Monday, September 17, 2007

Practicing on a Church

Yes, we're back in Atlanta, safe-n-sound. Thanks for all your journey mercies toward us. It was one of those rare times when we were both on the same plane, which was an added treat, even if we weren't sitting together!

Before leaving Amsterdam, I had the chance to take a short train ride to nearby Naarden to meet up with JoAnn, a new fellow blogger. She was my gracious hostess and tour guide for 4 1/2 hours. Thank you, JoAnn!

This little trip was my first time to use one of my 2 new camera lenses, so it was a trial by error of sorts. If I went back, I'd do several things differently, which I won't bore you with here. But for now, here's the St .Vitus or De Grote Kerk (the Great Church) that just happened to be open last Thursday morning.

Built between 1340-1440, this gothic church is one of the oldest surviving churches in the Netherlands. It was the only building in Naarden to survive the Spanish invasion of 1572.

Those are medieval paintings on the vault's ceiling, depicting scenes from the Bible.

Out in the church's courtyard is this statue of Comenius, a Czech teacher, writer, scientist and educator. I'm not sure why he's connected to Naarden, but he is. JoAnn can probably tell us more. But it was my first time to ever "meet" him.

Now I plan to work on my photos of Weesp (just outside Amsterdam), where JoAnn dropped me off till Donica got out of work. I walked the streets of that little town for two hours, taking photos, of course, and then rode the train back to Amsterdam with Donica.

Once back at the apartment I was able to transfer my almost 400 pics to the monitor screen. That's when I realized what I'd do differently with my camera/lens, but like I said, I won't bore you with that!


  1. Welcome back home to Atlanta Ginnie! How long will you be there for? I'm looking forward to seeing all that fall has to offer you in both cities.

  2. Oh, what a church. I can almost smell the wood. I LOVE wooden ceilings in churches. St. Colman's in Cobh, Ireland has a wooden ceiling. This one is just splendid!!

    Don't you love sitting there, taking it all in?

  3. WOW you are so lucky to make 2 such interesting cities your home. But don't you ever wake up in the morning and wonder which city you are in?
    BTW, we had a very sad weekend, my blog explains all.

  4. Mad: Donica will go back next week for a short trip but the 2 of us will go back around Oct. 9 for another month! We have a 12-night Mediterranean cruise in the middle of that trip. Always on the go! And in the meantime, yes, there's autumn!

    Ruth: Yes! Those wood paintings were just fabulous. I wish now I had used my other, longer lens.

    Ex-S: There have been a couple times when I thought I was some place different than I was, yes! Then I just laugh.

    Now I will go check out your sad weekend!

  5. these are beautiful.

    I'm hoping to practice soon on trees!

  6. I love the energy of a cathedral, cool, expansive, with a gentle breeze flowing through the doors, and beams of light streaming through the windows like angels from heaven, or maybe the immaculate conception herself.

    There is a book I am reading called "Divine Interventions" by Dan Millman I recommend. There are 2-8 page accounts of many important people in history who experienced divine interventions which led to greatness, from all different faiths. A couple of accounts are of people who were led by Mary, herself! After reading this book, it is hard to contest that God is everywhere, and in everyone, waiting to be discovered.

    I read a divine intervention each morning to start my day- I call them daily interventions now- and I always find someone to read them to so that I can share the call to receive the divine.

  7. wow...lovely pictures...glad you had a nice time!

  8. ET: Ahhh. Autumn's glory! We photographers love it!

    RK: Dan Millman is a thoughtful writer, Rachel. I bet that's a good book. I like the idea of "daily interventions." I think we all could benefit from them!

    Neva: Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  9. Hi Ginnie, Once in a while I visit this blog too, but I'd better look at it before, you said NOT too much youmade great shots Ginnie of this church!!! Ans alo with the history background with it, wow! I'll better refer to you blog when I post again about THIS church.

    I hope you have a great time NOW enjoy.where ever you are. :) JoAnn

    (btw (secret!!) in Oktober I am (we are) not in Holland but in Italy, its a birthday-present for my hus, don't tell him yet :)its a surprise, his birthday is this saterday 22th)

  10. G'day from Australia, Ginnie,

    Followed your link from Neva. I'm a novelist and photographer and the church pictures are great.

    Thanks for giving us the background info as well.....

  11. That's a beautiful church! Love the painted ceilings.

    I know they say practice makes perfect, but I happen to think your photos are perfect already.

  12. The picts are great! You know what? Funny enough, I like these older churches, more quietly decorated much better than the ones that are "plastered with gold".

  13. JoAnn: I am so excited about what secrets you're planning for your husband. What fun! And yes, I was glad the pics turned out okay even with the lens hood on. But next time I'll use the longer lens!

    DM: You're a sweetheart to have stopped by and visited me here, David. Thank you kindly. It's such a small world! I have a gay nephew who lives in Sydney with his partner David! Too many Davids in Australia, I think. :)

    Christina: You are too-too kind with your flattery, which gets you everywhere, of course. :) Thanks.

    CS: I do, too! Give me the painted wood any time! Thanks.

  14. How fun you got to meet a fellow blogger and JOanne at that....I am envious! loved your pictures....

  15. It was wonderful to meet up with JoAnn, Neva. We had a great 4 hours together and will have to do it again soon.