Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cleaning Up the Mess

You know how they say that if you're living in a messy space your life also is probably messy! Well, it's true.

So we decided to do something about it. Nicholas was over for a sleep-over on Saturday night, and when he woke up in the morning, we decided to get at it. All of us!

I started in on the dining room (again), where stuff from Mom's house (after her death in February!) was still just sitting there.

Mom had lived in Germany for 5 years and had collected her own soulful stuff (beer steins!), which needed to replace part of Donica's Boyd's collection. See that rooster on top of the cabinet? Mom's animal guide was the rooster and we had purchased this kiln-glazed one for her on a trip to New Hampshire years ago.
It needed a prominent spot.

In the meantime, Donica and Nicholas tackled thinning out the Boyd's collections all over the house. Nicholas called it "seek and find." Donica gave him the collector's box, he stared at the picture of the resin, and then set off to find it...in one of 7 different places on 3 different floors!

Sometimes he found it in the basement at the foot of the stairs.

And once found, two happy campers matched box with resin and carefully wrapped up the piece...for a rainy day's eBay sale, maybe.

All of that in our pajamas! Once we were done for the morning, we got dressed so that Nicholas and I could go do what we had intended to do all along....

....go play in the woods before Dennis and Amy picked him up!

Donica went back to Europe today...after a trip home over her long weekend to, YES, CLOSE ON MOM'S HOUSE! It took 45 minutes to get there, only 30 minutes to close, 15 minutes to say Good-Bye to the buyer, and then another 45 minutes to get back home. It's done. It's over. The house is no longer on our back!

You wanna know of another mess that got cleaned up? After all of that (my last post on the Starbucks' Bearista), and finding out the cost of my health insurance through Donica's work was NOT as expensive as we had thought, I tendered my resignation, effective at the end of October. By December or January, I'll be back to traveling with Donica to Amsterdam.

But not until some more messes are cleaned up! We're on a roll to get the house better organized so that our lives, too, will feel less cluttered. You know what I mean?


  1. Ginnie,
    I love the fall pics of Nicholas in the woods! So glad to hear all your updates. I was wondering how you would fair without your beloved travel.
    I posted my friends' committment ceremony. I believe they were pronounced partners for life.

  2. I think that pic of Donica and Nicholas is priceless!

    Boy, that's a lot of Boyd's bears! I have a few at the cabin that I've collected. Some resin, some stuffed. I used to collect a bear from every city or state I visited.

    I'm so happy that you were able to close on Mom's house. Boy, what a big relief. I remember how much weight was lifted off my shoulders when my mom's house finally sold, over 2 years after she had passed away.

    I think I have a rubber stamp that says "A job is nice, but it interferes with my life." heehee!

  3. Ouch....in my pjs!

    It was a lot of fun working on the Boyd's with Nicholas. He was really in to it, which made it easy for me to keep going. I think we boxed about 50-60 bears. Only another several hundred to go.....

    I look forward to you joining me again in Amsterdam....back where you belong! Starbucks is OK, but you belong on the road capturing the beauty of the local sites!

    I look forward to our next "seek and find" with Nicholas in a couple weeks. And, removing more of the clutter. I like the idea of starting the New Year...clutter free!

  4. Oh yes, I do know what you mean, my friend.:-)

    Clearing out the clutter frees us up for new adventures and challenges!

  5. Don and I are sitting here wishing we were kids playing 'seek and find' with Donica!!

  6. Ruth and Don-there is an open invitation! I bet with your help we could do the whole lot in a day or two.....when ever you are ready :)

  7. Susan: It's a long story and one that has a better ending than at first expected, so yes, I will get back to my "beloved travel!" I will now check on your post!

    Mad: You would not believe how many bears she has (no plush, only resin)! I'm glad you know what we're feeling about the closing on Mom's house. It really is a relief. And I LOVE your rubber stamp saying. Thanks for that!

    Donica: Your Grumpy shirt was not YOUR demeanor, which is all that matters. It is definitely time for me to get back to AMS where I belong. It, too, is home for me, as you know. Less clutter to mess me up!

