Sunday, May 28, 2006

Cruise, Day 3: Oslo, Norway

Today was our first of 6 port-o-calls: Oslo, Norway, from 7a – 4p. We had a Viking Heritage 5-hour tour that gave us wonderful highlights of the city:

Our first stop was the Holmenkollen ski jump outside the city, built in 1892 at 60 meters tall and with a spectacular view of the fjord and city of Oslo.

Then we stopped at the Vigeland Sculpture Park, Norway’s most visited attraction, with sculptures in bronze, granite and iron. Once I publish my photo album, you’ll see how Gustav Vigeland depicted different aspects of human life. Unbelievable. Worth the entire cruise thus far!

The Viking Ship Museum gave us up close and personal views of the 1200-year-old boats, demonstrating daring initiative and shipbuilding artisanship.

Next door was the Open-Air Folk Museum, consisting of 150 buildings showing the way town and country people used to live in bygone days.

Back at the cruise terminal, where the ship docked, is the Akerhus Fortress from the 13th century. It was also a great vantage point for taking photos of our Jewel of the Seas.

What a gorgeous, sunny day for our first excursion! We were in heaven, to be sure.

[I neglected to tell you yesterday that our wireless connection on board is costing $.33/minute…when it works! So in order to conserve resources, I’m cutting blogging corners to basically post (writing up the text in Word beforehand!). Maybe when at sea again all day, after Copenhagen, I can have a fast stretch of catching up on all my Blogger friends. Please know I’m not forgetting you and am actually missing you.]


  1. I love all the sailing ships in the harbour. It looks almost like something out of Pirates of the Caribbean :) And did you actually go up the Holmenkollen ski slope to see the view? is awfully high!! (fear of heights talkng). I love all things Viking so I am really looking forward to the album. I'm glad you are both having such a wonderful time :)

  2. You just go ahead and have a good time and don't worry about us. We know you'll be back soon. :-) How great that you can actually post and upload pictures though. It's almost like we're on tour with you. Can't wait for the photo album!

  3. Thanks for the update. I really like the wooden museum building. It looks gorgeous. Have a nice trip and take care of you!

  4. That looks great and that Viking ship is fascinating!

    Keep on posting and don't worry about us, we'll be patiently waiting for you.

  5. Thank you for the update.
    I especially like the 1st, 4th and the last pictures. I love port in the foreign country. Ah, How wonderful!!
    I am much surprised because it appears that the Viking Ship is well-preserved.
    I can hardly wait for next update. ;)


  6. I have always wanted to visit Norway...I think I will. Hopefully this summer...Looking forward to more photos.

  7. yes don't worry about us, you are on vacation!!! And we can wait until you get back. But that looks wonderful. I want to go!!!

    The open air reminded me of Interlaken, lovely.

  8. You're photos are STUNNING!!
    I feel like I'm practically right there alongside you. Thank you for taking me along with you on your trip.

  9. How nice to see that you had a great time in Oslo. I live here, and I love it! Great photos!

  10. As a local, i am very glad to hear that you had a good stay in Oslo. you really have gotten the best out of the city and you're post and pictures was great. Hope the rest of you're stay is good too. Please keep us posted!

  11. Thanks to all, esp. the 2 of you from Norway! I'm actually working on my Norway photo album as we speak and am having so much fun revisiting everything! What a great experience!