Friday, September 21, 2007

Man On a Mission

What a difference one year can make in the life of a little boy!

Do you remember last year when Nicholas did his Boosterthon Fun Run for his school fundraiser and ran 22 laps? That was a big deal at age 6 (1st grade) because he ran the most of anyone in his class. Woo Hoo.

So this year, when he heard that second graders can usually run 25-30 laps, he told Amy that his goal was to run 30 laps. Like last year, Donica said she'd donate $3/lap.

So, at the beginning of the hour's time allotment, everyone has to pay attention to the rules.

Excitement is in the air as the kids wait in anticipation. Would you please hurry up!

Then they're off and running. 30 laps, remember!

After each lap, teachers are positioned to mark off each one, with Nicholas barely standing still long enough to make it count.

And off he goes again.

Sometimes he DID have to slow down and walk! Yes. He wasn't maniacal all the time. He even gave G'ma a nice smile.

But then he was off to the races again.

Is he having fun or what!

Over and over again.

Now look closely. Can you see the grid well enough (click to enlarge) to tell that there are spaces for 40 laps. F O R T Y. One square left, 5 minutes to go, and Nicholas is on his 40th lap!

F O R T Y laps, G'ma

Now listen to this story. When Amy told Nicholas earlier that Donica was donating $3/lap, he immediately responded with, "And what is G'ma donating?!" HA! Amy told him that G'ma and Donica usually are together in their donation, and that's the truth. But he wanted more money because maybe he could get a prize if he had the most donated. HAHAHA. Smart boy. "A salesman in the making," both Amy and Dennis said.

But as I drove to the Boosterthon, I said to myself, "G'ma, you're just gonna have to donate $1/lap!" And so I told him that before he started the race.

All's well that ends well with a satisfied little boy, enjoying his victory. During the race he had heard it announced that a third grader had just run 40 laps. Who knows what was going on in his head, but when he made HIS 40 laps, his name, too, was announced.

That is a mission! If he can go through the rest of his life like THAT, who knows what that little boy will dream up next as a goal to achieve...and then change his mind mid-course and up the ante!


  1. Nicholas is an amazing boy! What a run! And I really had to laugh out loud when I read about his "sales talent". I can tell you one thing: He is going to be a success in life, no matter what he decides to do.

  2. I can only imagine the pride that you all have for such an amazing boy! And I totally have to repeat what canadianswiss said "He is going to be a success in life!" Totally love the smile he gave you, priceless!

  3. Now that's an achievement! My compliments to Nicholas for being so focussed. And yes Ginnie, you're absolutely right. If Nicholas keeps pursuing his goals in his life, he'll achieve anything he wants. Believe me, I know that from experience :-)

  4. There's nothing he can't do if he puts his mind to it, what a story! He must have felt a mile high, and all of you too. I gasped when I realized he'd run 39, and then 40, my goodness!! He needs to talk with Uncle Don and Peter about cross country and track, hehe.

  5. he's great young man...with a drive and like that there's nothing he cant achieve ..:)

  6. Life lessons learned and lived early...I cannot wait to watch the future unfold. I have a feeling that we're in for many, many special achievements. Thanks for sharing Ginnie and Congratulations Nicholas!!!

  7. CS: I do believe you're right about Nicholas being a success at whatever he does. He has a big fan club cheering him on! Thanks for your loving support. It takes a village, you know. :)

    Mad: Thank you for your support! It means so much when the "village" cheers our kids on!

    O-X: Awww. Your words mean the world to me/us! You would be a good mentor for him!!!

    Ruth: I actually thought of Uncle Don and Peter! He is definitely a runner (like his g'ma, believe it or not :).

    Moi: It does make you wonder what he'll go after as he gets older, doesn't it! Thanks for your support.

    Dennis: And if anyone knew what this was all about, it would be YOU! Thanks for loving that little boy as though he were your own! Your support and encouragement in his life are going to make him even more special as the years go by!

  8. Congratulations to your young lad, that's the way to tackle life, just go for it and keep focussed, and be the best you can be!

  9. Hi Ginnie,

    We need more kids like that to grow into adults we can look up to.

    Thanks so much for visiting. Do keep in touch.

    Keep smiling


  10. 40 laps is phenomenal - congratulations on achieving your goal, young man!

    What a great idea to have the laps marked on a t-shirt. Our elementary school had done a run like this a couple of times and I think they stamped the kids' hands. Got a little messy near the end. :-)

  11. Nicholas is such a great and supportive boy and what an athlete! I'm sure we will see him in the Olympics one day :D

    So he really went from 22 to 40 laps in one year - amazing!

  12. Like Christina, Don was interested to hear about the t-shirt box-check idea. I think he's going to relay it (hehe) to his school for their next run. It's a nice memento for the kids.

  13. Ex-S: Absolutely! He's got lots of supporters giving him encouragement!

    DMcM: You've got that right, David. Thanks.

    Christina: The announcer said that 36 laps was the equivalent of 3 miles, so, yes, that does seem phenomenal to me as well. They marked laps the same way last year. If he does it every year, that'll make a nice collection of T-shirts!

    Renny: HA! You never know who'll show up at the Olympics, right?! :) We were glad to see his growth from one year to the next!

    Neva: Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    Ruth: YES! If he does it every year, he'll also have a nice collection of t-shirts. :)

  14. Wow - what an accomplishment and a great story. Amazingly you were probably the only one out there with the camera clicking the entire time..

    By the way, was it the new or old one?

    Still 40 laps.. What's he gonna do in 3rd grade?

  15. Good question about what he'll do in 3rd grade, ET! I was wondering the same thing!!! Hopefully they'll be able to still mark underneath the grid.

    I used the new camera, which I'm still getting used to...along with CS3 now, instead of CS2 in PhotoShop! Little by little it'll all come together, I'm sure!

  16. Aunt Bootsie your photos are looking better and better. It feels good to see another Hart getting some laps in...maybe he'll be a track start one day.

  17. How fun to hear from you, Peter. The next time you see Nicholas, you'll have to tell him about your track days. You know how much he looks up to you!!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!