Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Last of the Farm Wee-ness

Did I mention that 3 generations of us were represented at Farm Day! Of the 7 sibs remaining on my level (Bennett died in 1996), there were 6 of us there: Susan, Ginnie, Nancy, Jim, John and Ruth, in descending order. Nelson had to work that Saturday!

Then of our 19 kids, the next level down, only 5 were present: Todd, Eric, Paul, Lesley and Peter.

From the third generation down, of the 18 kids of our kids, 5 were present: Lydia, Eli and Aden (from Paul and Manda's family) and Audrey and Asher (from Todd and Lisle's family). WHEW! I sure hope I counted right!

Anyway, the 5 wee-est of them all make a good note to end on for the 2007 Farm Day in Michigan at Don and Ruth's!

It didn't take long for the 3 oldest kids to find Lesley and her books: Eli, Lydia and Audrey, from left to right.

Asher is the wee-est of them all right now (2 more are in the oven, so to speak), giving his Uncle Eric the "You can't be serious!" look.

Aden is the comic relief for all of us, here with his G'ma Wilma.

His sister, Lydia, got in with all the g'ma generation to show how it's done. See, it's really quite easy!

Oops. Can't stop showing pics of this fella, the comic-relief guy, Aden.

His brother, Eli, definitely knows what farming is all about.

The girls, Lydia and Audrey, aren't so sure.

They'd much rather splash around with Lesley.

Audrey gets a chance to ride the bike, with Mommy Lisle's help.

And there's that corker, Aden, again, living life to the full!

There you have it. As you see, I couldn't do it justice in one post, so I divvied it all up. Hopefully you now understand a bit more what it's all about when we say we're going to Don and Ruth's for Farm Day!


  1. They're all beautiful but Aden made me laugh so hard I almost fell off my chair! What a character he is. :-)

  2. That was the best Farm Day post of all, I love to see the kids having fun and getting to know thier cousins. And getting to know other members of the adult family too, it's all so important!!

  3. Great photos, Mom, and wonderful commentary as well. It's the next best thing to being there and I thank you for that!

  4. Hi Ginnie,

    OOOw can I eat this little snoozies? (I mean the kiddies)the one with that 'belly' so cute!!!

    Than "aden' with the wurst, hahahaha!! LOL I love that shot ND all the others!

    Good you posted them in parts...

    :) JoAnn

  5. :) its was such an endearing post...Aden sure's a star!!! the last pic had me in splits totally :)

  6. Aww Ginnie - Love each farm post. What it shows us is love and joy and family all shared in such a beautiful place. Oh - and I almost forgot - FUN - best of all when shared. Thanks for taking us all along to enjoy. Now we're all :-)) (that's happy smiling)

  7. Christina: I could do an entire post just on Aden. He totally stole my heart. What a character!

    Ex-S: You are so right! We 8 kids grew up with no cousins, aunts/uncles or g'parents around, so we are living through them, for sure.

    Amy: Yes, I thought of you as I wrote this. One day maybe you, Dennis and Nicholas will be there!

    JoAnn: Isn't that the truth! You can eat up all those kids!

    Moi: Thank you. That Aden really does take the cake.

    Judy: I'm sure this seems strange to you, seeing all this family. We just eat it all up!

  8. Aden reminds me of cousin David! Does anyone else see the resemblance? He was so fun to hang out with when we were kids. Remember how he and I snuck upstairs and put G'ma's lipstick and powder on together once... and got seriously busted!!! Boy, I wish we had a picture of that!

  9. Ginnie,
    Your Sis R. told me: "you have redhair" also!!!

    Welcome to the redheads! Haha! :) JoAnn

  10. RK: If I said it once, I said it 100 times that Aden looks just like David! He also looks like what his G'pa Jim did when he was a baby. It totally blows me away! I had to LOL over your memory of you and David with G'ma's lipstick! :)

    JoAnn: Oh yes. But mine is what we call strawberry blond. Is yours auburn?

  11. And this all happened in one day?? Amazing!
    That little kid is sure a card!!

  12. Oh the sweetness of the young, they sure know how to have fun don't they?
    And Aden, oh my gosh i remember the days of my kids and grandkids how food turned out to be an art to eat.
    Great farm stories

  13. Ginnie,
    I do think I have an idea what's means to go to Don and Ruth's Farm Day. What a great tradition and family. Impressing. And with all your excellent photos, we all feel we are part of the fun.

    Thanks for sharing.

  14. That last one of Aden is priceless, my goodness. You got it.

    Thank you for doing the day so well and thoroughly!

  15. RRD: Yes, indeed, Stacey. All in one afternoon and evening, to be exact!

    L&N: Yes, you know! We never forget those precious days, do we!

    Tor: Now you know! I'm so glad you enjoyed sharing the fun.

    Ruth: That Aden just stole my heart! The whole experience is worth all of this and more, Ruth. I hope you know!

  16. This is an amazing story and I'm glad you divided it. Even if I red about the Farm Day last year too, I see more and more the beauty and traditions and care for each other in it. One tressurable and important experience - count your blessings!

    The last pic of Adam living life the fullest was breath taking!

    Wishing you a lovely end to your week:-)

  17. That barn is awesome! I love the color!
    It's moments like these that I live for, too. I'm so glad you share your memories with us!!

  18. Aden made me laugh out loud! It looks like he's saying: "Okay. I'm smiling! Press that BUTTON, Ginnie!.... The water's cold, you know!"