Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Have Fire

The theme for Tuesdays Photos this week is "Fire." Last week the theme was "Moon" and, well, I just didn't have a moon photo and couldn't snap my fingers and make it happen. So when I saw this week's challenge, I thought, "Oh No! Not again!"

But the reason why these are called "challenges" is because they are! You just have to think and sometimes outside the box. Well, maybe this is a bit of a stretch but I DO think we take for granted FIRE for our everyday cooking/eating. Didn't there use to be a day (other than on "Survivor") when having fire was a life or death matter?

BTW: in natal charts, there are 4 elements (fire, earth, air, water). Sometimes a person can be lacking in one of the elements, at which point the report will say, "Want Fire." If the person has it, the report says, "Have Fire."

Another BTW, for inquiring minds: yes, this is our apartment stove here in Hannover. And our apartment pot. We "have Fire!"


  1. It's easier to make a fire than a moon!

    I like that pot.

  2. DW: HA. Thanks.

    Jozee: Yes it is! And I just wish the pot were a wee bit bigger. If I'm gonna make soup or stew (which I like to do), I want to make a BIG pot of it! But I go with the flow.

  3. yeah I think kids take things for granted the most actually. The now 10 year old thinks everyone needs to shop and everyone has to buy her a bday present... And the bday party, I'd be broke if I were her mother!

    The moon challenge - sorry but I would have found someone mooning someone else... lol

  4. Thank goodness you didn't have to rub 2 sticks together to get your fire ;-). You're right, many things are just taken for granted... unfortunately.

  5. ET: On the moon challenge, we both know someone who would have made a good photo shot :)

    CS: LOL. That's a good one--rubbing two sticks together. We should all try it (again) to make us appreciate what we have :)

  6. Very clever!! Good thing your stove isn't electric! ;)