Thursday, July 03, 2014

For Lisl and Michael in Bath, England

If you're staying up with this England trip from May (yes, it's already July!), we were there for 10 days, Friday to Sunday.  In the middle, we were with Bill and Ange and then with Chad and Norma, whose posts are now all complete.

But on the two weekends, holding everything together, we were with Lisl and Michael in Bath.  I've already shown you the parish walk and the Shutterchance meet-up from the first weekend.  Now we're at the last weekend, ready to finish up the Incredible Adventure of England 2014.

Today is just to say THANK YOU to Lisl and Michael for their gracious hospitality in their warm, bright, cheery garden home.

To back-track to that first weekend after the parish walk, guess what I got to try out.
This is what I mean by gracious hospitality.

 There they are, Lisl and Michael, being the hosts with the most.
Wonderful memories around food...even though I was too busy eating than taking pictures.
We HAD to eat England's famous fish-n-chips, of course.  A must.
And as a btw, Lisl allowed me to do the dishes each time, after I insisted.

Even the birds know whose place to visit for a good meal!
(You could say we're all pigs at Lisl's table.)
And Michael has his own stash for something good afterwards.

In the span of 2 weeks, Lisl and Michael hosted 6 Shutterchancers...and one more now in July.
Peter and wife Penny were there before us for the meet-up. 
Ray from Australia, Chad and wife Norma, and Chris were day visitors.
I'm sure Lisl is ready for a break by now!

But what I most loved my camera for those 2 weekends was THE GARDEN!

 Look at that!

Everything you've ever heard about English gardens is TRUE!

Lisl and I both practiced using our macro option on our cameras to capture it all.
We had so much fun trying to figure it out.

And as you see, the weather cooperated.
This was in May, mind you, when not everything was yet in bloom.

How do you say good-bye to that?  Chad and Norma did, after dropping us off.
We eventually did a couple days later...but it wasn't easy....

Next up:  Bradford on Avon and then Bristol.


  1. Great stuff Ginnie. I know what you mean about Lisl's garden!

    1. It's been so fun, Bill, to get so acquainted with all of you and your homes. Next time I want to spend more time in YOUR garden!

  2. England is famous for the gardens. It is amazing what both Lisl and Michael make of the garden, pure delight. Your pictures give proof. What a place and I love the bird-feeder. So many of the little rascals come for food.
    A thank you To Lisl and Michael are in order. Thank you and 'au revoir' next year in Dutchland.

    1. Their home is a haven for so many of us, humans and birds and insects and flowers alike. It will be pure delight to return the hospitality next year, for sure. (I just remembered that we never saw Lisl's moth trap this time. How did we forget that????)

  3. I can so understand why you wouldn't want to leave! Beautiful and thanks so much always for sharing your adventures! Now I'm going to be lusting after those chips all day! :)

    1. You see so many beautiful places yourself, Robin, often in exotic places I'll never see. So this is a fair trade, me thinks. :) Thank you.

  4. Wow! I love to be let loose with my camera in that garden :-)

    1. You'd have a heyday, Cherry...especially since you've met Lisl. She'd love it. :)

  5. you have good friends who share your passions.

    1. That is so true, Maria. To think we have all these photoblogger friends whom we've met in real life is still mind-blowing to me. We are so very lucky.

  6. What a lovely visit with good food, beautiful gardens and great company!