Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Our Sister City, Woudrichem, NL

While my American family and friends prepare for the big Thanksgiving feast tomorrow, and our European Christmas markets simultaneously get ready to open....

Here's what Astrid and I did last Saturday when Sinterklaas arrived in the Netherlands, letting all the Children know he'll see them on December 5!

For one thing, we needed more flour for Astrid's bread machine and cornmeal for my cornbread (from the windmill in Woudrichem).  So it was the perfect day to take the ferry across the river to see our Sister City.  We were there in August, remember?

It's only a hop, skip and a jump from our apartment to our Merwede riverfront where we catch the ferry.
 By now, most of this should look familiar to you, yes?

Because we got there in plenty of time, we had a chance to see Mr. Cormorant drying off his wings.
It made an easy photo op because he stayed out-stretched for what seemed like forever.

Once on the ferry, it was good to look back on our own city, Gorinchem, with her beautiful landmarks,
while across the river we saw our sister waving to us (middle center and bottom).

There she is, Woudrichem, as seen from the river entrance.

We've really grown to love this city.  After all, she's family!

Immediately we headed off to the windmill, for two reasons...
to get our flours and to have a nice koffie break in the bunker café below.

We were too early in August when we wanted to check it out...De Kruitkelder.
This time we intended to have lunch there but during the winter months, they only serve koffie...
and all kinds of goodies, like these Woudrichem slof rolls.

With that extra energy, we then slowly walked to a new place for lunch,
catching some of the sights along the way (this team was there before and after!).

Woudrichem is a harbor city, like Gorinchem, oozing with charm.
Can you tell which boat was my favorite?  HA!

You almost forget you're going for lunch when you walk in such places.

Guess where we ate lunch?  Who knew it was a restaurant!
After all these times of seeing this place near the salmon boats, we finally got to go there.

It's the De Stroming restaurant, sitting on two boats in the harbor.

OMG.  Talk about charm!

It's our new best place to take all our guests, whenever they come.  Seriously.
They even have Woudrichem's own beer, Woerkumer, an abbey beer made in Belgium for them.

It was getting late when we headed back to the ferry for our trip home.

This time, waiting on this side of the river, Mr. Heron entertained us.
How can he scrunch his long neck in like that?

And OH, don't forget Sinterklaas.  He had arrived in Gorinchem at 10 a.m.
and was getting ready to arrive in Woudrichem at 5 p.m.
In fact we passed him on the ferry.  See him?

And just like that, we caught the Golden Hour while on the ferry home.
(Astrid took the pic of the cannon!)

I guess you know I'm going to say it...but I feel like my whole life is the Golden Hour,
even if it does mean I miss being with my family over the Thanksgiving weekend!

On Friday we're off to Belgium for a long weekend, to see the Christmas markets in Ostend and Bruges.
But first, Happy Thanksgiving to you who celebrate it.

May your Horn of Plenty be full!


  1. You two find the best places!!! I'm so envious that you two will be off to the Christmas markets...especially in Bruge! ENJOY! xo

    1. But YOU will be in your own special city, Robin...hopefully with some fresh snow?!?! I'm sure you'll show us your gad-abouts, even as we will show you ours. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

  2. '...but I feel like my whole life is the Golden Hour......' you have no idea how happy those few words mean to me. I know this is the hardest time of all, to be away from your siblings and family.
    That trip to Woudrichem was just great, we had the perfect weather and it is always fun to travel with the ferry.
    Great pictures, another great memory added and yes weare thankful for each day. We are so lucky. IHVJ

    1. It's a wonderful describe my time here as my Golden Hour, MLMA. It brings a smile to my face. Thank you for helping to make my life what it is. "What a way to go!" :)

  3. '...but I feel like my whole life is the Golden Hour......' I agree with Astrid. This made me tear up when I read it. It is so precious to me that you have this golden life. And yes, it is hard to be away from family during this special week. I saw none of our siblings this week either, though I spent several days with Don's.

    This post is all charm, charm, charm.

    1. This all reminds me of how we're each responsible to make our own life, Ruth. Only I can make my happiness, and so I have. It helps to have a partner in crime who enjoys life with me. :) Thank you for your sweet words! And I'm so glad you had that special time with Don's family at the cottage. I can hardly wait to hear all about it.

  4. Lovely series of photos. I really enjoyed this tour. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Linda, for stopping by and commenting. Now, if only I could remember how/where I know you????

  5. Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes. It sounds as if you made your own Thanksgiving or is every day Thanksgiving? It looks a lot like Maine, except for the windmills and the brick. I wish you whatever one wishes to people in a place without Thanksgiving Day.

    1. I do believe every day is a kind of Thanksgiving Day for me, Ted, which does help. I can't imagine a day without thanksgiving. Thank you.

  6. I can see why you love to travel to the sister city...such charm and all the great food....of course I noticed the food.

    1. I'm starting to like food more and more, Donna, the longer I live here in Europe. HSA! It used to be that I ate only to live. Sometimes now I notice I'm even living to eat. :D