Sunday, May 21, 2006

Up, Up and Away

A week ago Saturday a man was flying humongous kites in an open field near us, just before what appeared would be a bombastic thunderstorm. And yes, I had my new camera with me and was able to zoom in (12x). This is one of them.

Today I fly to be with Donica in Hannover but via a circuitous route I've not made before (kinda like this kite!). I'll fly from Atlanta to Dusseldorf, Germany, and from there will take the 2-1/2-hour ride to Hannover by DB train tomorrow morning. This is World Cup season in Germany right now, so tickets of any sort were hard to come by when we booked my flight IN FEBRUARY.

James, BTW, from our blogging Neighborhood, lives in Dusseldorf, and loves taking the European trains, as do I. God willing and the creek don't rise, we plan to rendezvous for lunch in mid-June on my way home. Something to look forward to.

This will be a month-long trip this time around because we're taking a 12-day cruise for Donica's vacation (I'm always on vacation, right?!). I'll tell you more about that later, of course, but from May 26 - June 6 we'll be cruising from London to Scandinavia, Russia and Estonia. We can hardly wait. Like I said, more on that later. For right now, let's just get me to Hannover!

See you next over the pond, 6 hours ahead of whatever I was before!


  1. First off, hope your trip is safe. Secondly, it sounds like so much fun. The thing I love about Europe, regardless of DB, is that you have freedom to not have anybody else pick you up. I love being able to get everywhere on my own. Yes of course it is nice to be greeted by your loved ones, but it's also nice to know you can get everywhere..

    Oh it will be nice to meet up with James! I think I've practically crossed paths with him a number of times ironically.

    And the cruise sounds incredible. I really want to see that area too. So many places to see... Can't wait for the pics.

  2. I've always wanted to take a train ride and never have. not yet anyway. I have a deep desire to ride the rails...

  3. That kite photo is neat! Have a safe and wonderful trip.

  4. I knew you'd be digging the S3.:)

  5. Wow! That will be a great trip! Have fun!!

  6. Kites, something I would like to experiment one day!
    And you'll have a nice cruise in Europe, I am eager to hear about that :-).

  7. ET: Yes, a safe trip. Thanks! I actually got to the apt. an hour early because I had enough time to catch an earlier train.

    I do look forward to meeting up with James...and taking the cruise beforehand. You'll hear all about both, of course :)

    Mr. Fab: Just do it!

    Tim: Thanks!

    Jeff: You got that right :)

    CS: We can hardly wait!!!

    Mei: As I said to Mr. Fab, Just do it! These were huge kites, though. I'd suggest going with the "normal" variety :)

  8. Cool shot! Glad you arrived safely. Can't wait to live your cruise vicariously!

  9. You know me well, Jozee, because that you will do!

  10. Hi Ginnie, have a great trip! How often do you flyover? :) Fun keeping up with all your news, and here is some from me...

    ... got the Ecard working (of sorts) from the archive gallery. I just need to do some more work on the "look" of the formular etc, but basically it's working :)
    Will do a post on it as soon as it's presentable.

    Feel real proud.

    Best wishes Neil

  11. I already know that you arrived safely :) That is an amazing shot of a grand kite!! It looks to be the sort that would take off with me holding the string.

    Looking forward to reading about your meeting with James, so I'm holding thumbs. :)

  12. Neil: We fly over about once a month! Donica is in Europe at least half the year, most of the time in Germany. In fact, she has to count the days so that she doesn't go over the allotted 182 days before having to claim expat status!

    I'm very eager to see your Ecard gallery and will look for it!

    DW: This particular kite could not fly very high and was constantly rotating. It was actually quite hard to see how it could fly at all without getting caught in the cords that were tied to it.

    "Holding thumbs!" I like that expression :)

  13. I'm glad you made it here safely. I thought you weren't going to be here before mid-June, though. I've got to get with the program!

  14. The mid-June part, Lisa, is when I return home to Atlanta. I take the train to Dusseldorf on Thursday the 15th, arriving at noon, but spend the night because of an early flight to Atlanta the next day. So that Thursday afternoon is when I plan to see James and hopefully get to walk around the old town center. Any chance of yet seeing you during the afternoon or evening?