Wednesday, June 08, 2016

The 2016 Gorcum City Run

You know by now, of course, that Gorinchem, where we live in the Netherlands, is endearingly called Gorcum, right?  The 'g' is not a hard 'g' but a gutteral 'g' that ends up sounding more like "HOR-cum."

So, as another unexspected break from our Malta vacation, here's what happened in Gorcum this past Friday, 3 June:  the Gorcum City Run.  It was the first 5K and 10K City Run for our city.

It so happens that Astrid and her running buddy, Jeannette, had both registered for the 5K and were, supposedly, going to have me-time running it together.  Until at the last minute (like 15 minutes before the race start!) I found out that Jeannette's wife, Femke, was planning to watch as a supportive observer!  Did I also want to go?  Well, how could I say NO to that.

Because the race started and ended right across the street from our senior complex,
all I had to do was change from my pj's into presentable clothes.
The race started at 7:15 p.m.

There they are:  Jeannette and Astrid.
Ready and able to start the 5K race...which followed the Kids Run.

So, Femke and I found a seat on the terrace of a nearby café.
(If you squint, that's Femke in the middle-right image, just right of the tree.)

Astrid wore her GPS watch and mapped the route, which they ran twice to make the 5K.
See the citadel of Gorinchem's city center?  Yes, that's where we live.
And the 'X' is where we really live, so close to the start and finish of the race.

Astrid was the oldest woman of the 5K race (age 61) and crossed the line for her medal.
She said she could have done it again for how invigorated she was,
even though she looked exhausted to me.

But Jeannette, at the second time around, did a crazy sprint to get by another runner,
and just about lost it...needing some First Aid assistance till she cooled off.

Thankfully, cool off we all did!
(That's Femke, top-left.)

And then the Triumphants had social-media fun, posting a selfie on Facebook,
checking every 5 minutes to see who saw it.  Maybe more exciting than the medals they won?!

All in all, thumbs up to a fine evening I'm so glad I did NOT miss.
I think we're already getting ready for the SECOND Gorcum City Run, 2017.

We're so lucky to have this right at our fingertips!


  1. Replies
    1. I know! I'm so proud of her. She's runs 5K twice a week and stays in shape for these runs!

  2. Such strong women! It is lovely to see how women are living their lives such as running. Imagine our mothers at 61 doing the same. Women's evolution!

    Congratulations, Astrid! Well done!

    1. I can't imagine my mother doing that at 61, Marie, even though she was quite the athlete in her day. I really AM proud of Astrid. I used to love to run but am not sure I'd ever be able to do it again after years of pain with a bad knee...and now a new knee. Hmmm. I wonder....

  3. Thank you for this post, sometimes you need to pinch yourself by saying, 'did I do that'.... I love running, I always did. As a child I joined my dad, who had an American Athletic teacher at school and learned about staying fit by running...The medal is beautiful. Running with Jeannette is 'to be continued'. we had a great evening. Thanks for joining us and taking these wonderful pictures IHVJ.

    1. After all is said and done, I can't imagine that I MIGHT have missed this altogether if Femke hadn't asked at the last minute if I was going to join her. Thank God I was there to share this delightful moment in time, here where we live!

  4. Congrats to all. It’s far more than I could do.

    1. In my day, Ted, I was a runner more than anything. I just wanted to RUN RUN RUN...long distance. Nowadays I'm happy to walk as fast as I can! :)