Monday, May 29, 2006

Cruise, Day 4: Copenhagen, Denmark

Today we were in Copenhagen from 8a – 7p, with on again, off again sun and rain all day. Since we never let it rain on our parade, we still got in some excellent shots of great memories from our 4-hour walking and canal tour. (And HI, Gustav! I waved to you :)

The Little Mermaid may be Denmark’s most endearing symbol, just a few feet away from where our ship docked. It was commissioned in honor of author, Hans Christian Andersen. And it was NOT raining!

Here's the flag of Denmark, of course, and one of the statues along the harbor walk.

From the harbor we walked to the Queen’s Amalienborg Palace (home of the Danish Royal Family since 1794), and saw the guards (guarding, of course), and then on to the elegant Amaliehaven Square nearby . There we saw Frederik's Chursch (popularly known as the Marble Church), having the world’s third largest dome. You know me: I'm a glutton for spires of any sort, especially of churches. The one on the right (above) is the Church of Saint Albans.

I'm also a glutton for the "commonplace" stuff that is unique when a bit different from what I'm used to. And for what's the same, like 'copters that are green!

Our boat ride through the canals of Christianshavn was charming, giving a hint of Amsterdam in many places.

As we go along, I'll keep working on full photo albums that I'll add later as links (probably once we're back in Hannover). But for now, these are the smatterings of photos that stand out for me as the memories that mean the most.

Tomorrow we're "at sea" again, on our way to Stockholm, Sweden!


  1. I feel like I'm travelling with you! :)))) This world is full of marvels!

  2. Hi Ginnie! What great photos! I especially love the Gustv one with the wild hair! Glad to hear you're having such a great tour- I've heard about this cruise before but never felt motivated to do it until now. You're commentary and photos are very inspiring!

  3. Seaside communities are so captivating. Beautiful artifacts and photos.

  4. They are only beautiful pictures today, too.
    Espeacially, the Little Mermaid and the Church of Saint Albans.
    I am temped to read the fairy tale of “The Little Mermaid” that I had read when I was a child.
    And, yes, I WELL KNOW you are “a glutton for spires of any sort, especially of churches.” ;) I like BOTH spires.
    I agree with Ms. Merlinprincesse’s “I feel like I'm traveling with you!”:)


  5. That sounds just wonderful. Last time I was in Copenhagen, it was for business, and I didn't see much more than the hotel and the restaurant. It's so greeat to travel with you an see what I've missed!

  6. It all looks so beautiful! Thanks for sharing these moments as you continue with your travels. Looking forward to more!

  7. I visited Denmark for a couple of days several years ago and was enchanted. Everything was so clean and pretty and the people were lovely.

  8. Hi Ginnie, sorry I wasn't in Copenhagen to wave back :-)
    Maybe you'll spot me on the beach on the last day when you're going back to England, because that's when you're getting close by house

  9. Ah, the green 'copters that I know :) and I love the photo of that statue on the harbour walk backed with that moody, atmospheric sky.

  10. So much more to tell. One of these days maybe...if only in photos!