Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Vasse, NL, Trip

You may find this strange but a week after we came back from our Koblenz, Germany, trip (last weekend of November), Astrid had a week off from work because of too many free days to take over into the new year.  So, rather than sit at home, we were off again...this time to Vasse, NL, right on the Dutch-German border, 177 km east of us.

We arrived on Monday, 7 December, and stayed till Thursday,
with the Tante Sien hotel as our home base, built in 1881.

Because we had trips planned for the following days,
we decided to take the suggested 5-km walk around the area that first afternoon.

The St. Joseph and Pancratius catholic church opposite our hotel became our point of reference 
all along the walk.  If we could see it, we knew we weren't lost!

Almost immediately, at the beginning of our walk away from city center,
we were greeted by these lovelies, who totally made my day.

Later, it was the horses in the distance, waiting for supper to be called.

At which point we left the main trails and entered the Ice Age, literally.
Actually, because of recent rain, it was muddy and scary.
We slapped ourselves upside the head about starting so late in the day as the sun was setting.

While it was one of the best sunsets we've ever seen progress,
while deep in the woods, we were almost panicking.  Would we ever find our way out?

Well, yes, of course, because we got back to the hotel in time for our early 5 p.m. dinner!
Looking out the window from my seat I tipped my glass to St. Joseph and Pancratius outside.
Yes, we were back safe-n-sound.

It so happens this hotel stay was a special deal that included breakfast AND dinner.
We started every meal with the same Pott's Weizen beer from Germany 
and farmer's bread with 3 different spreads.
[As an fyi, Astrid and I drink red wine with our dinners at home but love
trying new, good beers while we're out-n-about.  There are so many!]

And this was Dinner #1.

Dinner #2

And Dinner #3
All dinners were 3 courses and were delightful.
We were happy campers, even though as a rule we prefer choosing different restaurants
while traveling out-n-about.  This time we had to return "home" to get our money's worth.
We were NOT disappointed.

The next 3 days we drove all around the area and found lots of goodies.

I never tire of these weathervanes!

How is it possible so many variations on a theme exist!

But, not to be outdone, I quickly found a new collectible from the area.
The following are uilenborden (owls boards) from the Twente area of east Netherlands:

They come in all sizes and shapes...

but can be unusually tall and complex.

Who knew I'd come away at the end of 2015 with a new collectible!
Not as exciting to me as the weathervanes, but exciting enough.

(to be continued....)


  1. Oh LOVING this new collection!! What a wonderful trip..thanks always for sharing your adventures!

    1. There's always SOMETHING to collect, Robin. HA! Thanks for joining the ride.

  2. This was an unexpected treat and it turned out to be great. Wonderful weather. Nice surroundings, good food and nice people and a good bed.
    what else do you need...
    The Uilenborden are wonderful and I knew you would love them.
    A great post again and showing the wonderful things there are to see and to do.

    1. It was all so wonderful in every way, even though we really did almost panic in the woods. It was worth that sunset, I guess??! :) And yes, I loved the uilenborden.

  3. Ginnie, you live a charmed existence. Keep it up. Yes, it is those longish walks begun too late that always make me nervous. We must be careful. Glad you found your way back to the steeple. Amazing weathervanes! My favorite is the one in the first panel with what looks to be a boy unmounted with horse and whip, but there are many unusual ones there. Owl boards - who’da thought it!. I’d call them gable finials - glad they have their own name. I’ll have to remember that.

    Are the farms you see serious dairy or beef operations, or are they gentleman/lady farmers investing income in a passion? We get quite a mix around here. The horse farms are generally pretty snooty, and don’t want photographers about. Most of the dairy farms are old-time farm families who welcome me everywhere, anytime and love to chat as they do their work, and they work long and hard.

    1. Yes, I know I live a charmed existence, Ted...which is probably a good way to put it when you come down to it. Every day we are both saying "THANK YOU" all day long. It doesn't take much to make us happy!

      Astrid says almost all the Dutch farms we see here are for commercial purposes, whether for dairy, meat or crops. The horses are probably more from private homes/farms...though there are some horse-riding places around. In other words, farmers may have horses but it's not their main business.

  4. Oh boy! What adventurers you are, and so good that you made it to supper safe and sound. All those treats! Amazing weathervanes, amazing! And the new collectible = too much fun.

    1. I guess you could say that no moss grows on/under us, Ruth. HA! It would take several lifetimes to see all that we want to see, so we try to do as much as we can, while we can. You never know when the adventurous days will have to stop. Till then, we'll just keep going, as you know. :)

  5. 1) Been having tough time loading your site on other computers.
    2) Still no cat on wind vane?????
    3) So jealous of how accessible all these wonderful places are from your digs.

    1. 1) So sorry about the loading issues. :(
      2) I keep looking for cat vanes...just for you. When I find one, YOU'LL KNOW.
      3) We pinch ourselves all the time, knowing we are of all people most fortunate!

  6. Wow you guys stay in...NEVER! But I love this much to see but it seems a bit more carefree....wonderful dinners, and plenty of weathervanes to add to your collection. I adore the uilenborden. So unusual.

    1. We DO stay in more than it seems, Donna, but when we go out, we do it big-time. :) So much to see; so little time! But we try to be very relaxed about it all...taking our time and then stopping when we're at the quitting point. It's better than going on tours. So glad you liked the uilenborden.

  7. I love your picture groupings. Great idea. Beautiful work.

    1. Thank you kindly, Marie, for stopping by and commenting. I'd be curious as to how you found me???

  8. I have found wonderful blogs from the comments made on blogs which I follow. That is how I found you.

  9. I'll never tire of the weathervanes you document, Ginnie, they are not as frequent here, and your new collectibles look lovely and interesting, I admire especially the last portrait-sized set! You're right, there is always something to collect... and I'm looking forward to seeing more in your photos! :)

    1. It's all fun, Petra, isn't, seeing what we can share with each other from other countries. I think the weathervanes will always be my favorites! Thank you.