Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Split Happens

Some things just don't get better than this!

Awhile back I mentioned that Donica and I met while playing on the same softball and bowling teams. But believe it or not, we had not played either sport since in our 8 years together. Until, that is, she surprised me one Saturday in April when Nicholas was with us for an overnight! Another believe it or not--this was not Nicholas' first time bowling! He said his daycare went once. An ole pro, you betcha.

This is a new bowling alley in our neck of the woods. See the Atlanta skyline staring us in the face and all the psychedelic colors to throw off our game (that's my excuse!)! Even gutter guards, for kids like Nicholas, to pinball their ball back on course. What a riot!

Watching that little body handle that 6-pound ball was a marvel to me. He plumb tuckered out after the first game but was sport enough for the second when we enticed him with arcade games afterwards (we can read him like a book!).

So if I tell you how bad my first game was (and why I was actually worried that Nicholas would beat me after he got two spares before I got one, since I kept splitting!), will you let me brag about my second? 106 and 178. Of course, if you throw out the low and the high, I'm at zero, but if you take the average of the two, 142 is about right for me.

Ironically, that night before Nicholas' bedtime, we saw a man on TV bowl his 52nd perfect game (300) as a professional, winning $100,000 for the tournament. Hmm. Not a bad way to make a living! And as I've said before, you have to start somewhere!


  1. That looks like one very upmarket bowling alley :) Love the views from the windows...or is it a picture, and that certainly would distract me! lol Would you believe I have never been bowling...?

    That first picture of Nicholas is just too adorable :)

  2. I'm not familiar with bowling but it's enjoying and interesting to read about Nicholas' first experiences.

  3. So you finally went bowling again. That's great. I was wondering when you'd be going (aftr my las bowling post). Very cute pictures of Nicholas.

    Oh. and: I want gutter guaaaards tooooooo! Well, they might come in handy ;-)

  4. DW: Oh my! Never been bowling?! Do they have it in NZ?? If so, you need to go with your kids. If not, we'll have to get you over here just for bowling :)

    The Atlanta skyline views are murals, not windows, and pretty good ones at that. Actually, we're about 40 miles north of the Atlanta skyline!

    KPK: What's wrong with you people! Where have you been. Is this just a USA thing?

    CS: Yes, I thought of you and knew you'd get a kick outta this :) I LOVE the gutter guards for kids...and would definitely think they'd come in handy for me many times :)

  5. Fun, fun, fun! Lucky boy, and lucky grandma. I love that last photo -- something to frame for a wall!

  6. Aha! Another thing we have in common! I now go bowling every Tuesday afternoon and I was just thinking about blogging about bowling tomorrow!
    What a fab bowling alley and Nicholas is tooooo cute!

  7. I was thinking I wanted gutter guards when I played a game like bowliing in Switzerland. I love the pics, they are just all too cool.

    I'm trying to play catch up but I'm just too busy still!

  8. Ruth: We are so very lucky indeed!

    TO: I love our growing list of things in common :) I'll look for your own post on bowling tomorrow!

    ET: I hate playing catch-up but love playing bowling :)

  9. Sounds like a great evening with Nicholas. And I think you scored well. I haven't bowled in years; but when I used to, I was doing great when I got above 100.

  10. I think working 2 days nonstop has done me in. I just got your title! And well I love it... Now that I'm relaxing a bit more... :)

  11. Tim: Well, thanks. I can't tell you HOW glad I was to make over 100 that first game...after 8 years! The second game definitely gave me my confidence back.

    ET: I needed that good laugh--I started laughing out loud and wanted to really let it rip. So glad you're feeling better!

  12. that's a really cool bowling alley! All of ours look like they were last updated in the 70's. Well...truthfully, I haven't been in a bowling alley in 10 years so things may be different now...but I'm certain we don't have anything as nice as that!

  13. Hi Ginnie,

    No, of course it's not only an USA thing. We also have bowling clubs ("Kegelklubs") here in Germany. But I think bowling hasn't a comparable popularity here.


    P.S. I dropped an email (from my business account) to you regarding image background reworking!

  14. 178? I don't think I've EVER bowled that well.

    Very impressive!

  15. MAD: Our little town north of Atlanta used to be a hick town and, sad to say, a haven for the KKK. BUT NOT ANY MORE. It's become one of the hip suburbs of Atlanta, so state-of-the-art stuff is everywhere. I was pretty impressed myself.

    KPK: OK, I feel much better. I thought for sure Germany had to know bowling. That means you need to "get with it," Mr. KPK, and try your hand at it :) Thanks for the Gmail alert.

    Mr. Fab: Well,truth be known, I don't usually bowl that well myself! Just once in a blue moon :)

  16. Aw look at him in his little shoes! Priceless. :D Okay, okay. I know this post had content too, but I can't get over the cute value of your little guy, there. He's such a doll.

    A word of warning about playing against the little ones. Or a word of experience, rather, because I suspect you already know this. There comes a day when you realize that handicap you're giving them isn't necessary, and that's about the time they whup you all around the floor. Son #1 did this to me on a pc game and I still marvel at how he did it. 'Twas the whuppin' heard round the world. I don't play against him anymore these days. Can't stand the shame. ;)

  17. I know, Lisa. I had no idea they had shoes, let alone 6-lb balls, for little tykes. The whole thing was priceless! But you're right. I'm sure there will come the day when he will whup me big WITH gutter guards, at which point I'll tell him him, "Enough of that!"