Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Jammers

Daughter Amy often tells me, "Mom, it's YOUR blog; you can do whatever you want!"

So, I've decided to tell you about Farm Day by its themes instead of just giving you an album of pics. Last post was sister Susan deadheading the plants. Today it's brother John jammin' with 2 of our gorgeous nephews!

That's John in the beard (#7 of us 8 sibs!). Nephew Paul is in the middle (my brother Jim's son) and Eric is on the right (my sister Nancy's son). To give some "scale" to this, Paul is expecting their 4th child, the oldest who is 7; Eric has 3 kids, the oldest who is 16, I think.

Now look at John looking at you! He always wears a MICHIGAN t-shirt when he's around our family. You gotta love him. He's wearing it in Michigan State territory, mind you, but he knows who has the clout. (Yup, MICHIGAN is my alma mater, as you surely know by now!)

Okay then. John is a singer from the second you say Hello. If you like Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, you will LOVE John. As far as I'm concerned, he beats them all, hands down. And I'm not prejudiced!

So he starts to sing a song the 2 nephews have never heard (me neither). A bit of this and that to get it going...and did you notice the laptop in the above pics?

I'm guessing Eric was the lead guitar, since the other 2 kept watching him.

I watched him, too. Guitar playing totally fascinates me!

In no time, the flow just happened. All 3 were in sync, with John singing like there was no tomorrow. As he left later, he remarked that he couldn't believe how well the nephews picked up these songs they didn't know, just like that!

In the context of Farm Day, this was just one thing happening...while Susan deadheaded, the kids rode the tractor and ran all around, Nancy Word-processed, Donica and Wilma shot baskets, Lesley read stories, Paul and Todd played ping-pong, Peter, Caitlin and Lisle croquetted, Rodger napped, Ruth hoola-hooped (took her own photos and prepared meals!), and I took pics. More on that, of course, to come! That's what it's all about!


  1. great!!
    I love gitar playing and even the photo's of it.

    When I was younger I played gitar too, very nice intrument,

    :) JoAnn

  2. Mmmmm, I love this post. I like how you're freezing the tableaus of Farm Day in separate posts. Reliving it in slo-mo is fun.

  3. Notice how I just sort of let that Michigan comment slide?

  4. JoAnn: Nice to see you again. And do I take it that you're from Amsterdam? If so, we need to meet up when we're back over there!

    Ruth (twice): Well, slo-mo it is this time around, though I do believe I did several posts last years as well. And yes, I DID notice that you let the MICHIGAN comment slide. :)

  5. Hi Ginnie,
    I red your comment on my blog and I answered you there, I am not sure if you will go back to my blog, but I wonder WHERE you stay while you are (every 2 week or half A YEAR)in Holland? That was my question, I also wrote in the answer comment my email adress, so than you can asked me questions or anwer my question by email ( my Q was "where do you stay in HollanD)

    Bye Greetings from JoAnn

  6. Amy is a good girl and I am glad she convinced you as this was a really nice, charming post with a lot of great music atmosphere - lovely!
    Eric looks like a professional - wish we could hear him:-)

    Keep on posting from your Farm Days!

  7. Musical talents fascinate me because I have zero musical abilities. How wonderful that family members share the same passions.

  8. JoAnn: Gotcha. Thanks for the e-mail address!

    Renny: There are several "professional" nephews and nieces in the family! It's really quite amazing. And to be honest, our whole family is a musical family, thanks to my mom!

    Mad: I don't know what we'd do without our music--it's so much a part of my family's make-up!

  9. Oh, I wish you had a little audio with the posts...

  10. It's a real party only if someone starts playing the guitar! Fun!

  11. I haven't been to your blog in quite some time- and it was perfect timing to see my very own Father as the center of the attention! He is aging quite gracefully, isn't he?

  12. Oh, it all seems so lovely, Ginnie. What a great way to spend some time!

  13. Susan: Well, one day I may figure that one out! But yes, that would have been the icing on the cake!

    RRD: HA! You are so right, and it always happens in our family!

    So Hum: Talk about timing, Rachel! WOW! That's so cool. Maybe one of these years you and Swede will join us!

    Karen: Yes, these are the memories that Life is made of!

  14. Yes, each year I think the time has come, and each year, it has not. At least we have this wonderful blog to communicate through!!!

  15. RK: Well, thank God for these ways of communicating, especially through our photos! The cottage or Farm Day next year--pick at least one and COME!