Thursday, May 04, 2006

Shipping Sushi

First of all, say that fast 10 times in a row: Shipping Sushi. It ends up "sipping shusi" for me!

I am not in Hannover right now but am thinking back to last week when Bettina, from our same Hannover apartment building, invited me to a sushi restaurant in Hannover's city center while Donica was in Brussels (while the cat is gone...).

So, meet Bettina, who has visited our blogger neighborhood a handful of times. Welcome, Bettina! She's a year younger than my daughter, Amy, and loves sushi just as much.

Amy's idea of sushi, however, is the raw fish variety you special order. Not the California-roll type that both Bettina and I prefer. But even Amy, in all her sushi days, says she has never heard of this unique delivery system. Picture a long, oval moat where these tiny boats are slowly propelled along, with your table right next to it on the outside. You see something you like, you grab it. It's yours. And the color of the plate tells you (when you look at the sign overhead) what you'll be charged. Inside the moat (see top photo), the cooks are preparing the special orders. How cool is that!

So here's Bettina with 2 of her 5 or so plates. Okay, I had my token one plate (actually, I love CA rolls and probably could have had several plates of them myself) but ended up choosing to also order a plate of chicken and noodles, Vietnamese style, as I recall. For some reason that was what I was hungry for. And yes, I ate the whole thing! How could I NOT!

Bettina, BTW, is German, originally from Nürnberg * (which Donica and I visited for a day several years ago). Her English is flawless, both written and spoken, so she totally puts me to shame. When I told her she needs to start commenting with her blogger site linked, she said "But it's in German!" And of course, I assured her that there are plenty of you who will think that's totally grand. So welcome, again, Bettina, in English and in German!


* Correction (5/5/06): No, she's not! She's from Hameln (city of the Pied Piper) and I knew that! Her boyfriend lives in Nürnberg. Sorry about that, Bettina!


  1. That really is a novel way of serving food :) I love sushi too, but I don't get to eat it all that often. It all looks scrumptiously delectable! Heh.

  2. Oh, yum. That last dish is driving me crazy . . .

  3. DW: I think some people just thrive on thinking up novel ideas or inventions, don't you! I'd go back just to watch the boats. I'm still trying to figure out what propels them along at a steady pace. Some gear shaft that's hidden, I'm sure!

    Amy: Was that what you were expecting when I described it to you, I wonder? I was sitting where I could turn back for that second shot. That close!

    Ruth: We really do like the cuisine from many countries, don't we!

  4. Oh that looks SO good. I wouldn't have known when to stop eating! We've been out for sushi a few times here but the restaurant we favoured didn't have a great sushi bar like that. I love the plastic bubbles covering the 'boats'. They look like little space ships. I often make my own version of sushi at home and it's surprisingly easy, although quite time consuming.

    And I would definitely read Bettina's blog! In fact I think I've already taken a look at it at some time because the name is familiar to me.

  5. Ginnie - that is so cool. You know Vancouver area is really good for Sushi!! I love those boats. USed to see them a lot while in California and when I went out for lunch. Now, nothing here but awesome sushi does exist... I think you will get me wanting sushi before weeks end!

  6. So funny how regional things are. Sushi boats are very common here, but...I've never seen pink maple tree seedlings like your post a few days ago.

  7. Christina: I totally agree about the bubble "space ships." So charming. And of course you make sushi at home. What DON'T you make!

    I had a feeling you'd check out Bettina's blog. I have to get the translator out and I'm afraid it gives me only half the gist. But as they say, half a loaf is better than no vacation at all :)

    ET: AHA. So these boats AREN'T unique. Hmm.

    Mad: Like ET says--must be California! Regional is right and some regions simply have their own thing!

  8. Oh yes! The more German the better. Welcome Bettina. :)

    Ginnie, count me in as a Sushi lover. If the stuff turns out to be bad for me I'm doomed. I could have it every day. Twice.

  9. 125 million Japanese can't be wrong! :-)

  10. I've never eaten sushi. Not even once.

    I need to get out more, eh?

  11. *blush*

    Woot, my very own blog feature! Thanks a million, Ginnie. I could already welcome Christina on my twoday blog.

    Complimentary to this post, I put some photos online of the Running Sushi I had last weekend. I could truly have raw fish on rice every day, and I drag my boyfriend to our favored Japanese eatery as often as I can.

    BTW, I’m originally from Hameln (rats!), most of my family lives in Hamburg, I live in Hannover on weekdays and in Nürnberg only on weekends and holidays. Three words: Miles and More.
    Twice in my life I have been an expat, attending High School in the US and university in Spain. I know the pain of not getting your favorite comfort food just because you are in the wrong country.

  12. Look, I can time-travel! It's still Thursday here! And now back to the future...

  13. Dixie, two words: order + in :)
    (yes, I'm evil)

  14. Your plate of chicken and noodles looks delicious. But the few times, I've tasted sushi it wasn't for me. Thanks for introducing us to Bettina. Bettina, you sound like a wonderful person.

  15. Sushi is great (as an apetizer) and then I want my steak :-)
    By the way, on Saturday I am going to Germany to take picture with our local photo club. We're going to Saint Peter Ording (I think it is called) southwest of Husum. I have no idea about what we are going to take pictures of :-) But I guess you'll see next week on my blog...

  16. Lisa: HaHa. I'm sure Bettina is glad to hear that!

    Christina: Ha--that's what I always say about Chinese food!

    Dixie: Are you kidding me? Yes, you do need to get out more and try it at least once. At least the CA roll variety that isn't raw. Just to say you did it.

    Bettina: What was I thinking! I KNEW you were from Hameln (we had that long discussion, yes!). I have corrected my post--you are no longer from Nürnberg! So glad Christina visited your blog :)

    Lisa: HA again!

    Tim: The raw sushi isn't for me either. But I do like the CA rolls, dipped in soy sauce! (All that MSG.)

    Mr. Fab: A real tongue-twister, for sure!

    Gustav: Wow. You're gonna be in Germany! Good for you. I can hardly wait to see your photos.

  17. Miam! Miam! I love sushis... I love sushis... I love sushis...

  18. Yes, me too, and great places here too for sushi(shipping sushi) but never saw a place like that (chipping tchutchi) with little boats floating on a river (tcheeping tchoussi).

    Lovely post... :O)

  19. Clo: You are hysterical. I love your soulful humor!

  20. As a side note: I showed this post to my mother (ok, so I was a little bragging there, having my mug shown on the internet - from Atlanta) and I had to print it for her to show it to my grandmother. I wonder what she will make of it.

  21. Awwww, Bettina! That is very cool. I would have done the same thing if my parents or grandparents were alive. Let me know what your grandmother (or mom, for that matter) says :) Hopefully they won't get paranoid and think that now someone will start stalking you or come after you!