Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Blue Mountains

We're both back in Atlanta now before Donica is off to New Jersey on Sunday and we fly with Nicholas to Don and Ruth's for Farm Day in Michigan next weekend...and then back to Amsterdam on the 11th! WHEW!

BUT, since I spent almost every day this last trip in Amsterdam working on our Australia photos, to finally finish them for albums, I have that incredible trip from April/May on my mind once again.

One of our side trips while in Sydney was to the Blue Mountains, 48km west of the city...

...with nephew David as our companion and tour guide. The Blue Mountains happen to be one of his favorite places where he likes to take everyone. So we were lucky to have him with us, back-n-forth on the train.

The first thing we did before seeing the mountains was visit the Toy & Railway museum in Leura, a small town along the Blue Mountains railway line...just to say we did it.

Besides, I just LOVE model trains!

Then into the mountains we went on a rainy, misty day!

...walking along the trails...

riding the cable car....

...watching the delightful lorikeets at the visitors' center...

...and staring at the aborigine sculptures out front.

After a wonderful day of oohing and aahing, we were ready to catch our train back to Sydney, fully understanding why David and his partner love it so much.

And that was just one day of our 3-week trip! I'll never forget it.


  1. Wow, beautiful country, what a great trip. I love going places by train, the rhythm of it just feels good to me.

    So great to see David there! I miss him and Coburn.

  2. Australia is definitely on my list of places to visit. The mist makes it look like a tropical rain forest :)

  3. Isn't it so much for reminiscing about the wonderful sights and companionship? Since we just got back from our week at the cabin w/ the family and friends, I always go back to the previous years photos (and blog posts) to reminisce.

    It looks like you had such a lovely time.

  4. Wow Ginnie this looks a place not to be missed for sure. Pity it was overcast. Then again it gives the shots great atmosphere. I know you had a great time on this trip and lots og great memories. :-)

  5. Ruth: I just had to show David. He is such a cutie! :) And you would love this place on Mother Earth!

    CS: It felt like a tropical rain forest but I don't think it is. And I love rainy days, so it didn't matter to me...except that we missed seeing The Three Sisters, a rock formation, which the place is known for! Too much mist. Oh well.

    Mad: I had so much fun reliving those memories, yes! I will never forget that trip.

    Lurch: HEY, you world traveler! YOU should go there some day! You would be in heaven. Maybe Aussie will talk you into visiting her?! :)

  6. Een dagje met de trein,
    dat zou geweldig zijn.
    I love the train and model trains too ;-), Ginnie this is a great trip you went on, the overcast is maybe the reason they call it the Blue Mountains??
    If these wonderful pictures are from one day cannot wait to see the other duizend, meer dan je weet.
    Thank you for sharing, if I ever hit the jackpot, I will go see for myself.

  7. Wow - now that is just amazing... Um - I think It's safe to say you were on cloud9 also!!!

    And yes I am on Cloud 9 currently. Pflight2000 is here to visit me for 3 wks. We are walking and touring the city and I have a few extra days to travel with him to enjoy. I'm sure I'll get in a few photos. Tonight is his first ever steak from north america and also fireworks!

  8. Ginnie: when I was in OZ I was lucky enough to spend 3 days in the Blue Mtns, staying with my cousin's friends in Katoomba. I walked the Undercliff Walk at Wentworth Falls, and down the cliff to the old coal mine on the Blue Mtns Scenic World Scenisender railway, the steepest railway in the world at 52degree slope, and then came back up on the cable car, just like you did. I also went to Leura, and saw the sun go down at the 3 Sisters at Echo Point.
    The visitor centre was just being build when I was there.

  9. Late at Night, as it is now in Michigan, I have only one word to say:'Impressing.

  10. Astrid: You would love this place, and, YES, I'm sure the mist and rain is what gives it the "blue." If you hit the jackpot, I want to go back with you! :)

    ET: You are having your own trip to the clouds! Enjoy!

    Ex-S: It was so rainy and foggy that we totally missed the Three Sisters, much to our disappointment! You were so lucky to see them at sunset!!

    Tor: I wonder if you have ever been to Australia, since you do travel a lot?? You would love it there!

  11. Ooohhh! I miss David. He's my childhood bud!

  12. Oh wow those were some amazing photos thanks for the tour.
    My friend lives in Adalaide and her husband runs a train.

  13. am glad to find your "second home" or is this your first?