Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Learning by Observing

You know those personality-profile tests that tell you interesting things about how you learn things! I often come up as learning by observing.

So what did I learn the other day when I observed this on my Amsterdam walk?!

One thing I learned was that if you need to repair a bridge over one of the canals, you need something to stand on! DUH. I hadn't even gotten that far.

Another thing I learned...but which I already knew from the wee motorboat ride we've taken twice now with James and how very low these bridges really are over the canals!

Oh...and it takes two men to change a light bulb! :D

I have no clue what that red and white flag represents! It's not the Holland flag. (Nope, it's not the Canadian, either, but nice try.)


  1. OOOOPS! It looks like someone had a slight altercation with that particular bridge. Interesting method of repair. I wonder if the damage occurred from the road side (car into the water) or the water side (boat into the bridge).

  2. They had to change a light bulb, too?? And they're not even blond! Well, maybe dark blond :) LOL! Just kidding.

    I'll have to ask OX when he comes home about the flags. Maybe he knows. :)

  3. Ex-S: It's funny but I can't even tell if damage was done TO the bridge at all, as opposed to them fixing something else. It's very hard to see what they're doing!

    CS: HAHAHA! You're so funny! And DO ask O-X about that flag. It stumped me!

  4. I can just see you watching them and learning. Did they say "morgen!" to you? :)

  5. What an educational post Ginnie!

    I still one thing I haven't learned from this post: how many woman does it take to change a light bulb? LoL

    I had a nice trip through or vacation city in Sweden today, but now bride rehabilitation to learn from :-)

  6. Totally LOL because when I first saw that flag I was thinking "huh, i wonder why that Canadian flag is on that boat?". Well...actually now that I think about it, the first thing I thought about was "huh, the Amsterdam/Holland flag looks similar to the Canadian flag." So i'm glad that you added that last sentence! I learned by reading. :) but normally, I'm also a visual learner, too.

  7. Ruth: Well, no! I'm not sure they ever even saw me. Of course, they're Dutch and maybe would just say "Hallo!" :)

    Renny: HA! How many women? Good question. You're so "politically correct."

    Mad: Still don't know what that flag is! :) I also learn by reading, BTW!

  8. So. I found out what the meaning of the flag is: It's just a warning sing (like the red cones you have on the roads) so that other boats recognize that there are repair worsk going on.

  9. CS: That totally makes sense! Now I have some nice trivia in my pocket while I'm out-n-about! :) Thanks!