Monday, May 13, 2013

200 Years vs. 200 Miles

As an in-between break from the Viking river cruise (!), midway through my series, here's a nod to my Vision and Verb post today....

200 years vs. 200 miles.  
That's the answer (from the 800-yr-old Marksburg Castle in Braubach, Germany).

So, what is the question???  HA!  Check it out here....


  1. I am so far behind in your journeys! I flipped through to here and I am so amazed at all my eyes glanced. This I had to quickly pause and take in! I want to see it back in the day, with the horses, servants, the fine ladies and knights.... Probably a few goats or sheep on that hill grazing? This is stunning!

    1. Thank you, dear Margaret, for taking the time to backtrack to these posts. And yes, I can picture it exactly as you have described! What a place...and time.