Sunday, September 23, 2007

Another Mission

On the heels of Wednesday's Boosterthon Fun Run (last post), Nicholas (7) had his first soccer game of this fall season yesterday morning. Again, it just amazes me how much a year makes in the lives of these little kids, whether they're athletic or not.

This particular league is run out of this Southern Baptist church in one of Atlanta's suburbs, not far from us. This architectural style is very typical of the USA south.

Off to the races again!

This year he's green and #6. Can you tell that he's actually looking at and running after the ball! Don't laugh. He used to follow the feet of whomever was in front of him, whether the ball was there or not.

This year, he really is paying attention.

Sometimes he just stands there, like he's in another world. Or maybe he's heard too many times that he needs to stay in his position!

Look how boring it is when you have to sit out a quarter because there are too many kids on the team! B O R I N G! No one likes that.

In the meantime, the fan club hoots-n-hollers (this is Uncle Mark, my son, turning 32 in October)....

...while we also catch up on what's happening with each other. (Donica is talking about something very important, but don't ask me what. I just take the photos.)

Mommy (my daughter, Amy, turning 35 this week!) is the one Nicholas always looks for first! He is definitely his mommy's boy and we all eat it up, just to see it.

More than the sport itself, we all love to see the camaraderie of the team spirit and what it is instilling in these kids...

...congratulating each other whether they win or lose.

I also love that there is time for unwinding and having even the smallest of rewards.

And saying Good-Bye till next week.

Grandmas get to make these posts as many times as they want, of course! Now that Donica and I are traveling so often, we're just glad for every game we can make, so here's to the first soccer game this year, and hopefully not the last!

Another mission: Donica is flying back to Amsterdam as we speak and will be there all week. While she's gone, I plan to drive to Bridgewater, VA, tomorrow to go visit my Auntie Sue, who is now 97 and whom I last saw in March of 2005. During our last trip to Amsterdam, we expected a call any day to say she had died, since she had stopped eating and drinking. But she perked up and seems to be hanging on a bit longer.

I made the decision to make one last trip...either to see her before she dies or to go to the funeral. Not knowing if this might happen while we're in Amsterdam, I decided to drive to see her now while she's alive. It's approximately 500 miles each way, so I'll be grateful for your prayers for journeying mercies, going and coming back. I love to drive and expect beautiful fall weather. Depending on how alert she is, I may return right away on Tuesday or wait till Wednesday.

Of course, knowing her, she may decide to live another 3 years till she hits 100. If so, THAT will be "another mission!"


  1. I remember when Peter was just moving with the herd too, so funny. These processes are so important for their minds as well as their bodies, and their hearts too, as they devleop socially. Wonderful, wonderful.

    I will be sending my love with you to Auntie Sue and can't wait to hear about it. If you feel like talking on the phone tonight . . .

  2. Nicholas sure is keeping active! With all the running, and Soccer, I feel like I've done my workout for today.

    Safe travels to Auntie Sue

  3. Hi Ginnie,
    I noticed that the sky is a bit cloudy too ehh? Behind the pretty churchtower...Do you like this church? Tha photo is cristal clear anyway, so your camera and you are a good match :)

    Nice to see the soccergame...
    How nice to see /meet your son Mark and daughter Amy and of course Donica. Secondly ehh I hope that the visit at you aunty Sue will be a nice memory for maybe afterwards , Enjoy your stay , and of corse I will do some mercie prayers.

    Take care and thanks for your visits at my blog:)

    BTW I'll be gone in Oktober and November, so it takes some time untill we are able to meet again. Anyway we met , thats done girl! I am glad we did not postphone the appointment for Naarden..

    :) JoAnn

  4. It is amazing the difference a year makes isn't it? I love the intensity of the family/fans! Yea! Go Nicholas!! Ginnie - I am sorry I am not down there - I would be happy to keep you company on your ride to visit your Auntie. Safe travels to both you and Donica.

  5. My boys played soccer too, and the first couple of years all the team members just ran around the field in a small herd, never mind where the ball was!
    Good for young Nicholas, he is certainly developing into a fine young man.

  6. Great photos! It was fun looking and reading. Hopefully, now, I'll be dropping by a little bit more regularly. Hope your trip went well.

  7. Ruth: You are a step ahead of us in this process, since Mark and Amy really weren't into sports. We're living through it with Nicholas. Thanks for your Auntie Sue wishes. I'm back now and plan to do a post today. What a lady!

    RRD: HA! So true, Stacey. It's hard to keep up with him sometimes! Thanks for your travel wishes!

    JoAnn: I added some HDR tricks to that church to make it a bit deeper. Something I enjoy doing when it's a bright day, truth be known. :) But thanks for your kind words. And thanks for your thoughts for my travels to and from Auntie Sue. Have a great 2 months ahead with all your travels. I'll be traveling, too, on our Mediterranean cruise, about the same time! We'll have to compare notes afterwards!

    Judy: You are so sweet to have thought of traveling with me. That means a lot, Judy. We would have had a good, jolly time catching up on each other. :)

    Ex-S: LOL! So true. It definitely is fun and educational to see the difference from year to year, as everything starts falling into place for these kids.

    Tim: Now that you're a married man, you'll settle down real quick! HA! I love it. Glad to see you back.

  8. So fine he is playing soccer, which is far more international than American football.

    The Norwegian woman will play the World Championship broze final this week. Against USA or Brazil - think that: Little Norway against giants.