Thursday, September 01, 2016

Watercolor Sunday and Saturday's Color: August 2016

Does the same thing happen to you as it does to me...once you reach September on the calendar, you feel like you're sliding down the rest of the year to Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

But this post is for August, just finished yesterday....

My Watercolor Sundays on Facebook for August:

August 7 (photo manipulation):
"If the English language made any sense, lackadaisical would have something to do
with a shortage of flowers."--Doug Larson

August 14 (photo manipulation):
"The caterpillar does all the work but the butterfly gets all the publicity."
--George Carlin

August 21 (photo manipulation):
"It takes a bee to get the honey out." --Arthur Guiterman
"When you shoot an arrow of truth, dip its point in honey."--Arab proverb

August 28 (photo manipulation):
"Wisdom doesn't automatically come with old age.  Nothing does - except wrinkles.
It's true, some wines improve with age.  But only if the grapes were good in the first place."
--Abigail Van Buren

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

My Saturday's Color posts on Facebook for August:

(finished on 4 August 2016, posted on FB 6 August 2016)
Another design from my Art Deco book.
Still trying to figure out good colors for art deco.  I have to Google it every time!

(finished on 25 February 2005, posted on FB 13 August 2016)
From my Native American Mandalas book, this Cheyenne design represents the forked blossoms
of duality.  Duality = "an instance of opposition or contrast between two concepts or two aspects
of something."  Seems fitting right now?!

(finished on 2 April 2016, posted on FB 20 August 2016)
Another design from my Kaleido Color book on black-background paper.
It doesn't take much to make me happy!

(finished on 20 August 2016, posted on FB 27 August 2016)
This Mind Body Zen design looks so much better in its original 9 x 11.5 inches.
After coloring 528 petals, 528 seeds, 528 anthers, and 43 stamens, I felt like I was swimming
in sunbathed wildflowers.  Happy end to the summer!

Now that it's September,  HAPPY END TO THE SUMMER, indeed!


  1. Well my favorite is definitely the Cheyenne and absolutely fitting for our time right now! (And that you completed this one in 2005!) Just love it. My second is the last refreshing! Always look forward to these monthly posts!

    1. It's fun to find out what your favorites are, Robin, so thanks for taking the time to "pick." These posts give me so much joy on FB. :)

  2. Hahaha sliding down the rest of the year.

    LOVE these, especially the colorings, just wonderful... the last two!

    1. I bet you feel the same way, Ruth, sliding down the rest of the year? But then, maybe not quite so much at the beginning of the new student year? Wait till you retire!

      I always love finding out what images are the favorites, so thanks for "picking." :)

  3. All are beautiful. I especially love the bee and the grapes.

    1. Thank you, Marie. As I've told the others, it's always fun to see which ones are the favorites! :)

  4. well what a bunch of beauty for the end of the summer... those are my two fave seasons, spring and fall... coz i get to wear sweaters mostly :)

    your picture of the dream catcher skeeeers me lol wasn't there a horror movie about a dream catcher gone wrong? well if there was, i know neither of us will watch it lol

    1. I love wearing sweaters/sweatshirts, too, Elaine, so we're definitely coming into my favorite time of the year. I still have grand memories of walking to the home MICHIGAN football games across campus, along with hundreds of other students, with fall colors everywhere. You never forget such a thing.

      In the true essence of dream catchers, I don't think we need to be afraid of any horror movie! (And, no, I won't watch it, either!)

  5. Happy end of the summer.... before we know it is Christmas... I share the same feeling with you. We 'run' through a year...Does it seem to you too, the older you get the faster the time goes.. I do love the Cheyenne design, my favorites are the ones with the black background.. but then, I love all the colouring and the watercolours because I can see how much joy it gives to you. IHVJ.

    1. You and I are definitely on the same page about the calendar and how it works. No doubt about it! And of course, you KNOW I love that YOU gave me that Kaleido Color book with the black-paper background. Whoever thought that up was brilliant! We'll have to look for another one.....a different one....