Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Watercolor Sunday and Saturday's Color: May 2016

True.  I say it every month.  Where did it go?

Here are my Facebook postings for Watercolor Sunday in May (all five Sundays):

May 1 (photo manipulation): 

"Among the changing months, May stands confest the sweetest, and in fairest colors dressed."
--James Thomson

May 8 (photo manipulation):

"Mothers are fonder than fathers of their children because they are more certain they are their own."

"Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother." --Oprah Winfrey 

May 15 (photo manipulation):

"Pentecost makes it clear that nothing is so fatal to Christianity as indifference."
--William Sloane Coffin, Jr.

"I remind you that there are churches so completely out of the hands of God that if the Holy Spirit withdrew from them, they wouldn't find it out for many months."
--A.W. Tozer

May 22 (photo manipulation):

"Once in awhile, once in a blue moon, people will surprise you, and once in awhile
people may even take your breath away." --Meredith Grey, Grey's Anatomy

[Yesterday was the 3rd full moon of 4 within an astronomical season, making it a Blue Moon.  The next such Blue Moon will be 18 May 2019.  The other Blue Moon, the second of 2 full moons within the same month, will be 18 January 2018.]

May 29 (photo manipulation):

"Keep working on love." --Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

My Facebook coloring posts for May:

(finished on 28 April 2016, posted on FB 7 May 2016)
Here's another design from my Kaleido Color book on black paper.
It reminds me of Spring.

(finished on 24 March 2016, posted on FB 14 May 2016)
It's been one of those weeks...FULL.  It's when the "sum of the parts"
seems more than The Whole (from my Op Art book).

(finished on 7 May 2016, posted on FB 21 May 2016)
Here's my second design from my Art Deco book.  Believe it or not,
I'm Googling art deco designs to find good color combinations.
Still working on it, in spite of limited coloring pens.

(finished on 14 May 2016, posted on FB 28 May 2016)
These designs from my Kaleido Color book, on black paper, still delight me to no end.
They're fast and "simple," easy to finish in between more complex designs that take a lot longer.


  1. You have an eye for colour and you are so creative. The camera is but one of your artistic tools. Beautiful work!

  2. I do love the art deco designs, wow.

    BTW, I got the book I ordered for Inge. The shapes are SO TINY in that one, do you sometimes need a magnifying glass?

    1. I've never needed a magnifying glass, Ruth, NO. But some books have areas to color that are very, very thin...where you need the Staedtler pens. Hopefully Inge won't have a problem. Have you given it to her yet? I'll be eager to hear how she likes it.

  3. I crave for your coloring projects. They are awesome.

    1. Go get some books and pens, Maria, and start coloring! But if you do, please show-n-tell! :)

  4. I still encourage you to look into that pressure pen. I especially enjoyed May 8 and May 29.

    1. This is when I wish you could show me...on one of my own images...what that pen would do, Ted!!!! OR, better yet...are you able to show me a before and after of one of YOUR images. I kinda get the concept of how it works but not what it looks like when used. I wish someone had a video of actually using the pen so I could see what happens!!! Could Jane take a video of you using it???

  5. Ginnie!! i love the jonathan livingston seagull one!! it's my absolute fave! do you do this in photoshop?

    1. That's my fave, too, Elaine, believe it or not. I do everything in PS first, yes. Then I send the image to my iPad where I have the watercolor app, process it there and then send it back to PS to add a few more tweaks. It ends up being a process, but one I quite like. Thanks for asking. :)

  6. I love all these different pictures. The colours and designs and I see the joy you have with creating this. In that regard I am the winner here to see you in your element by colouring.
    I am glad you make a file out of it... IHVJ

    1. You have always been so supportive of everything I do, Astrid, so I am the winner, too. Thank you. I use coloring as my reward for all these dang images I process day in and day out. HA!

  7. Love the art deco! Always look forward to seeing your treasures from the month!

    1. We have an art deco museum not far from us (in the city where Astrid works, actually), which we hope to visit one day soon. I want to get my eyes full of color ideas, Robin. :) Thanks for following these monthly posts.