Monday, August 06, 2007

I Got Taken!

"America's Favorite Pastime," they say! Maybe so because every year we always want to go at least once to our Turner Field of Dreams, so when Donica looked and found tickets online last week (on the spur of the moment), she took me...the very next day!

It was the "rubber" game between the Atlanta Braves and the Houston Astros. We had just beat them soundly the previous 2 nights (12-4, 12-3), so there was lots of excitement in the air.

We didn't eat the proverbial hotdog but we did eat at the stadium before heading to our seats. Watching them get the field ready always fascinates me. How many men does it take to hose down the bases? TEN!

Donica happened to find seats directly behind home base, 26 rows up. Apparently two season-ticket holders couldn't make it that night. Their loss, our gain.
See the catcher? That's Brian McCann. And because we got there early enough, we were 2 of the 10,000 people who got T-shirts with his name and number. He's one big asset to our team, so we'll give the shirts to Donica's teenage twin nephews with pride.

Besides watching the game (I really did!), I spent lots of time figuring out night shots on my camera. In the beginning, while it was still light, it was easy. But as the darkness descended, I wanted to get good long-exposure shots. So I experimented!

This Coke bottle (from which fireworks are sometimes launched) was directly across the field from home base. I had my gorilla tripod with me and set up the camera on top of a railing. It worked!

BUT! After all that, we lost the rubber game, 12-11 in the 14th inning! Boo Hoo. Talk about a game! We actually left the stadium at the beginning of the 11th inning (it was late, folks, and it was a work night for Donica), drove the almost-hour home, got into bed, and watched the end of the game before the last out. I'm guessing that was after midnight. Don't know. We were too tired to remember.

Ah yes! Once a year is about all we need to get that pastime into our system for good, enough to appreciate the TV viewpoint from the family room from then on.

Still, there's nothing quite like being taken! It really still is America's favorite pastime for so many people in our country! We happen to be two of them. :)


  1. Boots, these photos are fantastic! So clear and detailed. Good compositions, etc.! Super job. I love the one with the hose!

    The word verification is:
    doooobls. :)

  2. HA! Garland loves to watch baseball on tv--(remember G'pa watching his beloved Tigers on the dining room chair two feet from his tv?!!) I'm more of a "take me to the park" kinda enthusiast!

    Great pics, and if you didn't eat hot dogs--although at Comiskey/Wrigley, a Chicago version IS a must!--what did you eat? When Garland and I recently went to the Yankees/Devil Rays' game, we ate at a really good Bud hamburger rest. inside the park. They even attempted their version of a Guinness, which was passable!

  3. Amazing - baseball is such an important sport in the US - here, we play something like it as kids; and that's it.

    Excellent pictures.

    Btw: FYI - We will arrive in Amsterdam Sept 28 - in the early evening

  4. Ruth: I had fun with these pics. So glad you like them. I still have so much to learn!!!

    Mrs. M: Oh yes, I always think of G'pa sitting 2 feet away from the TV watching the Tigers!! We ate at the stadium restaurant and had BBQ pork sandwiches with beer. They were incredible!

    Tor: Yup. It really is a big thing here in the States--like soccer elsewhere in the world! And you'll be in A'dam while we're still there! We leave on the 31st. Maybe we can see each other!!!

  5. That looks so exciting! I've never been to a baseball game before - just look at all the lights and giant baseballs and stuff. You must come home with sensory overload. :-)

  6. When I first came to N America, I didn't understand basball at all, but since the Blue Jays have been in Toronto, I've grown to enjoy it. A night (or afternoon) at the baseball game is a lot of fun. Baseball is such a strategic game, and you can relax while watching it, not like soccer when everyone is running around all the time.... too tiring to watch.
    And great night pictures of the lights, I love the CocaCola bottle. Looks like you had great seats.

  7. How did you do all that? I'm glad to know I'm not the only baseball fan out there.

  8. I love Baseball, Ginnie!! What fun that must have been. And the giant coke bottle is weird!!

    Amsterdam tomorrow for us :) I will let some of the guys who have never seen it go ashore in my place. I am sure I will be able to go later in the afternoon. Will be thinking of you!!

  9. Those night shots are great. Especially like the coke bottle!
    I have to admit that I'm not much of a baseball fan, however, I do want to go to a Giants game someday. The newish (it's probably over 5 years old but I lost track) stadium is suppose to be really nice and looks over the bay.

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