Monday, July 02, 2007

My Glad!

How many of you use the term "My Bad" whenever you make a mistake or mess up?! Well, this is a take-off on that.

Here's a Glad (gladiolus) from our rock garden out front, blooming as we speak. It represents My Glad as we prepare for an overnight with Nicholas tonight (giving Dennis and Amy some alone time after he flies in from LA this afternoon) and then our annual drive to the Hart Family Cottage in Michigan tomorrow evening.

Since we will be in Amsterdam on Nicholas' 7th birthday (July 12), we will celebrate with him tonight and then again at the cottage. Once we get back next Sunday, we'll take him to Medieval Times for dinner and the show. He has been begging us to go there for ever, so finally we will go! He will really be birthday-ed!

The very next day, on Monday the 9th, Donica flies to Hannover and I fly to Amsterdam. So let's just say a lot is happening all at once.

Because of a terrible Internet connection at the cottage and wanting to give all my energy to family, this will be my last post before we return on Sunday. Tomorrow will be my last post on Shutterchance as well, with a variation on today's theme.

And I am very GLAD! We love this annual trip to the cottage each summer!

Have a great July 4th holiday, you who celebrate it. Traveling mercies to us all!


  1. fav. are yellow glads . :)
    and i remember my english teacher reprimanding us from using "my bad"...but well, who cares really about grammar while growing up!!! :)

    have a great time with your grandson and family and happy July 4th :)

  2. Beautiful Glads - really they are, and an excellent photo as well.

    Have a great time in Michigan.
    Did you know the Queen of Norway will celebrate 70 year on July 4?

    How can you cope with all this over the pond jumping? I would be jet-lagged and put to bed;)))

  3. Well, let's just say this...

    travel fun'ly and safe'ly
    soak in time with our family
    luv abounding to all.

    (very deep sigh).

    and a ps-

    LOTS of pictures. please. and quickly!! :)

  4. Have a wonderful holiday with your extended family, Ginnie, and yes, take lots of pictures!

    Your glads are so beautiful. What a pretty colour.

  5. MY GLAD too!! Too bad Mrs. M. can't be with us. :(


  6. Have a great time at the family reunion, but most of all, you and Donica take the time to relax. I can't wait to se the picts! I loved last year's series.

  7. Moi: You're such a sweetheart. Thank you so much!

    Tor: I've tried to leave you a comment but am on dial-up right now. Will have to wait till later,. But thanks for your best wishes. Happy Birthday to your Queen! And I LOVE jumping back-n-forth over the pond! :)

    Mrs. M: It's our loss not to see you at the cottage. Definitely next year!!! You know I'll take pics for you!

    Ruth: I know about Mrs. M! We'll almost on our way.

    CS: We will definitely relax! Thanks.

  8. Wow Ginnie, the pinks and yellows really POP against all that greenery. It's so pretty!!

    It sounds like you've got an amazing July ahead of you. I love July, too.

    Looking forward to reading about your adventures to Michigan and the bday adventures of your precious grandson.

    Happy July!

  9. Medieval Times, like in the Jim Carey Movie??!!! I can't believe they have one for real. I was about to wax medieval in my upcoming post on Estonia. My advice: unless you are a meat eater, DONT order a medieval salad!

  10. My grandmother had a Glad like that in our house I remember - thanks for taking me down the memory lane!

    Bad connection or what, I do hope you had a lovely time in your cottage!

    Btw: Her also to wish you Happy 4th of July and if your hungry; Spare Ribs are served at my new blog home:-)

  11. I have never heard the expression "My Bad" but I definitely know what a "Glad" is. I planted some too, but they haven't flowered yet. We are a lot further north than Atlanta, which makes a huge difference.
    By now you will be enjoying the 4 July fireworks. In Canada, we have our fireworks on July 1, CANADA DAY. And in my small(ish) town, the Canada Day weekend always means a 3 day Strawberry Festival.... great fun. Lots of pics on my blog.... and I ate so many strawberries I should be breaking out into big red blotches!

  12. Let us know when you two want to meet up again for lunch or a ride on the boat. It has been raining quite a bit here in Amsterdam since we've last sseen you both. We are looking forward to meeting up again. By the way, Jack says hi to Donica! ;)

  13. Lovely pic! And ah - you get to go back to A'dam! I hope your weather there will be incredible and can't wait to see more pics.

    Sounds like you have had your hands full as same with us..

    Happy early 7th to Nicolas!

  14. Mad: Thanks for your kind words! I feel like I've been away forever and now need to start cracking to catch y'all up!

    RRD: HA! We didn't stop to eat while in Tallinn, Estonia, so now you've got my curiosity, Stacey! But we did see plenty of medieval stuff there. Yup. It was pretty authentic (see current post).

    Renny: Awww. The memories these things can conjure up. I love it! We had a great time in Michigan, of which I'll tell you about in the days to come. And I will defiitely take you up on your spare ribs!

    Ex-S: I loved reading all about your holiday there in Canada. Strawberries and all!

    James: Awww. Donica says HI to Jack. :) And as I mentioned in my e-mail, we're looking at these next 2 weekends to decide what will work for us!

    ET: The sun was shining when I arrived here at the apartment this morning at 8:30. Then we had a nice little thunder storm for less than an hour middayish. My kind of weather.