Thursday, September 07, 2006


There are those times in life when we know beyond a shadow of doubt that there are Friends who are boosting us along. Donica and I have both been feeling that boost these days, thanks to so many of you!

That reminds me of last week when I watched Nicholas at his school's Boosterthon Fun Run, raising funds for the school. I heard the race moderator tell the kids that SAFTEY was the #1 rule, which included keeping their shoelaces tied. When I saw Nichloas running with an untied shoelace and not paying attention, I finally yelled at him to tie it! As he crouched down in exasperation (why did G'ma have to see it!), his best friend, Nick, ran up beside him, swatted Nicholas' hands away and proceeeded to tie Nicholas' shoe. Mind you, Nicholas knows how to tie his own shoe!

Then they got up and ran the tar off the track. Lap after lap.

Each time around, they had to stop at the sentry patrol to get that lap marked off on the back of their shirts. Some sponsors were donating by laps (like Donica and me) instead of a set pledge amount. So that was important, to get checked off after each lap.

When they walked part of their laps to rest, there they were, side by side, buddies to the very end. All 22 laps!

Have you noticed that when you have boosters like that in your life, everything just seems to go better! There's a new spring to you step, a smile on your face, and just an over-all joy that permeates your very being.

Yup. I know you think I'm talking about Nicholas, but I'm not!

[Thanks to each and every one of you for your kind comments, thoughts and prayers towards us both. Neither the doctor nor nurse was in today to give us direction for moving forward. Maybe tomorrow we'll know something. In the meantime, Donica's pain comes and goes. She worked from home today but will try to go in to the office tomorrow. As always, I'll keep you informed.]


  1. oh my i'm first! Well those pics are adorable and I'm so happy your spirits are so lifted and well we can just hope and wait.


  2. A fantastic post. My eyes are welled up. That photo of Nick's arm around Nicholas is priceless, and beautifully summarizes your point in this post. I believe our joys are increased and pains decreased through sharing.

  3. ET: Yes, you're first :) Our spirits ARE lifted by the out-pouring of love and care!

    Ruth: Yes, indeed. I actually have another story to share about this but it'll be in a post! Very powerful what happens when people care--the burden actually gets shifted from the one to the other, both ways, decreasing the burden of each.

  4. The vibrations of love are at a higher frequency than negative emotions, and so they improve the vibrations around them.

    (Gosh, I sound so new age. But I believe it, label or not! :))

  5. Oh yes, Ruth! Also, the addage about negativity being Death and what we need to avoid at all costs! So true; so true!

  6. Wonderful uplifting post and photos.

  7. A wonderful post. Lovely pictures - you really manage to capture the moments!

  8. As always, DW, you're a sweetheart! Thanks.

  9. Thanks for sharing that story about Nicholas and his friend and relating it to your life just now. Know that I care and am praying. And my Mom would say that's what we are here for - to lift each other up.

  10. I totally agree with your mom, Tim. In fact, I just read an article today on exactly that. It was on Leadership and says the core of it is Inspiration, or lifting each other up!