Tuesday, September 23, 2008

He Who Would Be King!

Sometimes I have the good fortune of babysitting Nicholas when an important event is also taking place in his life, as happened last week. But this time, TWO events happened in the same day and I was in my glory.

This is the third year that I have specifically gone to school to watch Nicholas at his Bosterthon Fun Run. It's a fundraiser for the school each fall that realy brings in the dough. I'm so proud of how they do it. Each year I'm impressed.

The first year in first grade, Nicholas ran 22 laps out of the potential 40 they allowed.
In second grade, last year, he was a man on a mission and made his 40 laps.
This year, third grade, they only allowed 35 laps, which he finished 5 minutes ahead of time.

I just happened to catch this victory-lap image with Nicholas' hand on the shoulder of his best friend (named Nick) from two years ago. How fitting, I thought. They're not even in the same classroom any more but still remain best of friends.

That was in the late morning. A day's work done and over with! But after supper, he had yet another event that was brand new for him as he takes swimming lessons at the YMCA this fall.

Amy and Dennis both want him to be able to "save himself" since he's around water when he's in LA and at our family cottage...as well as at G'pa's house in Sarasota, FL.

Talk about a fish who loves the water!

Even though I had to take the photos through a glass window while watching him, I was so proud of him. He was definitely in his element. And the nice thing is that it is a class of only 4 kids. Lots of one on one!

Donica is in Budapest as we speak and will be back in Amsterdam tomorrow before she comes home on Saturday. On Sunday we'll all celebrate Amy's 30-something birthday. :)


  1. Swimming is different than other "sports", it is first and foremost A LIFESAVING SKILL!!! Good for Amy & Dennis. They are so wise.

    Did you know that high school & college swimmers are known to have the highest grade point averages?

    www.swimatlanta.com & www.gaswim.org

  2. That's our boy. It's good that he's learning to be a good swimmer. Did you know that Nelson had to pass a swimming class at MSU in order to graduate, as all students did in those 1960s?

  3. maybe he will join us in the annual swim across the lake one of these summers.

    he looks like quite the athlete!

  4. i am definitely going to have to work on my travel schedule!! i seem to be missing all the fun with Nicholas....and you :) Packing for AMS, then BRU and then...home to YOU for the birthday bash. See you soon!

  5. Ah, the joy and richness of family to fill the soul and heart. In the context of the 11 years that you and Donica have and are, it reminds me of Sandi Patty's song: "Love Will be Our Home". Now...with all our conversaton, you didn't tell me Donica was in Budapest, Hungary. Have you been there, "Grandma"? :-)

  6. Ginnie you are having so much fun with Nicholas and getting to see all the first steps so to speak. It's great to watch kids learn something new. Swimming as you know is a great love of mine but mainly under the water. It's very important that children learn to swim from an early age as they have very little fear.
    You mijn vriend have captured these priceless moments and will be looked back on time and time again.
    Well done Musketeer :)

  7. Donica, It is great to see your comments here lately. Both of you "girlfriends" are loved. From what I understand, your travel schedule will provide much more couples and family time together in October and November. Namaste,Bob

  8. Bob, It's nice to see you too! Thank goodness I will be able to end the year with some "home" time!! I always look forward to closing out the travel plan and heading for the holidays! :)

  9. I adore the photo of Nicholas and his best friend.

    Nicholas looks very comfortable and in control in the water. I bet a lot of kids will be taking swimming lessons after the Olympics.

  10. Ginnie, We were so happy to be able to support Nicholas in the Fun Run this year as "family". Outstanding job he did. As the non-swimmer in the family I am thrilled with the swimming lessons - and how much I know he loves it. Go Nicholas!

  11. I remember when Laura was 2 she fell into her aunt and uncles' pool--and thank goodness she could already tread water! Maybe he takes after G'ma in his athleticism...could be!!

    Amy isn't nearly as old as some of us :)--and thank goodness Dennis is older than me!! Give her a big birthday hug-

  12. First of all, I think all of your posts bring a smile to my face. :)

    Secondly, Nicholas is turning into one sporty grown up boy!

    And it's a great thing they have filters to curb all that class in the way of swim lessons!

    Oh boy - another 30 something bday..

    I'm sure it will be a fun time!

  13. You really deserve this quality time with your young loved once and you really are at your best in that glory time.

    I do remember you've told us about this fundraising event before and it looks like a winner this time too.

    Wishing you a great end to your week :-)

  14. Anon: I'm guessing this is a spam comment but because it has good info, I'm leaving it! So, thanks, whoever you are.

    Ruth: I do recall that about Nelson, yes. I guess it's not a bad idea when you think of the proximity of the Great Lakes!

    Don: I never thought of that till you wrote it! I hope I'm there to see it, whenever that happens. I'm sure he watched it carefully from the boat this year.

    Donica: I hate that you miss these times because he's getting to be such a big boy!

    Bob: No, I'm afraid not! This g'ma would LOVE to go there some day!

    Lurch: I actually thought of you, Tracy, while I watched him. You are The Fish of the Year, so congratulations to you as well. :)

    Mad: It IS fun to see kids latch on to their friends like this. I especially love in that photo that his friend wasn't embarrassed about holding his teacher's hand!

    Judy: I totally forgot about you being the non-swimmer! I guess all "your kids" have more than made up for you. :)

    Mrs. M: HA! Wait till you and Amy are 10 years older and you'll talk about being the same age. :)

    ET: I love it that my posts make you smile, Jen. Thanks. That makes ME smile. :) It has been clear to us for several years now that Nicholas is a real athlete. We're hoping the exposure to many different sports will help him figure out which is his favorite(s).

    Renny: You are so right...I am at my best when in my g'ma role! :)

  15. Hi Ginnie, sorry I haven't stopped by lately, for some reason blog pics wont load anymore on our ship satellite internet. He's a brave kid, those fun runs used to make me nervous! And swimming too, I guess he doesn't complain about going to sleep at night! That would tire anyone out, you'd think :)

  16. My dear,
    your dedication to family and friends are unique.

    btw we must meet

  17. Your young lad is getting to be quite an athlete... and obviously enjoying every moment of it. And I'm sure he's very proud that his grandma is there to watch him.

  18. Run and swim.....maybe one time he does like to ride the bike too, I know a nice place to do the Iron Man, Hawaii, Swim-Bike-Marathon......wouldn't that be something, he has already seen the island with you from up and above, it would be a challange.
    You are a proud grandma, great pictures, great memory, great that you were with him, he will always remember, I know.

  19. I think it's great that you have the chance to be so involved in Nicholas' activities.

    Hmmm. BTW. I'm just thinking... Shouldn't slowly think of changing the word "babysitting" to "boysitting"? ;)

  20. How very lucky you are to have them close and be able to see them in their special events!

  21. Great pics, as always.....I love to hear your stories....

    :) I loved to swim as a kid ....i dont think I like it that much any longer...I am always scared of what will chlorine in water do to my hair......guess, our sense of having fun gets all messed up as we grow older....:)

    How have you been Ginnie....Long time!!!! :)

  22. RD: The second his head hits the pillow, Stacey, I think he's out! :)

    Tor: Yes, we must! YES!

    Sham: I'd like to think so! Just wait till this happens to you! :)

    Anon: Yes, he'll always remember, for sure. We hope that having experience with many different sports he'll eventually find/settle on one that is his perfect cuppa tea! :)

    CS: You're so right! I will change my terminology immediately!

    Neva: I totally agree!

    Moi: I know what you mean! I'm always thinking about "do I really want to get my hair wet?" when I have the option of swimming! Good to see you again!!