Monday, April 09, 2007

Saying Good-Bye Before Hello

[First of all, I'm on my laptop before our Internet is connected here in Amsterdam (A'dam) because I'm connected to someone's wireless here in the neighborhood. YAY!]

Now go back to Saturday when we drove the exactly 4 hours from Hannover to our A'dam apartment.

Landlords Uschi and Wolfgang, on the floor below our apartment, had invited us to breakfast so that we wouldn't have to fuss about anything before leaving. What total sweethearts! It was the quintessential European breakfast to die for in a relaxed setting, from 8-9:30a. OMG! It was the perfect send-off.

Then we did our last-minute take-downs from the 4th floor, 65 steps up and down...for the last time. This is the courtyard and the entrance to the apartment units. See the narrow alley between the 2 buildings on the right? That takes you to the front of the building on the street and was what Donica had to navigate the VW mini-van through, very carefully!

Okay. All set to go. Two last pics by Uschi. And at exactly 10:15a, we were set to rock-n-roll.

We would have all been in tears if it wasn't for the fact that we all know we'll see each other again...and again, both here and there. Uschi and Wolfgang have already promised to drive to see us in A'dam. And we have promised to see them back in Hannover. Donica will be back-n-forth for work, but I'll probably join her once or twice a year. (Remember, there's also Christina to see!)

So Good-Bye, dear Uschi and Wolfgang! We'll see you again soon!

BTW, Donica rented a van that had a GPS navigation systrem. I couldn't believe it. We crossed the border from Germany into the Netherlands about halfway there. Once we got into A'dam, it was a charm. Since we were already familiar with our neighborhood, we could verify everything. So cool.

Monday is still Easter weekend here in Europe. For the rest of you, welcome to a new week. Next post will be of A'dam up close and personal. :)


  1. Can't wait to see the A'dam pics!! Didn't know it was such a short drive from Hanover. Loved the European breakfast!! :)

  2. Welcome to A'dam! I'm sure you both will enjoy every moment in this great city. I should know as I was born and raised in there. Kep in mind Queen's Day is coming up on the 30st April. Then you will see a city that lives! Hope to see you both in Amsterdam soon...

  3. You look so organized in the van! I take it the apartments are furnished, but still I know how stuff collects...the breakfast sounds and looks wonderful, I'm jealous!

  4. Awww, Ginnie. A tear and a smile, right? But A'dam is soooo exciting. I'm sure you'll love it and experience many new adventures there. It's such a great city!!!

  5. RRD: It's hard to believe it's so close, now that we have driven it ON THE AUTOBAHN! It was nothing. And yes, that breakfast was something else. One for the road! :)

    Orange-X: You are such a sweetheart. Too bad we won't be in A'dam over the 30th. In fact, we'll have just come back from NYC on the 28th after a week of vacation. Maybe next year, Donica says. We can hardly wait to see you here soon!

    Susan: Yes, both apartments were/are furnished, which is the only way we can do it as non-expats, coming back-n-forth. But after 2 years, we've got a whole second set of many things that we just keep here. Makes it easier for traveling, of course.

    CS: We have already crammed so much into the 2+ days we've been here! Two long walks yesterday and today; loads of pics; good restaurants. Tomorrow Donica goes to the office (after today's holiday, where she worked from home) and I'll start up the cooking again. :) Can hardly wait to meet you here!! We'll keep you informed about the dates of each trip as soon as we know them, so we all can plan ahead.

  6. Oh, yippee! I love how you documented this. Fantastic! For some reason I thought Uschi and Wolfgang were your landlords. But they were neighbors. It's wonderful that you'll stay in touch.

    Can't wait to see the other end!!

  7. Ruth, they ARE/WERE our landlords AND our neighbors (floor beneath us). That's what was always so wonderful. Uschi and I were forever visiting each other, up or down. :)

  8. Great post, now I can finally see what you all look like. I'm glad the trip went off without a hitch, and you'll be settling into your Amsterdam apartment. My No2Son and his fiancee were in Amsterdam in 2006 on their European Adventure, they went to Anne Frank House so weren't very far from where you will be living.

  9. Cannot wait to see these next pics. I've heard so much about it (A'dam - cute abbreviation!) but've never been. And I'm suddenly reminded of your fondness for the big clocks, and wonder if you'll find any that strike your fancy.

    Feeling a bit better, yes. Hopefully I'll get to hang around a while longer. :)

  10. What a great story! I've been so busy I haven't had time for blogging at all!

  11. Ex-S: Oh my! It's really a small world after all, isn't it! If any of you come over while we're here, please let us know!!!

    Lisa: Oh yes. Clocks in some nifty corners of the city. I take them as I see them, of course. And I'm soooo glad you're feeling better!

    ET: Come when you can. That's all there is to it! You have a life, you know! :)