Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Monstrosity

With all my time and attention going to my Shutterchance (SC) blog these last 3 days, I feel quite remiss in caring for you here at In Soul. Sigh. Part of that has been because I've been on a high learning curve, attempting photo collages (more on that in a minute).

Anyway, in case I haven't yet told you, I have purchased a new dSLR camera (Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi, for those of you into photography) and placed my eyes on it for the first time a week ago when Donica returned with it from Atlanta. Talk about a monstrosity for my tiny hands! Well, the lens is the culprit.

Both of these photos were taken while in London (Milton Keyes) this past Saturday for the SC BBQ meet-up. Busola is the guy standing with me in front of the mirror.

So, back to the photo collages! The first day, Monday, I didn't have a clue what to do and even wrote my sister, Ruth. Donica called me during the day and could hear the frustration in my voice. I was getting nowhere fast. And I wanted to have something ready for my next day's post on SC. I thought a collage would be a good way to consolidate all the pics of the 19 of us there.

Donica, bless her, did a bit of searching and found a link for me that I printed out and followed. And while doing that, some other things fell into place. Voilà!

This is/was my very first photo collage, highlighting Busola.

Then I got carried away! This was what I posted today on SC, showing the 5 of us SC girls who were there.

And this one will be posted tomorrow of the guys, of course.

And this one on Friday, a non-SCer who was there and whose face really caught my eye.
All of these collages you can see in bigger format on my SC site.

So see! You really can teach an old dog new tricks! (Come hell or high water, I might add!)

Tomorrow I will be training the 21 minutes from Amsterdam to Naarden to meet yet another blogger, JoAnn. Some of you may have seen her comments here of late. What a sweetie. Another redhead! You can imagine what THAT will be like. :)

And hopefully before Donica and I fly home to Atlanta on Saturday, I'll actually get caught up with all of you. That'll definitely be my goal!


  1. Well, I'd already seen the first two at SC, and now these other two!! The one of the guys is fantastic too!! and of Sophie, how sweet. There is something very effective about these faces side by side, especially the boys, with all their various expressions, especially Suby's! :)

    Very well done.

  2. Well it's because you have the monster 24-105 L series. You'll get exhausted carrying thatthing around. Send it to me and I'll send you the much lighter and smaller 18-55 kit lens. You'll thank me for it. Heh heh

  3. You're getting to be quite a little clever clogs with that camera and that ginormous lens aren't you???
    Seriously, those collages are very nice and OH so professional looking. Great stuff Ginnie!

  4. Ginnie - SO MUCH fun to see everyone! Love the pics all posted together and I always love your writing. I am happy just looking at it all!

  5. Oh those are great, i just bought a new camera finally yesterday, but nothing that grand like yours, But i think i will like mine once i figure out how to use it.

  6. What beautiful people. You know, one of my favorite memories of all times is sitting with G'ma on the red velvety couch, looking at a giant picture-book of Jewish peoples' faces. We turned the pages slowly, I remember the sound, and she would outline the lines in their faces and say, "Isn't she/he beautiful?" with her red lipstick.

    I can see where your love and appreciation of people came from:)

  7. Ruth: Now you've probably seen them all! Except that I learned how to spell Zsofia's name and had to change it for today's post. You've been very supportive and I certainly appreciate it. Now I need to find out how to make my background black, which I prefer.

    JK: HA! Good try! Actually, I did not buy the kit lens with the body but bought the Canon 17-55 f2.8 IS lens, that is much better. But it, too, is pretty big...but not as big as the 24-105 lens. BTW, good eye...and good to see you again. :)

    Ex-S: You're very kind to say so! Thank you. It's been a fun learning curve.

    Judy: You are such a fan! I love it. :) And it IS fun to finally get photos with the faces and posts. I agree.

    L&N: You'll love it, Lili. It's like a toy. :)

    RK: Was that when she had Alzheimer's, Rachel??? That red lipstick! And thank you for the thought about where my love of people comes from. You really have made my day because I think you are right but I never put it together quite like that!

  8. Oh wow, what a giant lens! You'll need a photographer's assistant to help you carry it around. I guess this means we're in for a lot more great photos. :-)

    Wonderful portraits. I love the collage style - there's so much movement in your compositions.

  9. looks like you've had some great fun over here ;]

  10. This was long before Alzheimer's. I was just a girl, eyeballing those cinnamon flavored candies in the red wrappers on the coffee table, sucking a butterscotch, no doubt.

  11. What an impressive lens, but I still say: it's the person behind the camera that makes the pictures and you proof your a great one!

    Btw: envy you another blogger friend meeting - hope it will be our time soon:-)

  12. so nice to see all the faces of the people you met! i know how excited you were about this day, i'm so glad you went and had a great time! i was imagining a lot more people going, but this must have been a nice intimate group.

    i love your photo collages! excellent job.

    and....nice camera!

  13. i love your photo collages fantastic
    and hows the new camera i am also want to buy same camera

  14. Christina: HA! It's not nearly as bad as it looks. The camera body itself is small enough for my hands, which helps. I can carry it around all day and not have a problem. Good thing!

    Inspired: Yes, we did!

    RK: OMG. Talk about memories!

    Renny: Yes, you are totally right. The camera often amounts to nothing without composition or the careful eye of the photographer!

    Lesley: This first time was rather small but it did make for a nice, intimate group, you're right! Thanks for your support! :)

    KMF: Thanks for stopping by again. I'm loving the camera so far. It's still growing on me!

  15. Awesome meet up for sure!

    Can you believe it's almost nearing a year since we met in person!

    And the camera and lense, yes big. My new goal hopefully will happen soon, - a 10-20mm lens.

  16. Hey Ginnie!!!

    Yes ! Indeed I skipped this blog myself also sorry!

    We had such a great time together in NAARDEN, MUIDEN en later (you) in WEESP, :0) I liked it very much meeting you, what a wonderfull and creative woman you are.

    I really loved it to share our interest of photography together! Perhaps we meet someday again:) Holland is so wonderfull ther's so much you did not see yet:)

  17. ET: It is so hard to believe that it's almost a year. WOW! And we keep getting deeper and deeper into our photography, don't we! :)

    JoAnn: We will share our interest again, I'm sure. I had so much fun meeting you and seeing your darling village. I would easily go back and spend more time there with you!