Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nicholas at Farm Day 2008

When have you ever known me to NOT be able to keep up with life at its fast pace! Well, now may be it! Because believe it or not, Donica and I are back in Amsterdam (this time for a month) but are still living in the glow of Farm Day last weekend in Michigan.

This was our 3rd Farm Day in a row at sister Ruth's and Don's farm. Every year it becomes bigger or better or more memorable, as family members gather for one Saturday every August to experience what we've all decided is genetically inside of us: FARM.

This year there were 37 of us (as many as when we're all at the family cottage over July 4th!). And THIS year Donica and I decided to take grandson Nicholas (age 8) with us. We wanted him to experience FARM! So while I work on all the other pictures, here is a post of Farm Day as experienced by Nicholas, covering the span from Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon.

All day Friday was a day of preparation before the rest of the family (read cousins) arrived on Saturday. Nicholas followed Uncle Don everywhere, helping to feed the chickens their grain...

...and the garbage scraps from meal preparation.

And of course, Don and Ruth's son, Peter, was also part of the follow-around mix!

Even Lesley's beau, Brian, got in on the action as Uncle Don instructed Nicholas on how to load and shoot a BB gun, aiming at a quail egg set up in the fire pit. (Don't worry, Amy and Dennis! I watched the entire thing and they were very "cautious" about the whole thing!)

Then all the sports stuff had to be put up, like the Badminton set, with Lesley.

And sand had to be tossed for a nice play-pile for the wee kids...

...and cookies needed to be made (again with Uncle Don) for the entire clan.

In between all the hard work, there was plenty of down time, of course, with games on Uncle Don's computer...

...and even some coloring. You may remember from a couple years ago that Nicholas is an expert colorer. He still loves to do it, as an art form!

Then the tribe arrived, little by little, around noon on Saturday! Aunt Susan had to line up the older kids since she just got a new camera and had to test it out. Nicholas was the oldest, by 2 months!

Then he had to show all the cousins around, since by now everything was old hat for him. The rabbit (which Uncle Don was "babysitting" for one of his students)...

...and the quail! If you asked him what his favorite thing was, I'm sure he'd say "The quail!" At every whip-stitch he wanted to go check on them and see if there were any new eggs hatched (3 or 4 new ones several time a day). He picked them up (the quail) and petted them and even kissed them Good-Night!

There was badminton...

...eating (of course)...

...swimming in the hot tub...

...and playing Nintendo with Eli before the last of the family left for home.

It almost makes me tired to think of everything he did during such a short span of time! He got home to Atlanta Sunday night just in time to go to bed...before school started the next day: THIRD GRADE!

The photo album of just Nichoas at Farm Day will put more flesh on these bones. But these images here give you an idea of why we go each year and why THIS year he went with us.

THANK YOU once again, Ruth and Don. Here's to another fabulous experience of FARM!


  1. Great photos once again Ginnie. I never tire of your pictures of Nicholas.

  2. Ginnie - SO much FUN! For Nicholas to experience AND for us to experience with your great pics! As always - thank you so much for sharing and taking us there with you!

  3. Thank you for showing so much of Nicholas' activities that I never saw. I especially love the photos of him with Lesley setting up badminton and holding up that little pear, shoveling dirt off the back of the truck (priceless!), and Aunt Susan snapping the lineup (I didn't know about any of it!).

    I wonder what he will remember from this visit. Don has memories of visiting HIS uncle's farm as a kid. I know that's part of why he enjoys sharing ours with our nieces and nephews. One day: FARM CAMP! Wouldn't that be fun?

    Can't wait to see the rest of the photos you post. Come on! (hehe)

  4. Great photos Mom! It looks like you all had a great time.

  5. Karen: You're a sweetheart! Thank you.

    Judy: You are such an easy fan! I love it. :)

    Ruth: It was pure joy to follow him around and capture his different activities. I'm guessing I missed some that you saw and some we both didn't see. Oh well. He sure made the most of his time! You'll see the other pics soon, I hope! Thanks for encouraging me!!

    Mark: It was a memory to hande and hold forever!! For sure.

