Thursday, November 15, 2007

Conversation Peace

I guess you had to be there! But this series of photos is one of my happiest memories of our cruise.

We had just arrived in Venice shortly after lunch and, by mid-afternoon, had a boat excursion that took us to the nearby islands of Murano (glass) and Burano (lace). As we entered Burano close to sundown, this couple caught my eye (I showed you one of the pics in my last post, so maybe you'll recognize them).

Did you catch that? Talk about body language. The hands. Don't you wonder what they were talking about?!


  1. I know where they talk about but that is not for everybodies ear!!
    love the pictures though, in Holland we say, she wears the pants, that apron is priceless and the landry landry landry, do they have any clothes left in the wardrope?
    hartelijke groeten,

  2. It's my dream to go to Venice and visit the island of Murano someday. (I never knew about Burano, though, so I have learned something here.)

    That is a lovely series of photos, both for the expressive poses and the landscape.

  3. Blue: "Who's that lady over there taking pictures?"

    Red: "I don't know, maybe the CIA."

    What a cute stage for the scene.

  4. The man is acting very coy as the wife as just discovered she as another womans underwear in her laundry.
    He really looks under the thumb.

    Great series of pictures Ginnie, leaves alot to the imagination.:)

  5. you mean, you didn't stop and ask them in your best Italian??? hehe..

    Great moments captured... How lovely..

  6. So much fun! And what great subjects you had.

  7. KMF: Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    Astrid: HA! I was even wondering if they were married or just neighbors! :)

    Karen: I never knew about it either. If you go to one, you can easily go to the other since they're nearby each other. I hope you CAN go sometime.

    RK: HA! I don't think the lady ever even saw me, which I noticed only after looking at the pics.

    Lurch: HA! I wonder if they're married to each other or are just neighbors gabbing.

    ET: I actually was across the canal from them. :)

    Christina: I loved every minute of watching them. :)

  8. Priceless series of shots, Ginnie! However, in the first shot, it does look like he's wondering what you're doing (even though he didn't really see you).

  9. I think they are secret lovers ;)
    Nice photos.

  10. well whatever they were talking about it looked intense, maybe the laundry hanging out.LOL
    Nice photos.

  11. CS: HA! We were a new batch of people invading their little town, and I'm sure he was wondering how long we'd be there, since it was just starting to get dark. How fun.

    AL: You're a sweetheart to stop by and comment again! Thank you.

    L&N: It did look like a bit more than a friendly chat, I must say. :)

  12. I thought the same as Raw Kale! :) They're arguing about who the cute photographer is.

    I love that clothes drying rack, wanna get me one of them . . .

  13. what an animated conversation is going on between them......:)