Friday, July 20, 2007

Enjoy the Weekend!

As I was sorting through my Amsterdam pics today, I noticed all the ones I've taken of people in their windows! Relaxing! Watching the world pass by!

Do I take these pics because they're so unusual to see for someone from where I live in the States? Or is it because they make me wistful about such a way of life?!

Guess what! Speaking of the weekend and enjoying it, Donica and I are taking the train from Amsterdam to Hannover on Sunday, since Donica has business there on Monday. We'll spend Sunday evening with Uschi and Wolfgang (our old landlords), where I'll also spend the night so that I can have more hours with Uschi on Monday morning (while Donica works, bless her!). Then I'll be meeting up with Christina in City Center for lunch, before Donica and I catch the train at 2p back to A'dam.

Am I lucky or what! Truth be known, we're both looking forward to the 4.5 hours on the train, coming and going, totally relaxing. I LOVE train rides! (Amy and Dennis, I'm taking my PhotoShop packet to study!)


  1. I especially love the photo with only the feet showing -- great shot! :-) Have fun in Hannover!

  2. Great pictures! Germany is also a "hang out on your windowsill and watch the world go by" kind of country. Some people even have little pillows to protect their elbows

    Have a great train trip and see you on Monday. Can't wait!

  3. !!&%!*%(&&%!?!?) I can't believe it!!! We're going to be about 60km from Hannover THIS weekend! And I couldn't take the days off before like I had planned because my lovely boss came back a few days earlier than planned to atend a meeting. BUT our time will come for sure!

    Have a great time with ex-landlords and Christina! We'll make sure to wave when we drive back to Basel on Sunday ;)

  4. I love these pictures.
    Especially the feet sticking out of the window, with their own little red pillow to rest on!
    I think people in N America (that includes Canada) find these pictures unusual because all (OK, most) windows in N.A. have screens, so when the window is open, you can't stick feet, hands, head (or any other body part) out of the window. Plus European windows are different somehow.... they are meant to lean out of, to converse with a neighbour next door, or on the other side of the street, to let the air in, to let the air out.... just different!

  5. And just look at those lovely white swirly things on Pic #4, I definitely want some on my house!!!

  6. it would be such fun to spend one's summer like that.....lovely collection, my fav. being the feet one!

  7. Amy: Me, too! So fun to see and then capture! Thanks for your fun wishes for Hannover! I really look forward to my first time back there since Early April!

    Christina: Yes, I do know that about Germany as well. I just didn't see it that much for where we were in our neighborhood. MONDAY!!!

    CS: I know, I know. I said the same thing to Donica! She's already looking at the cheap air fares in a couple months. So who knows, we may come to your fair city instead! :) In the meantime, yes, we'll have to settle for waving!

    Ex-S: You're right about the screens in America! And the windows in Europe ARE different, made to open in several different ways. It's a different way of life, to be sure! And HA! about those white swirly anchors. I think they keep the houses from falling down. :)

    Moi: Yes, the feet have it! :)

  8. lol - the photos make me laugh but at the same time they totally fascinate me! I love seeing the people..

    And by the way. I can't believe you are going to hannover by train. Good luck with that and I'll be thinking about you.

    Sounds like a lot of fun!

  9. These are amazing photos, Ginnie. I had no idea that it was normal practice to hang out the window like that. I totally love that idea, and I like Ex-S's explanation about the screens. That makes sense. Unfortunately, we might also have a "mind your own business" and "what are YOU lookin' at?" mentality. Anti-social and defensive if you ask me. :(

  10. Mad... your are quite right about that anti-social defensive attitude... windows just don't have the same function in N America.

  11. I think you took the pics because you have an eye for details and you've captured it sooo well!

    Wish you a great train trip - I like to go by train too as you can relax and watch the world passing by - and a lovely weekend with friends and families!

  12. I really love this! It's so fun to see these people in their windows, and I agree with everyone's comments. There were no screens in Istanbul either, but the only unusual thing we saw at the windows were cleaning ladies holding on for dear life cleaning the outside of them.

  13. That must be nice to relax like that! Any time I slow down a bit I just end up snoozing. Have a great visit!

  14. G- Yep, the feet are my favorite too! All great shots though. Here's hoping the "studying" is going well and you and Donica had a great weekend in Hanover! Be well, Dennis

  15. very nice shot of the people in windows... and I also like long train rides... it is totaly relaxing time, observing surrounding, taking pictures or talking to unknown travelmates :-)

  16. ET: I know you have memories of such things! And yes, the trip was wonderful. I'll have to post about it.

    Mad: So sad, isn't it! It totally makes this way of life here so much more meaningful!

    Ex-S: Exactly!

    Renny: You're probably right because I DO have an eye for detail. But you Europeans DO have such a more vibrant outlook on life, I do believe. Maybe we'll learn from you??

    Ruth: It's definitely a sight for sore eyes, isn't it!

    RRD: HA! You sound like Donica! :)

    Dennis: I had so much fun "studying," and hope I've learned a few extra tricks of the trade!

    Tomas: What a nice surprise to find you today, the very day that my sister has arrived in Ireland with her 30+ students from Michigan State. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  17. Hi Ginnie, I did not realize you had a blogger, somehow I overlooked it. Anyway...

    The tombstone caught my eye. Poor old Fritz! He survived the war (I see he was a veteran) only to die 4 months later. How sad is rhat? There has got to be a story there.

    Your shots of the trip to the cabin were wonderful. The fireworks store outside Chattanooga I have been in MANY times on my trips from St Louis to Marietta and vice versa with my kids.

    So you you had family here in Salinas and you've been here a time or two. Indeed, it is a small world! Let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to see.

  18. John: Yes, we're both BlogSpotters! But I'm totally amazed by your template!!! :)

    Fritz actually died in the war but they don't know how or where exactly. So he really didn't survive the war. So sad.

    So funny that you've been to that same fireworks store in Chattanooga. And that I've been to Salinas! Small, small world!