Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Michigan Wedding

If any one image tells the story more than the others, for me this one is it.
On my Shutterchance photoblog, this is the photo I used to talk about the balancing act this marriage is now starting.

Lesley and Brian!
Now that your ship has come in, may you stay high and dry most of the time. And if/when you fall in and get wet, may you have fun getting back into the boat without too much floundering.
I guess that's what we can realistically hope for all of us!

Besides all the wedding fun with farm props everywhere (remember to see sister Ruth's post if you want more pics or my wedding album...or BIL Don's post) and seeing family members I hadn't seen in awhile, I totally fell in love with the wee-est of them all...the youngest kids from the 4th generation represented there that day. They stole my heart. You can see them individually in the wedding album but here's a collage I made of 3 of them:

They are our future.
They are the ones who hopefully will learn from us...what NOT to do!
Indeed, God bless them everyone!

* * * * * * * * * *

On the house front, we're still waiting and waiting and waiting. We did just recently lower our asking price, regardless of the fact all realtors have said it was priced right. I hope my hunch is correct that it will happen soon, within the next 2 months? The unknown on timing really takes its emotional toll. I pray for mercy!

And in the meantime, I pack and prepare as though it will all be done within a month!


  1. beautiful pics! Waiting is always the hardest part.. We will finally move next month into double the size, although still half the size of what was in North Van.. It does take time and patience.. Patience is always tested... I guess.. :) Smiles....

  2. thank you, Aunt Boots, for such a wonderful post! it was so lovely seeing you at the farm, before and during the wedding!! i wish you all the best in the months to come, especially with the house. Love you so much!

  3. Oh wonderful, Boots! Your pictures have been a fantastic source of joy, lived and relived.

    Funny: I took Lesley's wedding gown to the cleaners and the Chinese woman and I can't communicate much, but we had a good laugh over how soiled the bottom of it was from the farm, the boat, etc.! :D A wedding well lived, I'd say.

  4. This is fabulous and extremely, genuine romantic.

    You, my dear, know I have only been to one wedding in Michigan, when the Bride arrived on a Horse, and the Family was dressed Medivial.
    I must ask you, is this something special for Michigan?
    I mean the very romantic style weddings?

    btw. My last post is from Nancy in Daylight. You should visit when you move to Holland.

    Speaking about Holland: We will go there to a 3x20 years celeb last weekend of August;-))

  5. What a beautiful, romantic photo and I like your words going with it too - says a lot about you too Ginnie!

    Good luck with the house sell - I would have done the same.

  6. Every time I see this photo it makes me happy. There are so many absurdities - the formal dress in a boat, the boat tucked into the woods rather than on water - and the obvious reality that this is a bridal couple, slightly out of place.

    The best thing is that they don't seem out of place. They seem to be just where they should be, intent on some purpose of their own which we're not privy to. And that's the way it should be.

    Absolute intimacy, made absolutely public. The perfect wedding photo!

  7. ET: Waiting is for the birds! (sigh) If my patience needed to be tested, it's getting done over-time. But I do know that eventually "this, too shall pass!" Thankfully. So glad your situation is moving along for you! Hang in there, Jen.

    Lesley: It was such a grand occasion for us all, so thanks to you and Brian for giving us a delightful celebration! :)

    Ruth: A wedding well-lived, indeed! I like that! We'll never forget it, will we! :)

    Tor: Oh wow, what a wedding for YOU! I have never heard of that before...the bride coming in on a horse...or a farm wedding. I just think it must be coincidental that both were in Michigan. :) How fun.

    Renny: Don't we all love romantic weddings! :) Thanks for your emotional support on all fronts.

    SA: You made my day with this comment, Linda. It is so perfectly said for the celebration it was. Thank you!

  8. I wish you luck on the house frustrating! I like how you are thinking positively! It was a wedding for us as well out in New Mexico. Your photos are wonderful.!