Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This Magic Moment

As I burst into song (with Diana Ross' voice singing in the background--scroll down and click on the arrow next to #12), and while I still work on the myriad photos from Farm Day in Michigan a couple weekends ago, here's a very "magic" interlude for you! (And yes, we're still in Amsterdam!)

It had started to rain just before the tribe (37 of us) gathered around to eat supper. But even before the end of supper, we were able to go back outside. Suddenly, our tummies full, we all saw it. Off in the distance, the double rainbow!

But because that blasted telephone pole was in the way, we with the cameras (nephew Paul, sister Ruth and myself) ran behind the sheds to the open fields to get a better view.

Because I was the slowest of the bunch, I got to capitalize on Paul and Ruth shooting the bow, so to speak!

There was no longer the double arch, but at least there was nothing obstructing the view.

Then it was gone but the magic moment and magic hour lingered. We all just reveled in it. Don't you love how the kids follow suit! They hardly need to be taught what's important. They just watch our excitement.

Once everyone was gone, I lingered some more...and leave you with this self-portrait!

You can't pay for these things. They just happen and you have to make sure your eyes are open!

"Sweeter than wine
Softer than a summer night"


  1. Ginnie these shots you have taken are priceless and memories held in picture forever.:)
    So much fun for all ages.
    BTW it looks like you have grow a few inches since January!!!!:):) LOL

  2. 'they just happen and you have to make sure your eyes are open'
    Sometimes it takes something beautiful to open ones eyes, I think your eyes were wide open for the double arch.....was there the pot of gold??
    When I see the pictures of the farmday, your pot of gold is there, the family, the being together, Nicholas was there, having a great experience with his family too, he will love the memory, he will cherish the pictures you took of him, he is a lucky great kid, to have such a great Grand Ma.
    ....and yes Tracy is right, it seams to me you have grown a few must be the 'koek' you ate in Amsterdam.
    Geweldige foto's, de regenboog heeft altijd iets magisch, iets moois, dank je wel dat je dit 'magic hour' met ons wilde delen.

  3. We had an incredible one in Victoria just like that... And do you notice how the second rainbow is always opposite the first one! Love the self portrait!

  4. Lurch: Thank you for knowing how priceless this moment really was, Tracy. And yes, I have really grown since January! :)

    Astrid: You are so right about that Pot of Gold! Family is it! And I did feel lucky to find and capture that rainbow!

    ET: It's like the second one is the "twin" of the first, always there in the background. Maybe it's the "shadow" rainbow!

  5. I loved it. And I love how you document it here, sweet sister.

  6. The evening sun can make pictures so memorable. I love your big shadow. I haven't seen a rainbow, either double or single, for a while... all we seem to get there just recently is rain clouds!

  7. Beautiful pics of the rainbow. And you look like you have big bell bottoms on! And music, I love inspired me to download "This Magic Moment".

  8. Ruth: It was a wonderful thing to share with you!

    Sham: I wish for you a rainbow, SOON.

    Bob: That song is wonderful out of HER mouth, isn't it!

  9. When I saw the first picture, the song "Somewhere, over the rainbow" came to my mind. I love the early evening light in your shots, Ginnie! Isn't it magical? It gives everything a warm golden glow :)

  10. I just came from your photo blog and the number of comments you get is quite impressionable. That's a leading indicator to commercialize your photo talents. And you just put a smile on my face with "the rubbers" shot. And the blog didn't even advise me that this had adult content. You're such a hoot. :-)

  11. The farm looks better with family traipsing about. Your perspective helps too! Nice pics...

  12. My but you do get around the world in a hurry sometimes! I love your photos...nothing like family and farming!

  13. Great nature pics and how well you've captured the rainbow!

    Even in hurry, thanks for taking and also for sharing all this lovely pictures - I do agree: you have to have your eyes open, but then you find treasures!

    Have a great end to your week :-)

  14. CS: Oh yes. That's another great song and YES, that light IS magical!

    Bob: HA! You are so funny...and so very supportive. THANK YOU. Maybe you can be my marketer? :)

    Don: Loads of people or not, you and Ruth have made that place so welcoming!

    Neva: Yes, yes and yes! :)

    Renny: You are always a sweetheart! Thank you.