Thursday, May 06, 2021

Hats Hats Hats and More Hats

In case you wondered if Astrid was still knitting her bottle-top mutsjes/little hats for charity, wonder no more because...VOILA.  She is!

When last I posted, back on December 17, Astrid had already knitted 37 mutsjes.  Here are her next 9 ending out the year 2020:

Don't you love how she can be so creative with these little hats?
The sky is actually the limit.

Some have wondered what people do with these mutsjes after the drink is gone.
Besides collecting them...did someone say EGG WARMERS!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

And now it's 2021, with 1/3 of the year already under our belts!  

Don't you love the effect of the fuzzy-wuzzy wool!

Do you have any favorites??
To be honest, I have a special spot for these with the tassels.
Of course, I recognize some of my sock-wool leftovers, which may explain why?!

When Astrid made her first rainbow mutsje, I told her she needed to make a lot more,
because I know a lot of people will grab them when they see them at the store.
[She has made 11 of them thus far, but one is not here because I grabbed one for us.  HA!]

To add a bit of flavor, here's a gift set, commissioned by a dear friend here for Easter.
Liesbeth wanted two mutsjes for her and Harry and even supplied the blue and green wool on the left.
 I love how Astrid matched the pair alternately, to tell them apart.
Aa a surprise, Astrid added the two Rasta hats, since Liesbeth loved them.

But here's the topper thus far:  4 more sheep to add to last year's 3, making a herd.

Add a sheepdog, of course (which obviously isn't a mutsje)...

and another big VOILA.

56 mutsjes since the last post...and a dog!
93 mutsjes total thus far (but who's counting, right?!).
Don't you love it!


  1. I do love it! It’s hard to pick a favourite since I like all of them. The sheep are so cute too as is the sheepdog.

    1. It's all fun, Marie, isn't it! So many choices; so little time. :)

  2. Simply unbelievable! The creativity is beyond anything. Astrid, you are a wonder!!! I do love the ones with long tassels. But just WOW. And your settings and photos do them justice!

    1. Astrid says she'll do more with tassels, Ruth, which makes me happy to no end, since they really are my favorites. But just watching her be creative like this is one of the joys I will always cherish!

  3. Of ik ze leuk vind, ik vind ze gewéldig, vooral die schaapjes...
    Zo mooi en lief zijn ze.
    Jullie zijn geweldig creatief met breien.

    1. And to think, Marjolein, I had never knitted until last year...and now we often sit on the couch knitting together. HA! Who knew that would ever happen!?! Hartstikke bedankt.

  4. Thank you, Ginnie for making these posts as a reminder what I knitted so far. Even to me it comes as a surprise that I have knitted that many and please know that I have more to come and all different ones. The possibilities are just endless and like your socks, I never know the outcome when I start "a mutsje"..... IHVJ.

    1. There really is a good comparison between your mutsjes and my socks because we never know what they're going to look like until we're done. I love it for us both. Many smiles all around. So much happiness. :)

  5. These are absolutely adorable and I love that you’re doing this for charity!
    Hope you are both staying well!
    Do you have your vaccines yet?
    Sending love from NYC! Finally a trip to my city!

    1. Thank you, Robin. And yes, we're both doing well. As of yesterday, May 20th, I am filly vaccinated. Astrid gets her 2nd jab on June 12th. That feels good. And now we wonder if you've been able to see your mom yet???