Saturday, May 20, 2006

Holy Blood, Holy Grail?

On my way home from Hannover last trip (April), going through the Paris CDG airport, I saw this poster and just HAD to take a pic of it, knowing I'd post it today--the day The DaVinci Code movie is released worldwide! And released, supposedly to lots of criticism.

You know by now that I was raised as conservatively as they come! Dan Brown's novel would have wreaked havoc in ME back in those days, but not now. Yes, I've read it and loved it and just now I've seen the movie. (I actually liked his prequel, Angels & Demons, even more and hope they decide to make IT into a movie as well!)

But why is there so much fuss in Conservative circles? First of all, it's based on a novel (even if Dan Brown quotes what he calls "facts"). Secondly, for those of us raised in the Christian faith, does it really change what we think of Jesus if he was indeed married and had children? And married to Mary Magdalen at that!

For me personally, it only makes Jesus more human, not less. Being MORE human does not make him less God to me. And if we're all gods (Children of God), what does it say about Jesus, our "older brother--the first-born," if the thought of his marriage and fatherhood makes him less, not more!

I'm sorry. I don't get it. Nor do I mean to offend anyone, please. I want the Figurehead of my religion to be MORE than I could ever think of him. I want him to pop out of every box I've ever put him in. I want him to send my imagination soaring, because that's who God is for me. Something, Someone BIGGER than I could ever imagine.

Anyway! Have you seen it yet or are you planning to, I wonder? It's very true to the book and from my perspoective, is very well done.

[BTW, I had promised Donica that I'd wait to see the movie with her when we're together in Hannover next week, but found out it's in English only on Sunday night. So while I'm in the sky flying to her, Donica will see it Sunday night.]


  1. Hi Ginnie. I agree with you.
    One thing that I think a lot of people forget is that the Dan Brown book/movie is not a documentary it is fiction, and has never claimed to be anymore than fiction.
    But the theory from Holy Blood, Holy Grail is, I think, very interesting.
    Furthermore a lot of people forget that it is 2000 years ago Jesus lived, so no doubt that a lot happened back then that we will never know

  2. I believe in reincarnation. From that point of view, Jesus cannot be God but more an avatar. And I just can agree with you about seeing Him more human.
    Just before Constantine's reign, the worst persecutions against Christians occured and a lot disappeared in the turmoil. Part of the scriptures were rebuilt from memory. So, nobody knows very much about the times that happened before.
    BTW, the 'facts' at the beginning of the book were proved as frauds.

  3. Gustav: I agree--it's fiction. But it IS fascinating to read what all they're coming up with about what happened historically!

    Mei: Our History channel has been showing many episodes related to the history from this movie. Last night I watched about stuff related to Constantine and Nicea. Very, very interesting, all of it. There's obviously so much we don't know. But we always know history is/was written based on how people wanted us to hear/see it!

  4. Raised a Lutheran,I'm now a lapsed Christian. Feel I'll be okay with
    The Golden Rule.
    Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.

    Regarding the bible I personally see it as a good book with invaluable lessons that may have been shaped over time in the retelling. Much like the old game Telephone.

    Needless to say if Jesus did exist his life experiences would have been much more human and enriched if he were in fact married.

    Haven't read the DaVinci Code nor studied the bible all that much so, my impressions are drawn from life experience not fact.

    Regarding God and all the different religions of the world; in my mind, if there is a God he belongs to all of us and wouldn't mind that we all have different interpretations of Him.

    My 2 cents, for what they're worth.

  5. Luckily, most movies here in Basel are shown in the original language. I don't know if I'll see it at the cinema, but I'll be buying the DVD for sure as soon as it's out.

  6. I have read “The DaVinci Code”, and I thought it was very interesting.
    I’m surprised that you had seen the movie TODAY. I want to see it as early as possible!!

    However, I am hesitating whether I say to FOREIGNERS that "The DaVinci Code” is INTERESTING.
    Japan is a Buddhism country. So, most Japanese think it is one of the “Fiction movies”. But we know that a lot of Christians including Vatican are furious about "The DaVinci Code”.
    I will enjoy PURELY seeing it because I love Audrey Tautou and Jean Reno. ;)

    By the way, I agree with your ANSWER to my question.
    I too think that you say “I can hardly get better than “La Sacrada Familia””.
    I’m glad about your answer. :)


  7. Jozee: I always love hearing where my readers are coming from! I certainly am at a different place in my faith than where I was years ago. God (whoever that is) has always been bedrock for me. No matter what happens to me, God (a Power higher/more than myself!) is THERE and not silent. Many things have wavered in my life but that just keeps getting bigger and better...but never the same.

    Thanks for your "2 cents."

    CS: I'm guessing you'll like it :)

    Nori: Yes, I agree about loving the characters (don't forget Tom Hanks!). Very interesting to think of the movie from a Buddhist perspective. Hmm. Lots of things to think about, for sure.

    Glad to know I had a good answer for you in La Sagrada Familia, one of my favorite church spires ever!

