Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It Happened!

Remember last year when I told you that come July 1 this year, Donica's company would accept domestic partners into their insurance plan?! It happened!

I was able to get one appointment in before we flew to Amsterdam at the beginning of the month, but this week, since coming back, I have caught up on all the important annual appointments that keep me on the preventative side of things.

* Dentist (semi-annual cleaning)
* Blood work (Cholesterol med doing its job!)
* Mammogram
* Vision and New Glasses prescription
* Dermatology (I'm a redhead, remember!)

Yet to finish, once September gets here: annual physical. Add to the list any meds I ever need that will simply have a co-payment.

Yesterday I found out that the company's vision plan is the best the state of Georgia offers! Instead of paying $400+ for my new lenses (no frame, mind you), I only had to pay $151. Talk about a happy camper!

The only down side to this lovely story is that because Georgia does not recognize our "marriage" as legal, Donica has to pay tax on her company's part in adding me to their plan. Bummer. But as she says, this is still a no-brainer because the coverage is very good.

And in 3 years, I'll have Medicare! I'll still need supplemental insurance but it'll be a new ballgame then. See, it really does pay to get old(er)! :)


  1. Well congratulations to you and to Donica's company! That is a great relief for you. Enjoy all those doctor appointments!

  2. Now that's excellent news! I'm sure it's a load off your mind. What a great price for glasses - our insurance doesn't cover that any more, unfortunately.

  3. That's very good news. I'm sure you must be overjoyed. Medival coverage is absolultely necessary, I have extra coverage thru my company pension, and of course, in Canada everyone has medical coverage. And that applies to same sex couples too.

  4. That's totally awesome! Donica's benefits and coverage sound fantastic.

  5. Congrats Ginnie! I know how excited you feel because I was so happy to be accepted here with the medical insurance also.

  6. Sorry I haven't visited your blog in a while.
    Good news, medicine is important.

    It sure would be nice if those of us in the Atl. area could meet sometime.

  7. Ruth: It really IS a big relief!

    Christina: Needless to say, I'm a happy camper these days!

    Ex-S: The older we get, the more important it is, right?! And of course, we all know that Canada is way ahead of the States!

    Mad: They're the best you can get, I'm quite sure. I feel very fortunate!

    ET: I know you totally understand!

    Paul: Thanks for stopping by again! And maybe we CAN meet some time!!

  8. Yay, Ginie! What a relief that your medical needs can be taken care of. And a great price for glasses!

  9. RRD: Yes, it IS a relief, to both of us. I'm not getting any younger, of course! :(

    The glasses I have are actually a very expensive style ($800-900, I believe) that an optometrist greatly reduced for me about 4 years ago when it first came out. I was working at the front desk of an assisted-living facility and he wanted to use me for advertising. Every year since, as I've had to change my prescription, I've had to realize just how expensive these glasses really are. So, yes, I am one happy camper for the good deal I got this year!

  10. What great news - congrats both to you and Donica! I bet you will look great in your new glasses too:-)

    Btw: I need you to vote for me - Please :-)

  11. What we say: safety first. Great news, it is. You might move out of Georgia?

    btw: We are invited to a wedding nearby Amsterdam on Sept 29 - arriving on Friday 28 and leaving back to Oslo in the afternoon Sunday sept 30 - work you know.

  12. Wow, you sure got busy as soon as your coverage went into effect. I'm in denial about medical stuff. I do need to set up an appointment and see my doctor.

    Oh, it's too bad about the taxes, but at least you know in advance and it's a fixed cost. Many people have been burned by share-purchase plans that they didn't know were a taxable benefit. They have to pay tax on the value of the benefit at the time of purchase, even if the shares lose value. (I don't even know why I'm mentioning that. Just the whole taxable benefit thing reminded me I guess. Sorry.)

  13. Renny: Thanks! And yes, I'll have to vote for you. What's wrong with me!

    Tor: Yup. Better safe than sorry, is what we say! And I DO hope we can see you in A'dam, even if briefly!

    Karen: Death and taxes. Always with us in whatever way. But you're right. We need to know these things up front!