Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Mother of All Kinder Eggs

OMIGOD! Donica had descibed this to me over the phone a couple weeks ago but seeing is believing. She had this Kinder "Egg" waiting for me here in Hannover when I arrived yesterday and watched as I unwrapped it, piece by piece.

Mouse over for the before and after.

First of all, in case you don't know this by now, Germany is host to the World Cup soccer/fussbol games this summer. There are 12 cities circling the country where the games will be played, starting June 9th. In fact, Donica was able to get tickets for us to the Italy-Ghana game here in Hannover on June 12th, the day before my birthday. Talk about a birthday memory!

So, rising to the challenge, the maker of the Kinder Eggs, Ferrero, has produced these Kinder Fan-Balls in honor of the games. It looks like there are a potential of 5 "surprises" in them, one of which is the Germany flag-pouch in the above mouse-over photo.

That is one humdinger of a giant uberraschung/chocolate "egg" and capsule, if you ask me. In all pics I have included a regular-sized Kinder Egg surprise capsule so you can compare the sizes. Oh, and BTW, we're talking about a difference in price of €0.55 as opposed to €5.99 ($.70 vs. $7.65)!

Just when we thought they couldn't get any more exciting!


  1. Ginnie that's incredible. I'm sure I would buy one too if I were in Germany. I'm not so sure they would have them here, but I'll keep my eyes peeled on my next visit.

  2. Geez O Pete I bet the chocolate chicken that laid that monster was HUGE. Where can I get me one o'those? I already have big plans for it.

  3. Wow, that's one big surprise! We haven't seen those yet but I did buy 4 of those new Kinder Joy eggs today for the kids when I went out shopping and they loved them. Who knows what they'll come up with next? :-)

  4. That's so cool ! Wish they marketed those in the US.

  5. ET: At 6 euros a pop, it's not something I need to buy more than one of, but the one sure was fun!

    Lisa: Donica says she got it at the Beki grocery store. I'm guessing you have one of those in Aachen? Don't know if other stores are selling it??

    Christia: Donica just asked me about the Kinder Joy variety and I went to
    Dixie's post
    on it to show her. Right away she told me to please buy 6 of them the next time I'm at the store so she can give them to a Kinder Egg fanatic in Atlanta.

    Jozee: Ain't that the truth! I'd lose all the money I don't have!

  6. Your birthday is JUNE?!
    Wooooooow!! MY birthday is June, too!!
    People who were born in June are ONLY GOOD PEOPLE, aren’t you? Hahaha ;)

    When the World Cup Soccer game was held four years ago in Japan, it was the day before my birthday. And it was COUNTDOWN to my 30 years old, too.

    Oh, yeah yeah.
    Nicholas is baseball player?!
    Bowler, Artist, Baseball player, and Soccer Player (I saw your album)!!
    Is he SUPERBOY? Will he become a MLB player, or “Real Madrid” player?
    Oh, I want his AUTOGRAPH as my birthday present. ;)


  7. Way to explore the child within!

  8. Nori: You are definitely ready to start your own blog. Just do it! Then we can see what YOU come up with. You have such a great sense of humor and esprit de corps.

    Ruth: Indeed!

  9. I can't believe I haven't bought one of those Fan Balls yet. I see them and just neglect to do it. It's going on my to-do list right away.

    I finally saw a commerical for Kinder Joy eggs and it said they're available for summertime only. I must buy my fill of them before fall!

  10. Oh such fun! It's neat to find/get things like that.

  11. These days you cannot look into any direction without seeing an advertising or a device connected to the Soccer World Cup. That's not what I like as well as I don't like soccer.

  12. Dixie: I figured if anyone had already gotten one it would be YOU! So just do it! And thanks for the tip on the Kinder Joy eggs.

    Tim: Ah yes, the Child within!

    KPK: Hmm. A German man who doesn't like soccer?? I didn't know they existed! :)

  13. *Gasp* It's HUGE! I love that...and I'm dying to see the inner egg :)

  14. Ginnie, those are very big eggs. I don't think we will get any of them here in Canada. And BTW, about kpk, when in Germany I met some Germans who didn't like sauerkraut or beer which I found strange :-o. So a German who doesn't like soccer, it is possible :-).

  15. DW: What will they do to trump this, I wonder!

    Mei: I wonder if they'll be anywhere other than Germany? A real collector's item for the World Cup soccer fans.

    And HA over the stereotypes we have--for all countries, I'm sure.

  16. Ooops, I missed you, Gustav! We're not really that far away from you. Or do you want us to bring you one when we're in Copenhagen next week? :)

  17. I feel pretty good that I paid only 4.99€ for the Fan-Ball I bought today!

  18. And well you should, Dixie! I bet if our Plus store sold it it would be that price as well. Good for you!

  19. Ohhh. I just HAVE to get one for OrangeX. I think I've seen them around. I wonder what they cost in Switzerland.... Do you know if they have them with Dutch flags?? ;-)

  20. CS, I'm thinking the "surprises" are only German, based on the pictures on the inside certificate. But can you imagine what they could have sold if all the countries were represented! Everyone would keep buying them till they got the country they wanted! Oh well, you snooze,you lose. :)