme.

  27. OK, I was "tagged" with the letter "S" and since I don't have my own blog, here's my list in alphabetic order (sorry so long!):

    Hi, I’m Amy, and I’m a salt-a-holic. I honestly can’t imagine eating a meal without having the ability to add salt. People should NOT take offense when I salt a meal they have cooked for me – I add salt to my own creations! I will say, however, that I don’t salt things that aren’t meant to be salty (i.e. sweets, fruit, etc.). Enough said.

    Santa Catalina Island
    Located off the coast of California, 22 miles south-southwest of Los Angeles, this island is the home of a camp that my family and I visited at least once a year throughout my childhood. My earliest memories go back to about the age of 6 or so, although I’ve seen pictures of myself there at a much younger age. My brother learned to walk at this camp. The locale of this camp makes this the one place on earth where I feel most spiritually grounded.

    Saturday Evening Post
    My mom got me started on a hobby when I was in grade school: counted cross-stitch. It’s been a hobby for me ever since. The summer before I graduated college I stumbled upon a pattern for a Saturday Evening Post cover by Normal Rockwell entitled “Doctor and the Doll” from 1929. It was an incredibly detailed and involved design, one that I knew would be more challenging than anything I had ever attempted – which is exactly why it appealed to me! Turns out there are patterns available for 14 additional SEP covers and I purchased all of them with the intent of it being a “lifelong” project. So far I’ve completed six. This is the only “intentional” collection I have.

    Seafood is simply a food staple of mine. When I cook for myself or others, I generally prefer to cook with seafood, and when I go out to eat, I almost always order seafood. Scallops and shrimp (look Ma, more “s” words!) are a couple favorites, but a special treat is raw oysters, preferably served with cold beer at the ocean!

    Using this word for this purpose was a bit of a stretch, but I felt it was significant enough to include it. I have been divorced for four years and during that time I’ve undergone a significant journey toward finding and understanding my Self. Might sound silly to some – sounds odd even to me, someone who thrives on self-analysis and introspection. But the more I learn, the more I realize how much I didn’t know before!

    Sex and the City
    I’m referring to the HBO original TV show “Sex and the City”. I own all six seasons on DVD and I have watched each and every episode NUMEROUS times. The writing on this show is so intelligent and witty and it’s impossible not to bond with the characters. This show has become a form of therapy for me – seriously. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you go out and rent all six seasons immediately, if not sooner!

    Speed Scrabble
    We’ve all heard of the traditional board game, Scrabble, and most of us have played it. I’m not a big fan of Scrabble, but Speed Scrabble is something I can play for hours on end. This is a game I learned with my Michigan relatives and it has become a favorite pastime with a small group. You don’t use the board at all, only the letter tiles, and it’s fast-paced fun for all!

    “Storm Cloud”
    I had to put this in quotations because “Storm Cloud” is the name of the color of paint I chose for my son’s bedroom. It’s a very rich, but very soft color, like a gray-blue. His furniture is white and the contrast is perfect. Purely from a design/color perspective, it’s my favorite room in the house.

    Sunflower Seeds
    They say sunflower seeds are “brain food”, which explains why they were my snack of choice all through college. Grab a shell, pop in mouth, break shell with teeth, eat seed, discard shell . . . the repetitive monotony of this process allowed me to maintain hours of focus when reading text books. Also a favorite when driving on long trips – keeps me awake and “busy” when on the road at 3:00 a.m.! (Of course, you already made the connection between these seeds and my aforementioned salt addiction . . .)

    I LOVE sushi. I’m all about “nigiri” (raw fish atop rice). Favorites include salmon, tuna, eel, crab stick and yellowtail. Gotta have it at least once a week!

  28. P.S. Thanks, Nori, for the compliment! :-)

  29. DW: Of course you don't have the time. I'm honored that you even read and comment!!

    Amy: I absolutely love that you took me up on this. I've learned something in the process, delighting in every word you chose. As you would say, "We should do this more often!" :)

  30. This is way too cool, Ginnie! Great pics and great words! And I like it so much, though I don't have much time and I have already two tags to do(procrastination), but I'm really tempted to ask for a letter, it looks so fun...

    And, hey, I learned a lot of english listening to Sesame Street you know! :O)

    I may be interrested by the chart, though I'm not sure I know the exact hour of my birth. Do you know how to find that? I have my bracelet from the hospital, there is an hour on it, but it doesn't fit with what my mom say. Maybe there is another way to find it?

  31. Clo, I understand about how busy you are (and most people who have an outside job!). Re: your time of birth, you'd think the hospital bracelet would be right? Go ahead and send me both times and maybe you'll be able to tell!