    Christina: I know you know! (sigh) We're not Gemini for nothing! :)

    Ruth: HA! I'm quite sure that can be arranged! :)

    Donica: I knew it! We could just let Nicholas do all the work and the rest of us can visit. :)

  8. I'm not familiar with Boyd's Bears, but you certainly do have a lot of them! Congratulations on being so determined to have a grand clean-up... I am intending to have one too, but it just hasn't happened yet. perhaps when I get back from florida! And good news on the house too, SOLD at last. You are obviously feeling relief over that, especially with this dodgy economic forecast in the news.

  9. I think I'd need about a week to get rid of the clutter here. There MUST be some Gemini in me somewhere ;)

    I'm glad to hear that you'll be back in Amsterdam again. Arrange for a new meet-up... Hopefully, with Donica, this time :)

  10. Good for you, Ginnie! I am excited that you can go back to europe again. I also hope you're in good health!

  11. I've got a storage room mess of my belongings that I soon hope to tackle! That is once I'm hired for the job I want!

    Glad you guys had a lot of fun cleaning and what would it be like without photos of the event. :)

  12. OMG Ginnie, I roared out loud with your reply to Donica about her grumpy shirt!
    I think the changes in one area of life manifests itself in changes in other areas of your life. i.e.: with now getting rid of the mess.
    Donica, it warms my heart that you are so verbally affirming of Ginnie. 11 years and it just gets better! There must be such relief for you, and the both of you, that there is finally closure on your Mom's house.
    So, with my now having spring plans to Monterey/San Francisco, when is my invite to Europe since Ginnie is back to the life of leisure? Although, rumor has it Donica is putting Ginnie in an Amsterdam Starbucks since they are international. ;-)

  13. Sham: You would not want to know how many Boyds Donica has purchased over the years! Seriously! :) Maybe the closing of Mom's house is the impetus I've needed to start cleaning up the mess!

    CS: A week would be nice! HA! I'm giving myself a month. :) And yes, let's try a meet-up with all 4 of us. That would be nice!

    RD: I'm in as good of health as ever, Stacey, esp. now that I know I'm going back to AMS!

    ET: Once you get your job, a lot of things will fall into place for you, I know, Jen.

    Bob: Relief, change, closure...all of the above, yes! It's all a good place to be. Thanks.

  14. Bob-there is an open invitation to Amsterdam. Just let us know when and we can work out a time when we will be across the pond.

    By the way....Ginnie is NOT working at Starbucks in Amsterdam!! We will be using all our free time to travel, walk the city and have some fun! I think taking care of me is enough work for anyone!! :)

    Thanks for all your support Bob! It means a lot to both of us.

  15. Ginnie, Donica too, Glad to hear that ALL these things are "falling" into place - glad too that you will be traveling again Ginnie. I am selfish and I've been missing your regular posts. I am sure Starbuck's will be sorry to loose you - their loss - OUR gain. Wouldn't have known that was Donica's "Grumpy " shirt if you'd not told. Doesn't look Grumpy for sure. Love seeing Nicholas in the woods I also enjoyed walking. Welcome back dear friend!

  16. Donica, You put a big smile on my face with your comment about Ginnie over my cup of coffee. :-) Have I told you lately, you are a beautiful person?
    I'm really excited about putting AMS in my travel plans!

  17. yay for re-retirement!!!!! and clutter-free life :)

  18. Donica: You're right that I am NOT working at Starbucks in AMS...at least not anytime soon. :)

    Judy: Thank you, thank you! Maybe I'll be more regular once things settle down again! :)

    Bob: Wouldn't that be something to have you visit us in AMS! That'll be the day.

    Moi: YES! You've got that right! :)

  19. Ginnie you have been SO busy. It's great to have a clear out and I am sure Nicholas thought it was great too.
    De-cluttering is great and you feel so much better afterwards.
    Nice shots mijn vriend:)

  20. I think anyone would line up and pay to play that game! I know I would. Nicholas needs to come and help me play "find the eggs" as the hens are starting to find secret places around the barn to lay them

  21. It sounds like you had a fantastic Saturday. And I'm glad you are able to quit your job and return to your life of traveling with Donica and sharing your world of travel with us.