Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

Today it's Super Tuesday here in America! I wrote about this on my Shutterchance photoblog. I said it was my Primary Duty to vote this day. It is. And I will.

Even though this is a pre-election vote, this vote today, and all the remaining primaries/caucuses, will determine what choices we come down to in November when we elect our next President.

They say you're not supposed to talk about Religion, Sex or Politics amongst your friends. Talk about volatility! So, all I will say is that I DO know who I'm voting for and I DO hope she wins. BUT if she doesn't, I will happily go along with him, when it comes to November.

They are saying it won't likely happen but I have said from the very beginning, months ago, that it would be AWESOME if we had a team ticket of both of them in November.

That's what I'm going for, without saying a thing about politics on this Super Tuesday!


  1. "They say you're not supposed to talk about Religion, Sex or Politics amongst your friends", so...my question; who says so.....they...who are they.... ignorend people, I think a lot of people are like ostriches, yep just keep on hiding in the sand, please speak out and take your right and vote....go get her....I hope (I wasn't talking politics here either....:) )

  2. That would be something: that team you are hinting at to run for presidents!
    Wim van der Meij

  3. Hehe, you are cute. You know who I'm rooting for. And in our MI primary, we didn't get a choice in the Dems, She was the only one on the ticket, so I voted "uncommitted." But I'm like you, I would be ok with her too. :)

  4. Ginnie I agree with Astrid but you already new this as we talked aboutthis in AMS. YOU go an have your say and make your vote count.
    Hope she wins mijn vreind.;)

  5. Astrid: LOL. I love when you talk about the ostriches! :) And yes, I will go get her, at least for MY vote. We'll see who everyone else wants in the end.

    Wim: I would see that as a Dream Team, if it happens!

    Ruth: Yes, I know who you're rooting for! Couldn't bring yourself to vote for her, could you. :D Oh well, in the end one of us will have to put aside our best wishes and agree for the best for our country, whatever that may be. I'm sure we'll both be able to rise to the occasion. :)

    Lurch: Yep. I hope so, too, Tracy! We'll just have to wait and see! Cross your fingers. :)

  6. Good for you for exercising your democratic right to vote. (It also gives you the right to complain if things don't go your way.) :)

    BTW: American politics is baffling to this Canadian. But I'm with you in your choices!

  7. I can't participate because we have a closed system here and I'm registered Independent. Silly me. This system we've got really rocks! Yes, sarcasm:D

  8. I love your version of patriotism, Ginnie. The real patriot gets involved politically with more than a vote, by starting conversations. And whether it's her or him, I'll be voting for one of them in November!

  9. I think that "she" and "he" may have already agreed to team up no matter who wins.... they were battling and calling each other nnames last week and now they are practically in agreement. And Bill seems to have calmed down too.
    I wonder......
    And anyway, I'm Canadian, I don't have much of a clue as to what is actually going on.

  10. Oh, I have a clue what is going on since it's all over the news...

    But really I know it's not great to have the flag all folded up, but besides that I forget what else is wrong!

  11. Haha, you smart girl. You go for CHANGE. And it's about time.

  12. Ginnie,
    I was for "she" since 2006 until I watched the DVD, "Bill Clinton-His Life". We got it off Netflix...I'd suggest you watch it and let me know what you think.
    Hugs, Bob

  13. As a Norwegian, I should be careful not to interfere with other countries internal politics, but let me say I do agree with you: It's about time your country get their first woman as president :-)

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend Ginnie!

  14. WE should all vote and exercise our right as Americans to voice our opinion regardless of who we chose! I like your post today....and yes, I voted....as 6:10 AM.....

  15. This has been such an interesting process and this is the first time I've really followed it because the candidates are all quite intriguing. It *would* be awesome if both she and he did decide to work together. But I think there's just too much of a personality clash for it to become reality. We shall see. :-)

    And wow, from here I can see about 4 things that are wrong with the way that flag is displayed and I'm sure there are many more. Tsk tsk.

  16. Karen: It's baffling to us here in America, too! But it IS our duty to vote, no matter how baffling. So we do; we did!

    SHart: UGH. How do we ever get though the malaise!

    Jewlya: Let's hope that whoever it is, we will see CHANGE!

    Ex-S: HA! One hardly knows what's really going on any more. I'm just really eager to get the show on the road!

    ET: It IS all over the news. I can hardly wait till it's "over."

    Tor: Yes, it is!!!!!

    Integrity: Hmmm. Makes me want to go see that right now, Bob. Sigh!

    Renny: Wouldn't that be incredible! I HOPE it's the first woman president but it may be the first African-American man. We'll see.

    Neva: Good for you. So glad we have this right and privilege and responsibility!

    Christina: It would seem like a dream team, but who knows. There's always so much we don't know. (sigh)