Thursday, August 15, 2013

LUXEMBOURG: Echternach

As an example of how spontaneous we were that Luxembourg long weekend a month ago, the day we did our photo hunt in Luxembourg City (not yet posted!) ended soon enough for us to visit Luxembourg's oldest city, Echternach, on our way to that evening's B&B in Germany.

It so happen's that Echternach is on the border between these two countries.

 In fact, the river Sauer that passes through this city of approximately 5000 inhabitants is the border.
Look one way on the bridge and you're welcomed to Germany.
Look the other way and it's Luxembourg.

And since we're standing on the bridge, 
look towards the Germany side and see all the campers at the river's edge.
It was really hot that day, so I can just imagine how good that river felt.
(click any collage to enlarge)

A short walk back into town took us to the open market on the main square that Sunday.
I LOVE these market squares all over Europe, with their town halls.

 And that's where we stopped to eat our main meal of the day.
This was our first pizza ordered in my 3+ years here in the Netherlands.
It was very hard to resist, along with the wonderful salad, on which we went halvsies, like usual.
The Diekirch beer is brewed not far away in Diekirch, Luxembourg, so it was a must on a hot day.

And see that little blue-n-white train?
Every day we saw one in almost every city, taking tourists around town to see the sights.

Of the two churches in Echternach, this Basilica is the largest...what was the former abbey.
Remember when I said Echternach is Luxembourg's oldest city?
It grew up around the abbey that was built by St. Willibrord in 698.

Besides the present modern interior from 1953 (6 churches have been built on the site since 698!)... has a museum where you can see artifacts dating back many centuries.

The other church in Echternach is the parish church of St. Peter and Paul from the 10th century,
and is believed to be the oldest Christian church in the country.
Too bad it wasn't open!

What a delightful little town...the size of the town where I grew up in Michigan...

...but nothing at all like what I knew back in my day!

To be continued....


  1. What a treat to make this visit with you. I especially enjoyed your pictures of the old church and those solemn towers. Beautiful!

    1. You sure know how to make my day, Ted. Thank you.

  2. Oh my...the river, the open market, beer,'re killing me! Love it all!

    1. It "kills" me, too, Robin. :) We're so lucky. Thank you.

  3. Those little towns in Europe are so photogenic! Glad you had such a special time. Nothing special to report here... just some babysitting which is always fun and some jazz festivals!

    1. Yes, Sham, you're so right. That's why I LOVE it here. I still pinch myself after almost 4 years!

      I'll come by now to check on you....

  4. Echternach is obviously an interesting town with long history, the basilica looks like it remembers the good (or bad?) old days. :)

    Having grown up in a period when borders of the Czech republic were heavily guarded against enemies, both real and imaginary, your photo of the campers swimming in the river which represents the border makes me realize how much has changed since that time...

    PS I need to tell you that the photo (and the detail) which sticks in my mind most of all presented in this post is the middle image of the last collage, which is the hook holding the window shutter. Wonderful detail, Ginnie! :)

    1. Yes, Petra, you're so right about the significance of camping on the border between two countries. Usually there's a walled fortress of some sort! But then, perhaps Luxembourg was never that much of a threst, even though it was bombed during the war? Today Germany really wants to make sure everyone is WILLKOMMEN.

      Thanks for mentioning the shutter detail/latch. That's the kind of image I like to use for my more artsy pics on Shutterchance, as I'm sure you know. :)

  5. I wish I live in Europe where you drive an hour's worth and you're in another country :)

    Hooray for spontaneity.

    1. I still pinch myself every day, Maria! So much is at our fingertips and it'll take the rest of lives to avail ourselves of it all. Thanks for joining our Journey. :)

  6. We are so lucky to have this at our fingertips. It was great to be back in that surrounding. There are a lot of these small villages with a rich history.
    The collages show the beauty of it all.
    A memory added.

    1. You know I feel so lucky! I especially am lucky to have a Partner in Crime who loves every bit of this as much as I do. Hartstikke bedandt, MLMAMV.

  7. Your details are so stunningly beautiful! I think I would be turning 'round in circles NOT KNOWING what to take in first. Wow.

    1. That's why we say "short of eyes," Margaret. HA! It's so true. Thanks for stopping by again....