Monday, November 19, 2007

Through the Woods

"Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother's house we go..."

Last Friday was my day to go pick up Nicholas after school for an overnight. Donica was on her way back from Amsterdam and we were both dying to have more time with him.

BUT, the slight problem was the pine tree that had fallen across the driveway on Wednesday evening during a thunderstorm...and which I didn't find out about till I went to get the mail late Thursday afternoon.

So, with explicit instructions from Donica to NOT use our chainsaw (since it has some quirks she said I wouldn't be used to), I called and found this man to do his business. Thankfully, I found him early enough in the day to get out of the drive by 1:15p to go pick up the BLB (Big Little Boy).

Day dies in the west fairly early these days, so we had almost 2 hours in the woods before it was too dark. First things first, we always, always, always have to give our friend, at the beginning of the path, some love. "G'ma, I've been loving this tree ever since I was three!"

Then we had our apple snack so we wouldn't spoil supper. He always goes to his favorite perch, time after time, year after year. What a nice vantage point to see the world from his eyes.

And then we were off and running...well, except for all the times we had to stop to tie that blasted shoe! "G'ma, you tie it." But I told him he was closer to the ground! And we finally figured out how to do it just right to make it stay!

There's a river bed that feeds the lake-pond way in the back but, sadly, it's dry as a bone right now. (I think I'll call all the Native American spirits roaming the woods to do a rain dance for us!) But it makes a good place to explore, with some nice, high banks.

Then we (or I should say HE, since he's closer to the ground!) started finding things we've never found on our other visits to the woods! As he started crushing this aerosol can to smithereens, I had visions of gangrene setting in!

Somehow he manages to find the coolest burls! I spelled the difference between "burl" and "burrow" and he told me, "G'ma, that's bur-row," like didn't I know the difference!

This one was still on the tree....

....and was full of sap, he said!

At this point, it started feeling downright creepy! Time to go home, I decided. HA! :)

But not before he found the wintergreen berries. "Look, G'ma! They're right where they were before!" Indeed.

Folks, I don't care how many times we take this wee adventure, it's always new and newly exciting as though we discovered it all for the first time. Isn't that what Life is all about!


  1. Priceless memories Ginnie, no matter how many times you travel down the same path there is always new findings in life. Great times spent with Nicholas which in his life time he will never forget. Our chainsaw is a buggar to start too....;)

  2. Oh, oh, oh, oh, so sweeeet. I love your walks. Now that is a creepy doll head, and a great way to end the woods time. Precious, precious, oh how precious. I love that BLB and his gramma!

  3. That looks like so much fun! I'm dying to get out and be outdoors without rain and without days full of being locked up in a class! ugh! Really, I think I'll take my new job back now!

  4. It's gorgeous out there! So much diversity, it seems. I loved the comment about the native american spirits, as I was just commenting about them elsewhere and wondered if you threw that in there just for me:D

    I loved that Nicholas has been loving that tree. Don't we all have our favorites?

  5. Lurch: I hope Nicholas will never forget these childhood memories because God knows I won't. Have a great trip to Prague, Tracy!

    Ruth: Thank you, dear sister. We have such special memories together.

    ET: Actually, we sure could use some of your rain. We would love to have several days to replenish our devastating drought!

    SH: Yes, that comment was just for you, Rachel! :) And yes, we love the trees as our friends! I sure hope he takes that into his adulthood!

  6. :)precious memories in making...the BLB is gonna love you forever for this and more, I'm sure :)

  7. Wow!
    Ginnie what a great pic's I love also the stone with the face, how wonderfull,:) Just wondering where you are ( what countrie):)

    Thank you so much for your celebration (for my birthday)! and your interest in me, and my trip to Paris. Its a fantastic!! city and I will publice soon some great views from my point of (digital) view , and you know me 'always playing with my camera' I'm Glad to be back, I missed YOU too:)

    JoAnn :)

  8. Keep this up and my daughter is going to expect me to take picutres of Aiden. You're shaming us all with your beautiful family adventure.

  9. Wow Ginnie, this is a nice set of pictures, my mam lived in the woods near Hilversum in a very small cabin, Jeroen and my mam were wonderin off into the woods the same way you do with Nicolas, keep that memory!!! Jeroen still speak very very dearly about his moments with her.
    Hartelijke groeten.

  10. Noi: I love thinking about his memories! He BETTER love me forever! :)

    JoAnn: That face is actually a doll's rubber/plastic face and not stone. Can you imagine if it were stone! Oh my! I'm so glad you're back safe-n-sound from Paris and that you had a great time.

    Ted: One day I 'spect you'll take Aiden on your photo shoots and will combine the fun with the adventure. It's gets better and better the older they get. :)

    Astrid: So glad to know of another boy ( a lot older!) who remembers! I have no such memories with any of my grandparents, so maybe I'm making up for it! :)

  11. Well I can tell from the pics you do Ginnie, you do and please enjoy every second of it.......
    hartelijke groeten

  12. This looks and sounds wonderful Ginnie - you know I love to be out in the nature and a bit of challenge just ad some fun if you take it like with your spirit.

    Btw: sorry I haven't been around lately as life is very hectic right now with family matters and a lot of traveling. I'll go to Brussels for the rest of the week, but try to catch up next week.

  13. Ahh, this takes me back to the days when us neighbourhood kids would spend virtually all day in the woods playing and building forts and collecting things. We never got tired of it. Nature is such a gift.

    And Nicholas is an adorable little boy. I know how much you treasure him.

  14. Astrid: Absolutely! Hartelijke groeten to you as well!

    Renny: I know that you are in a busy state these days! I trust you and Diane have weathered her mother's death as well as can be expected. So glad you could be with her.

    Christina: Those are the memories, aren't they! To be treasured with those you love!

  15. Mom, you know I just love, love, love these times that you have with Nicholas. These are memories that he'll cherish and I am so happy that he has all of this to look back upon. Great photos and thanks for sharing!

  16. looks like an awesome tradition you've got there with your BLB, Ginnie. It's so cool. I can tell that you already cherish these moments and so will he, especially when he will be able to read all about these adventures and remember these days.

  17. Amy: I love them, too. I can't think of a better gift for a g'ma's heart!

    Mad: It has been happening for several years now, so hopefully the memories will never die for him. They certainly won't for me!