  6. What fun! The animal and that cookie making are precious. Indeed, your devoted partner, close family and friends are the most significant spice of life, right?
    Welllll...along with travelling the globe. Now Ginnie, have you thought about this? If Donica travels the globe with her work to the social security retirement age of 67, you'll be travelling at the age of 80! What an awesome time in your golden years then! :-) I couldn't resist presenting that perspective. ;-)

  7. I miss my farm buddy! I had so much fun having Nicholas around. I have a big empty place!!!

  8. Great photos of a boy having a whale of a time at the Farm. I can hardly wait until Callum is old enough to enjoy such adventures.

  9. I'm tired thinking about it too! But then again, we have been going non-stop like that too since Pflight arrived on August 1st... Next is a BIG move! Enjoy your month in Amsterdam.. Oh how home sick I'm going to feel when Pflight leaves back for Switzerland.

  10. Do you ever think that you and I are living parallel lives? It makes my jaw drop when I read about your events and they are so similar to mine! It's a great life, isn't it?

    Have a wonderful time in Amsterdam. Enjoy being in one place for a whole month at a time! Hope to see lots more updates, too. :)

  11. Bob: HA! If I'm still going strong at 80, you can personally congratulate me! :)

    Don: I bet he misses you, too, more than we know!!! What a role model you are for him.

    Ex-S: You are gonna have a blast! Just you wait.

    ET: A big move! Do tell me more. :) I'm excited for you.

    Mad: It's amazing, isn't it! I love it. I'm working on the rest of the farm pics as we speak!!!

  12. We have farm days at this time of the year in Norway too and I so much remember when we took the kids out there. The urban raised children don't know where the milk comes from nowadays, so this is a great opportunity.

    Looks like you had a great time there - thanks for sharing!

  13. Kudos to Amy for allowing Nicholas to have this fun trip so close to school starting!!

    I bet he had a lot to share with the question, "What did you do during summer vacation?" ;)

  14. Great shots as ususal mijn vreind.
    So much activity in such a short time. I imagine Nicholas was in his element with all the farm animals and such like. A childs paradise. Nicholas would be fit to burst on returning home no doubt to tell Amy and Dennis all his stories.

  15. Ginnie,
    what is our destiny, to be so close in time when in Michigan and Europe, without meeting. Grrrr.
    Guess how I would have like to meet you all only some hours by car from my son in MI. (I had fun at a farm my self - with horses and cats. haha)
    Instead, that was a blast you know, meeting Suzann and lot's of her friends in Minnesota. The Norse Americas.

    By the way, I have nominated you for an Award. I'm not the blogger that do that very often, but at this occasion, you were among the choosen.

  16. Boots, oh Boots!! What fun reliving the moments at Farm Day! I love the way you capture events so carefully and succinctly. 'Tis just great, and I'm so happy you have the time to do your posts.

    I sure wish I had the time to post my amateurish snaps -- and, actually, some of them are really good pics, I think!! (for being a newcomer to the scene of photography, I know I can't begin to match your expertise!!) I indeed love reviewing my album when I have the fun, pink Canon in hand! Oh, well......some day, when I'm retired (if ever??), possibly......

    Here's to YOU! Love, Susan

  17. Great photos! And looks like lots of fun! Family and farms are in my heart, too. I grew up on a poultry farm.

  18. Renny: Farm should be in the curriculum of every elementary school! We need to know/see where milk comes from! :)

    Mrs. M: I thought of that many times, Shari! And he had just come back from Sarasota to see Bill & Linda the day before!

    Lurch: Yes, indeed, Tracy. He had a summer full to over-flowing with such capers. :) How can you possibly take that away from any kid, no matter when school starts!

    Moi: Thank you!

    Tor: I know, I know. But you had a great time with Suzann and that was important, too. Thank you for your kind award. I'll go check it out!

    G'ma Susan: I hope you WILL post your photos from your new camera. We can always use a new perspective in the family, capturing our myriad memories!

    Tim: So you know!! :)

  19. Ginnie,
    can't help it, but I simply love your Farm Days post.

    Grrrr, I'm not in MI when your are there

    btw. May post, soon to be published has ha link----

  20. Tor: I have a feeling one of these years I WILL meet up with you in Michigan, sooner than we think! :)