Wednesday, August 06, 2008


YUP! Donica celebrated her BIG 5-0 last month while we were in Europe. So we waited till this past Saturday, when we were back in Atlanta, to celebrate with her family and my kids.

It was my gift to her and the family to order the whole meal and cake so that no one would have to do anything. And it was wonderful.

The twin nephews came down from Tennessee with the family and helped devour the BBQ from Shane's Rib Shack. You don't get much better BBQ than that: pulled pork and chicken, ribs, corn on the cob, potato salad, slaw and baked beans. Oh yes, and unsweetened tea. Welcome to the South!

Believe it or not, Donica barely got both candles blown out in one breath! Maybe she shouldn't have made such a big wish?

But little Joey confirmed her carrot-cake choice, with cream-cheese frosting, of course. Exactly what a diabetic wants and needs. But who's asking! She can have anything she wants for her BIG 5-0!

It was family time for everyone who could come.

Including my son Mark...

...and daughter Amy, who (along with Dennis still in LA) gave Donica a fabulous pop-art, Andy-Warhol-style photo collage of wedding pics. A keepsake to last forever!

Can you believe that I had the foresight to keep MY BIG 5-0 banner from 13 years ago (before I knew Donica!) and used it for HER birthday. And everybody signed it! I think that's cool! I'm so glad I thought of it! :)

The party started at 2p at cousin Theresa's house on Swan Lake. It's such a great place for reunioning because there's so much to do...besides talking....

...and fishing...let alone eating!

Then Uncle Joe took some of us for a pontoon boat ride around the lake, like he always loves to do, so I got in some photography time, much to my delight.

The geese skipped all over the lake, in celebration...

...and the dragonflies hung on for dear life. Time is just too brief, you know.

It wasn't just another birthday. This one will change her forever because NOW she is a legitimate AARP card-holder! HA! Congratulations, Donica!! Here's the photo album of your day!


  1. Oh goody, goody! We can be the first to say a huge HAPPY 5-0 to Donica and many, many more. As always Ginnie - thanks for sharing - makes us feel like we were there to help with the celebrating! Great time! Great pics! Love it!

  2. Happy (belated) birthday Donica. Here's to 50 more!

  3. Wow - that celebration was well worth the wait and so wonderful!! I still think of you guys, and really thought of you when I took Pflight this past Saturday on a tour of Vancouver!

  4. FANTASTIC!!! I'm so happy to hear of, not just birthday celebrations near my birthday, but milestone birthday celebrations the same time I'm celebrating a milestone birthday! More connections to you and Donica, I might add! Seriously, we are destined to meet one day. I'm hoping perhaps in Amsterdam...Jimmy's still contracting with the company from there and monthly I hint at traveling there.

    Great big wonderful wishes to Donica on her fabulous birthday!

  5. Impressive set of pictures again Ginnie, Donica told me that she was exhausted after the party, yep the years are counting on her already...grin...grin....
    I had to google the AARP card-holder thing....I found some nice places to go to, with that senior citizin-ship...LOL....
    Donica will have nice remembrances of this big 5-0 party at Theresa's house, it is a great place to cellebrate....
    I felt honoured you invited me to cellebrate our, (yours, Donica's and my) birthdays together in Amsterdam, I wll never forget it.
    Bedankt voor die mooie wild-life foto's, die zijn mooier dan ooit.

  6. Looks like you all had a blast mijn vriend. I loved the gift Amy gave to Donica, that is really special. The banner Idea was great too.
    You all made it such a birthday to remember for sure. She is like the Queen celerbrating her birthday on more than one occasion and on two different continents too!!

  7. J&D: Yes, you are the first! Donica will like that. :)

    Karen: OMG! 50 more???? :(

    ET: I would love to be back in Vancouver some day. It is such a beautiful city!

    Mad: Lots of connections, yes! Milestones are never to be forgotten!

    Astrid: HA! I bet she was exhausted! And yes, by now you're getting used to seeing us there at Theresa's. It's almost like you have been there in real life! :)

    Lurch: She IS the Queen, Tracy. HA! And everybody knows it. :)

  8. I guess I'm a bit late, but a joyous 50th to Donica. Good to know even the geese and dragon flies were celebrating. I hope you're both still singing, "here comes the sun." At the all-important 50th, it's essential, I dimly recall.

  9. I managed to miss this in the days leading up to Farm Day! It looks like you did a great job celebrating Donica, the food looks fantastic, everything does. The pop-art weddings pics are sooo cool.

    We all celebrate a marvelous, kind, intelligent, giving woman. Happy Birthday, Donica!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Donica! I was at Ginnie's 50th and yes, how neat that the banner was there at your party. God Bless, Bob

  11. I really feel bad that I have not visited your blog as often as I should. I love your images.

  12. Oh Happy Belated Birthday to Donica. Looks like everyone was having a good time. I would love to have had some of those ribs, yummmy i love BBQ ribs.

  13. Soooooo sorry I'm late, but please give my BD greetings to Donica with a big, big hug!!

  14. I'm sorry I'm late but a very happy (tho' belated) big 50 to Donica!!! and you did a tremendous job there Ginnie.....with the celebrations and the dragonfly pic :)

  15. Happy Birthday, Donica! I love your photos and what a great treat for both of you...the carrot cake looks AWESOME! I love how you get the family into your blog and you do get around the world now don't you? very nice.....

  16. Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Donica however belatedly! It looks like you all had a great celebration.