  8. I haven't read the book or seen the movie though I have heard a lot of commentary on NPR about it and a little bit on an all news Philadelphia station KYW. Anyway, I think all the fuss is amusing. And I mostly just see the book and movie as potentially fun fiction. Anyway, life is too short to get upset over these things.

  9. Tim: My sentiment exactly! Well put!!

  10. I thought the book was an okay thriller. The theories are interesting and the puzzles were interesting but was so disappointed in the ending.


    I never did get the fuss over the idea that Jesus might have been married. So what if he was? Jesus being married or not being married doesn't change who he was or what he did - namely defeat death by his ressurection. That's the big thing we need to know about Jesus.

  11. I'm not sure I'll see it. I've been wrestless lately and my attention span won't last long enough for me to watch an entire movie. Well unless it involves huskies, switzerland, outdoor wonders or houses. That would make for one boring movie!

  12. Dixie: Have you read Angels & Demons, I wonder? If not, you'll like it better, I bet.

    And re: Jesus, right on!

    ET: Bless you! Speaking of which, did you see Eight Below? OMIGOD. Make sure YOU of all people see it!!!

  13. Although we heared in the TV that the film didn't receive good critics after it was shown in Cannes, I surely will have a look at it :-) Your Mona Lisa shot is great, btw.

  14. You know, KPK, almost every time a movie gets bad reviews, we like it and often vice versa. I think you'll like it, especially if you read the book. And thanks for the compliment!

  15. We saw it yesterday, and it was o.k. But beyond the book and the movie, I'm VERY interested in the topic of the sacred feminine. If God is there, that "he" would be a "he" and not a whole being that encompasses masculine, feminine, and every other characteristic that exists, is incomprehensible to me. I agree, what is so threatening about any of it, anyway?

  16. Late with my comment :) I saw Da vinci Code yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it, although I agree with Dixie about the ending. It was too predictable and spoilt the movie a bit for me. It has put me off reading the book. I might read Angels and Demons though..other people have told me that they prefered it too.

    I did love seeing all the architecture and art works in the movie.

  17. Ruth: Do you think they'll make a movie of Angels & Demons? Wouldn't that be something! Maybe like with the Harry Potter movies, these will just get better.

    And yes, I love the topic of "the devine feminine!"

    DW: You're never late! :) You'll like the A&D book more, so since you've see the DVC movie, read A&D. I, too, loved the architecture and art in the movie, especially since we've seen it in real life. I especially enjoyed the St. Sulspice church.

  18. I've read the book. A good FICTION novel. And I will go to see the moovie. You know that I'm a Buddhist and a Christian. I don't care if Jesus or Sidharta were married. I only care about their messages that are very similar. Empathy, Love, Simple life, Help the others. That's it. Let's forget the rest. Just trying to follow those teachings is hard enoug! For one life! :)

  19. MP, I love your comment! So right on :) If we spent all our time and energy on the important things, the rest wouldn't matter!

  20. Just for the posterity of this post (since most readers will not see this now), here's a great review by
    Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong
    . Here's one of the paragraphs:

    "When I asked the picketers how this movie insults Jesus, they pointed to its storyline about Jesus marrying and having a child. I found in those words the negative attitudes about women that are rooted in the patriarchal sexism practiced by the Christian Church through the centuries. Is there something evil about marriage and childbirth? Is marriage a compromise with sin, as the Church fathers have proclaimed? St. Jerome went so far as to argue that the only redeeming feature of marriage was that it produced more virgins. I do not believe that women are the corrupters of “holy men.” Yet that idea lingers on in a church that installed mandatory celibacy and unnatural virginity as pathways to holiness. What those “ideals” produced, however, has been little more than distorted sexuality and massive amounts of debilitating guilt."

  21. i'm sorry, but I think people would far better serve themeselves and others by not seeing the world in black and white. everyone who has a religion or political stance seems to think the concomitants of life are solid components incapable of change. Nothing in this life is as it seems- and people who hold up signs and stand in the streets only demonstrate that the majority of people are completely incapable of independent thought. They want everyone else to know what they think and they want everyone else to think what they think or else... I bet if they sat for awhile with their own thoughts, alone, without the influence of others, without their fear of going to hell, they just might see another point of view.

    I can't get far enough away from ignorance. The truth is, I don't really care if I see the movie or not. There isn't anything in this movie or in any book that we don't already know. When I hear about people picketing, it just makes me want to leave the planet and get as far away from them as possible. When will people start thinking for themselves? When will people take action for something that really matters?

  22. Wow, Rachel! So perfectly said!!!!

    BTW, it's good to see you again. I've wondered if you've been super busy??

  23. Just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your post and all of the comments. I loved the book, haven't seen the movie yet, but intend to. I like the friendly banter related to this topic, it's interesting to me. The idea of a devine feminine...facinating. Also loved Angels & Demons. To me, great fictional novels.

  24. I wrote that in the middle of the night, an insomniac who had worked 40 hours in 3 days- and in the morning thought, oops, did I really press the send button on that one?

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