Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tootin' My Horn

As they say, if WE don't do it, who will!

So, today is my turn at Vision and Verb again and how else would you know unless I tell you. It's about Innocence and relates to a series I'm doing on my photoblog right now about the children of Carnival here in Holland.

I didn't grow up with Mardi Gras/Carnival and really had no clue until my later years as an adult. Words like debauchery and licentiousness came to mind. Get all your wildness and depravity out now before you face Lent and any semblance of sobriety. It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission!

Astrid must have grown up with similar ideas because as she would say, she "has nothing with" Carnival. Or in Dutch, CarnAval. So I had to make a decision if I would go out on my own the two blocks from home to take pictures. I decided to go while Astrid did errands, afraid I'd regret not seeing what it was all about here in Small-town, Holland...before having to wait another year.

My Vision and Verb post will give you a better idea of what the experience elicited from me, but it was the children who mesmerized me, dressed up on the sidelines as though ready for Halloween. Children who believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Children who haven't lost their Innocence...yet.

My absolute favorite of the bunch is this charming lass below. I still stare at her as though I am though through her eyes my own Innocence is regained. Is that possible?


  1. Hi Ginnie - Thanks for stopping by my blog on its 100th day! I love your images here. The colors are so rich! BTW, I am a Leo :-)

  2. I am glad you did not listen to me and went to see the Carnaval Parade.
    I just love the series of the children, they realy are having fun....erm....where did I hear that before...Utrecht....2 years ago.....??? :)

  3. The children just love it, don't they? Did you ever see Karneval/Fasching in Germany? It's quite wild there but everyone seems to behave themselves all right. The kids go to school dressed up on Rosenmontag and have all sorts of fun.

  4. I can't understand why anyone would not love this time of year. IT's so dead here in comparison when you have Carnival to go to!!!

    I'm wishing so badly I could take a much needed vacation and enjoy the next month there! But I'm thinking my life has other plans for me right now...

    Can't wait to read the article!

    Great photos!!! (jealous of your outting)

  5. Beautiful photos, Ginnie. And you know that I enjoyed your post at Vision and Verb, too. I get the feeling that you've been given the biggest Christmas tree of your life, and all around it are presents piled high just for you. It's finally your turn for the magic and delight that you missed out on before.

  6. CDS: Thank YOU for stopping by here!

    Astrid: I'm, too, glad I didn't listen to you. :) I had to take responsibility for myself this time and I did, thankfully. I think we are both becoming the children we never had a chance to be! We are so lucky....

    Christina: No, I never saw it while we lived in Hannover. Maybe we just missed it every year?? I sure am glad I didn't miss it here!

    Sham: HA! That means you'll have to be a Zoten Trapper--a Fool Stomping. :D

    ET: Well, I'll make sure I go next year, too. :) I'll have better expectations. And you'll get your chance again, I'm sure!

    Deborah: Your words bring tears to my eyes because I do feel so totally blessed. I can't say THANK YOU enough these days.

  7. Love the photos of kids having fun. (I hope that red nose is just makeup.)

  8. Oh yes, Karen...lots of makeup on these kids. So fun.

  9. Beautiful children, beautiful photos!!!