Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Planes, Trains, Automobiles...and...Blimps?

There's actually quite a long story to this which I'm not going to bore you with today. But it does have to do with hunting for gable stones and finding out that these aren't! But I just can't have them go to waste, can I!

First of all, these 5 stone carvings are on a side wall at the Rijksmueum here in Amsterdam, not too far from our apartment. While Donica was home in Atlanta this past holiday weekend, I was out walking, specifically looking for GABLE stones, which are plentiful on the museum walls.
This obviously was/is a transportation series, so we have to start with the horse and rider.

BTW, each stone is approximately 12" (30cm) square.

If you squint, you can see the airplanes. But I had to chuckle over how BIG the blimp is in comparison to the planes from way back then.

And, of course, everything else fell into place.

Actually, I think automobiles came before trains (?), but not in the movie!

And when did the sailboats come? HELP!

Then the big ships, of course, which brought many a European over to America back in those days.
Did I tell you that Donica and I will sail one of these mammoth ships at the end of October on a 12-night Mediterranean cruise? Yup. But that'll be another post.

Too bad these aren't gable stones, right? So as not to lose them forever to my Photographic Black Hole, here they are preserved for those of you who always wanted to see the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Oh yes, the inside is spectacular as well (which we saw 9 years ago)!

Donica arrived back in A'dam this morning, safe-n-sound. She took a 3-hour nap and then went to work. What a woman!


  1. We love the Netherlands, it is always the first stop when we travel to Europe on our motorbike. We travel from Newcastle over to Ijmuden. Once we are on the ferry I know the holiday has begun!

  2. Nice detail in these photos. The story of transportation.... where's the horse and cart?

  3. Oooo, fun. And I loved the Rijksmuseum way back in 1975.

    That Donica, she's something else. What kind of batteries does she run on?

  4. I missed Rijksmuseum when we were visiting Amsterdam coz the museum was under renovation.....so thanx for bringing it to moi :)

    and a Mediterranean cruise.....oooh!!!! i will love to see that part of the world :)

  5. I loved the Rijksmuseum and I'd like to go back again. Very impressive!

  6. Mrs. Nesbitt: I loved reading about your happiness today and how you like riding your motorbike together. The next time you come to Amsterdam, please let me know so that I can meet you!

    Ex-S: HA! They forgot the cart, I think, when they showed the horse!

    Ruth: I bet we'd all really enjoy seeing it with new eyes again. And yes, that Donica is something else!

    Moi: Next time you come, we'll have to go together!

    CS: When I finally see you here in A'dam, will we have time???

  7. I loved the Rijksmuseum and i wish to go there
    have a ncie day

  8. What lovely gable stones and you've captured them so well. They really tells interesting and important part of Europe's history - thanks for sharing!

    Good to know Donica is back safe and sound too:-)

  9. KMF: Thanks again for your comment. It's a great museum!

    Renny: They're not gable stones per se but I don't mind us calling them such. They're beautiful, aren't they! Thanks!

  10. Hi Ginnie,
    So NOW I know what you mean by Gable stones.... OOOOOOH yes we havea lot of them I'll show you, In Naarden (walking-distance) a lot of this stones and very very old!!! You'll like that, I am sure of that! Also other villages nearby here, a lot You'll see...

    JoAnn :)

  11. Glorious post. I am just now working on a clay piece, and I absolutely looooove reliefs. I am totally inspired and must make myself one of these Gable Stones you speak of- ur, whatever they are- I guess I better do my homework and see what I'm getting myself into.