Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Aloha Boy

How many of us would gladly give our left knee to go to Hawaii (I would, gladly, right about now!!)! Can you imagine the impressions on a 7-almost-8-year-old boy?!

Remember, he chose the red suitcase and took ownership of it proudly, dragging it to the rental car we picked up at the airport upon arriving.

It was just a short little jaunt from there to our hotel (if you think in Atlanta terms, that is) where we all got "lei-ed" while Donica signed us in.

And he did say, when he walked into our room and peered over the balcony, 15 floors up, "It feels like a miracle. This is the best day of my life!" Kids know these things.

Before his step-sisters-to-be arrived the next day, Donica and I took him on the Atlantis submarine ride off-shore from Waikiki Beach. We had done it ourselves 4 years earlier and loved it. He had a blast.

But it was his own "ride" in the ocean every day that probably really made his day...and memories. The ocean became his buddy!

We had several walk-abouts from our hotel along the Waikiki Beach and especially loved visiting the Duke Kahanamoku statue whenever possible. That is one surfer dude to really look up to! WOW. Look at the difference in size.

Did you know that there is a live camera facing the statue that is constantly recording people who are having their picture taken for visitors who sign in? We saw Amy and Dennis there 2 years ago and Astrid (in Holland) saw me there this year. So Astrid asked if Nicholas could take a picture of me there....

...which he did! His little hands could hardly hold up my big camera but he did it and this is what he took! I'll never hear the end of it, I know. I will now have to teach him how to use a dSLR camera!

There were those rare times when there was nothing else to do but play his Nintendo DS. But, of course, that's why we brought it. While all the adults were enjoying a last-day Good-Bye, following the wedding, he, too, enjoyed himself. It was a good boy-sitter.

I already showed you the Diamond Head album from the last day when he and I climbed the crater before going to the airport. By then, everyone else had already left, including Donica (who is in Copenhagen and Hannover this week, incidentally). We made the most of our time, you bet. That post is here, in case you missed it.

If you want the full photo album of Nicholas in Hawaii, including the photos of him at Diamond Head, you can find it here. That's our Aloha Boy!


As I mentioned, Donica is in Europe right now...after flying to Spain from the wedding, then to China, and now AMS, Copenhagen, Hannover and AMS by Friday. I will join her in AMS on Sunday, leaving this Saturday, God willing and the creek don't rise..

Knee willing, too! I've had some rough times since my surgery last Friday but that's probably because I overdid it the first 26 hours when I was feeling no pain. AND I wasn't elevating my leg. Now I'm being a good girl and think I'm seeing myself get out of the woods. It's been a humbling experience because it wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be. Must be my old age and stupidity. Other than that, I'm doing great. :)


  1. Looks and sounds like you all had a great time. Some day, I hope to see Hawaii for myself.

  2. So is your knee better today? :(

    I love this chronicle of the big boy in HI. What a lucky kid!

  3. Oh my gosh, I'm loving the Hawaii photos! Especially the ones of Nicholas in the hotel lobby and swimming in the ocean. It brings back good memories.

    Well, I wouldn't call it stupidity, but of course it's a bit silly of you to overdo things when you are trying to recover from surgery. Rest up now, Ginnie, and help that knee of yours get better soon!

  4. I'm glad you are back and the knee is healing. Do take it easier than you think you should!

  5. He is quite a Aloha boy Ginnie, he is a lucky kid on the most luckiest day of his life, I have watched you on the webcam which was fun, so far away and so close by.
    Nicholas did an outstanding job capturing you in front of that huge statue of the 'handsome fella' Jeroen (my son) and I were watching that webcam many times and we came up with all kind of stories about what we saw, he even intends to go to Hawaii for vacation, he kind of discibed it this way 'that looks very intersting what is walking there, I think I have to investicate that more closely' erm...erm...
    This is again a nice series of pictures of a very happy vacation, it shows, Nicholas will have a great memory of it and so will you all.
    I can see the two of you close together, the big camera in the middle and you are explaning 'how it works'
    Thanks Ginnie for sharing, mee dan je weet.

  6. What a great time! I hope to see Hawaii one day, too. My favourite photo is probably the one where Nicholas is peeking out from the balcony. :)

    And take care of that knee, ya hear? ;)

  7. hey ginnie,
    glad i found your travel to hawai? , or else, i am not sure where you are here, but i always like your story, your 'you' face looks good 'weldone nicolas' !, best wishes for your knee too,

    overall i am doing better too, i updated my blog gain, so when interested, have a look, when not possible, enjoy your holidays!

    greetings JoAnn in holland

  8. That is a great story. Lucky Nicholas. And he as a good eye. Buy him a light camera.

  9. Tim: I hope you and wife can have a second honeymoon there!

    Ruth: The knee is getting better with every passing day. Tomorrow I get the stitches out. So, yes, "this too shall pass!" Thanks. We all are very lucky, BTW!

    Karen: I'm sure you were reminded of your own time there recently. It was such a joy to see it through his eyes. Thanks for your care and concern!

    Susan: I know, I know. Thanks.

    Astrid: I'm not sure I would let Jeroen loose there!! He is waaaaaay too cute to be there on his own. :) HA! One day Nicholas will be like him, I think. And yes, you're right. I'll have to be teaching him everything I know about the camera...soon! :)

    CS: That's my favorite photo, too! It was so magical to see his excitement. And yes, I'll take better care of the knee!

    JoAnn: We are both "invalids" recuperating! HA! And both redheads. :)

    Michael: I'll have to dig out one of my older cameras and see what he comes up with! Good idea.

  10. You poor girl with the owie knee! I have done that with surgery. You think you're doiNg great and then the meds wear off and you realize you have to pay the piper. I'm sure that every day it will get better. In no time, you will be back to chasing Nicholas around the yard trying to get your camera back!

  11. You photos really made me smile. I love Nicholas' hair cut by the way. He is all too adorable and reminds me of my little 7 year old buddy Maxime who lives in Montreux.. Ok - maybe If I get the energy, I will have to post a few of those photos...

    Glad you have taken a step back for recovery. P has had to do the same thing this past week.. It's been hard and trying for both of us for sure..

    I do hope Donica does get some rest as she has been flying more than she seems to be on land!

    And lastly - I'm so happy you will be in the same place. Mind if I fit into your suitcase?

  12. I love that balcony shot too, how creative and daring!

  13. Don: You are so right! I turned the corner yesterday (Thursday) and suddenly felt on top of the world again. You'd almost never know I had a thing done to me! :)

    ET: Donica is starting to pay for all the back-n-forths, coming down with a cold. I at least convinced her to not come home this weekend so that she can rest. I'll leave to go join her tomorrow (Saturday) in AMS. Thanks for your kind words, always!

  14. I love the photo he took of you! It really shows how beautiful you are---- and how unbelievable it is that you are 63! Happy Birthday! You get to eat senior meals now- which I am jealous of because they are smaller and cheaper! I haven't been to hartville in awhile- is that why I missed the wedding album?

  15. Awwwwww. You sure have made my day, Rachel/SH. Thank you for your kindest of words. I haven't found those senior meals yet but I'll start looking for them. :) I'm all for smaller and cheaper!!